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btw please don’t send me any asks about the game grumps and your take on them, I’m not going to post or answer them. For me to have an opinion on them i’d have to go and look through their content which I have no intention of doing because I am honestly just not interested in them or gaming youtubers in general.

What I know of them is through just third parties. To me it seems there are some genuine concerns and people who have every right to feel uncomfortable with their content, just as there are exaggerated opinions of them. Whatever the case may be, any points I am making about the DreamDaddy game have very little to do with what these guys are or aren’t responsible of and whether you enjoy their content or not, and more to do with what little critical thinking and pettiness is going into the mentality that it’s okay to pirate and sabotage an LGBT themed game from small queer creators.

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may i ask your brush settings? i love ur art so fluid *star emoji*

i use manga studio 5 so idk if these will be good to use for anyone but u kno

this one is what i use for doodlin, it gives a neat texture that i like

this one is smoother, i also use it for sketching and usually just use it as lineart most of the time bc i like the soft look

if im doing an actual like drawing ive worked on the composition of and all that junk, or if its for someone, ill probably finish it with my lineart brush which i use bc its vry smooth and gives sharp edges rly easily, its better to use it for thick lines which i dont do all the time so ykno