But I feel like Matt would be such an ass sometimes. I think he’s a man of few words but sometimes he probs speaks up like–

Matt: *ahem* I believe I have a very good excuse for not having this assignment finished.

Teacher: Oh really, and what could that possibly be?

Matt: I’m sure you know that my roommate is Mello.

Teacher: And how does this serve as any kind of reason, Matt?

Matt: Having a roommate that looks like a male model hinders me in the same way that those with learning disabilities are hindered. My reasoning skills decrease by at least 43% with his presence and my determination to work, which is naturally low, decreases as my reasoning skills decrease. Mello is basically my handicap which means that you, sir, are discriminating.

  • Me:*Hopes in vain that Love Letters will show that Jamie the Mailman's love interest is male*
  • Me:*Has probably already been proven wrong*
What if

What if Mello never told Matt his real name?

What if Mello never told Matt that the love letter Matt had received 5 years ago was by himself?

What if Mello never had the guts to properly thank Matt?

What if Mello never allowed himself to show affection?

What if Mello never told Matt how much he actually meant to him? How goddamn much he loved him?

What if Matt never knew?

What if they died in the believe to be alone in this rotten world?

headcanon that mello is incredibly passive-aggressive with matt when they live together (leaving him rude notes, sighing dramatically when something isn’t to his liking, taking all matt’s dirty clothes off the floor and putting them on matt’s side of the bed, etc)

but matt is too laid-back to notice these things and it drives mello insane

What are the Shinys up to?

It’s been 3 years since “III” came out and since then, STG has been busy on tour and rocking our minds with their music. It’s been a while since we’ve seen the band together so I bet you’re wondering what they’ve been up to.

Carah Faye

After touring with STG, Carah has been busy making music and being awesome. She, of course, is still focusing on living a straight edge lifestyle. She recently announced her first solo album and is currently in the studio working on it.

Jeremy Dawson

Currently, Jeremy has also been busy with music. He formed the “funeral pop” band MXMS (Me and My Shadow) and teamed up with vocalist Ariel Levitan. They made their own art show titled “Self” in New York City during New York Fashion Week and now are currently touring the country and making more music. Jeremy has also stated that he would also like his band to score films and are also currently scoring underground shorts.

You can listen their single “omg” here.

Mikey Martin

Mikey has also been working on music of his own since ending the III tour. Mikey has joined the band “Glass Family” but had to leave the band because it “just didn’t work out”. He has instead joined the band “Phantom Machines” and is currently working on his music. He and his wife, Leila, have also recently announced that they are now soon to be parents! (Congrats, guys!)

Chad Petree

If you’ve been a long time fan of STG, you’d know Chad is a very private man with no attachments to social media whatsoever. We should fear Chad.

Update: Thanks to a tip, we’ve found out that Chad has been also working on music of his own. Chad has released music under the name of “Ronnie Richards”. We should still fear Chad because he’s so secretive.

Listen to his new song, “My Kind of Lady”, here.

Have any more questions about the band? Go ahead and ask at the askbox and I’ll try my best to get your answer!!

I’m so scared about Having bipolar disorder because so many people Re so fucking Scared of anything out of the realm of the most common atypical behavior and mood disorders like depression and anxiety I feel like nobody sympathizes with me and everyone just thinks I’m moody and irrational just !!!! I want to stop feeling like I’m so WRONG and weird and alone !!!!!!