Important Common Sense Things To Remember

Overwatch Shipping:

-No confirmed sexualities for any characters.

-Your headcanons are not canon. Your headcanons are no more true than someone else’s. Let’s all respect each other’s headcanons.

-Just because someone ships a mxf ship does not mean they are straight. Just because someone ships mxm or fxf does not mean they are gay. Real life sexuality does not necessarily guarantee what kind of ships someone enjoys. Everyone has different tastes. So let’s all have fun and write and draw cool stuff about couples and be nice to each other.

-Hating on ships is silly

-Hating on headcanons is silly

-Overwatch characters are not real.

-Taking advice from a fictional relationship(s) is very bad and you shouldn’t do that. Fiction =/= Real life.

-Be a kind and understanding person. Think before you post, think before you tag.

And Thus He Wonders

Genre: Angst OFC!

Characters: Jungkook, Jimin

Length: 1250

Summary: Because nothing hurts more than seeing a flower bloom for someone else 

A/N: First of all, a massive thank you to @mini-jimin for proofing!!! Wouldn’t be as polished as it is now if it wasn’t for her help (yet there are still errors hmm….)

Inspired by THIS edit <3 I hope I did it justice @95zlinez!! 

Have you ever wondered, what it feels like to be in love?

Have you ever wondered, what it feels like to be loved?

Have you ever wondered, if you had a choice as to whom you could fall in love with?

Have you ever wondered, if you could stop your heart from hurting itself?

Well, Jungkook had always wondered. Maybe it was because he knew it was too late to realise this abstract emotion called love.


Peter had been feeling pretty good about himself for ninety percent of the fight, after all he’d managed to web up and neutralize the Winter Soldier and his flying friend, not to mention to knock down Captain America more than once (which he still felt bad about because he was kind of his hero). It was all going great until Peter’s spidey senses warned him just a half second too late and before he knew it he was being shot by some kind of dart or needle and the world began to feel blurry, falling to his feet before blacking out entirely. When he finally woke up he could tell by his surroundings he was still at the airport, but separated from everyone else and pinned and webbed to the side of a lorry, his own webbing used against him to keep his hands bound above his head. Whatever drug had hit him had Peter feeling exhausted, his strength not entirely there which meant he was helpless, unable to break free or save himself as the young man to squirm and struggle. His tight body pressing against the spandex, but to no avail whatsoever. All he could do was squirm and whimper, completely powerless and helpless as he fought against the bonds but knowing it was no use; he was just trapped prey at this point for whoever showed up. He just had to hope they were on his side.

anonymous asked:

Is it okay to ask for more gender neutral and/or more mlm posts?

We try to make our imagines as gender neutral as possible (but of course there will be some that only females can relate to). I’ll be the first to admit I’m not very good at making mxm imagines, I’ve tried before and they’ve come out terrible haha. But if you want to submit some we’d be more than happy to make them for you! But we’ll keep an eye out and make our imagines as gender neutral as possible :) -RCN

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