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“ya— stop laughing (y/n)— shh-shhhh”

The sounds of your hushed whispers and concealed giggles stayed hidden within the books towering in school library. Two bodies stayed in constant reach of each other, stealing skin and smiling like buffoons. All thanks to Jungkook.


Earlier in Math Class:

A small ripped up piece of paper poked the surface of your arm as you stared at the board absent minded. Bringing you back to reality, you looked down to see the scribbles of your boyfriend.

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To Live Again | Jungkook Part 1

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Maybe what happened was a blessing in disguise. Jungkook listened, dealing out every order with deadly precision, but without feeling. Seyin was struggling to keep up with life. When it happened, everything seemed to fall apart for her-but everything clicked into place for him.

Mafia AU

Rating: M

Work count: 1446

Series triggers: violence, possible mentions of noncon. If you have trouble with either of these things it may be a good idea to not read this series, though I will do my best to post warnings before each chapter.

This chapter: slight violence

Seyin woke up with a throbbing headache. When she opened her eyes, she instantly regretted it. The harsh sunlight filtered in through a large, barred window, and she panicked. Oh my God, was I arrested? Why am I-

Her memory came back to her in a rush. She was walking home from her waitressing job around eleven at night. It had been her turn to turn to close the store, and the manager that was supposed to stay and make sure everything was done right had left half an hour before. The buses hardly ran during this time of the night, so she decided the three block walk to her home couldn’t hurt anything. How wrong she had been.

           She heard distinct footsteps walking behind her. Seyin wasn’t a naturally paranoid person. Years of living in an affluent community led to her possibly being a little more naive, so she supposed they were just on their way home as well… until it had been a block and a half of them trailing after her. When she finally worked up the courage to turn around, her hand being shoved into her purse to grip her Taser, whoever had been following her shoved her into the wall she had been walking next to, and her head was slammed into the brick.

           That was the last thing Seyin had remembered before she woke up on the cement floor. Though she had probably slept for hours, she knew her hair would be in a disarray and she could feel her bottom lip having split from being so dry. There was no doubt the mascara she wore to work would be flaked across her cheeks. She opened her mouth to scream for help before she clamped it shut, knowing that whoever had brought her here would definitely not be offering any help. Her bottom lip split open fully, and she could taste the blood when she licked her lips. Seyin pushed herself to her feet and tears came to her eyes because of the intensity of her head injury. There was some dried blood that matted her hair, she discovered, when she gingerly pressed her hand to the side of her head. She tried to wet her throat by swallowing, but it had been so long since she had something to drink her mouth was practically void of saliva. Standing on her toes, she tried to look through the window. The sun sat high in the sky, and she supposed it could just be past noon, but beyond that she couldn’t tell much. The building she were being held in was surrounded by tall trees.

           Seyin barely hood the soft footsteps outside the room. Spinning around, she pressed her back to the wall, looking around to see if she could find anything she could defend herself with. The only thing in the room was her.

           A key was thrust into the doorknob, and a few seconds late the door swung open. She were expecting maybe a six and a half foot tall bald man with an attitude problem holding a gun (a product of her overactive imagination), but instead she got… something else entirely. In the doorway stood a man who was probably just over five and half feet, but what was striking about him was his face. He might have been handsome if it weren’t for the fact he was more than likely the one who brought her here. What made her stomach drop was the broad, boxy smile he had on his face, which in a different context might be cute, but now it just seemed sinister.

           “Sorry about your head.” His voice was surprisingly low-pitched, but somehow held happiness in it as he confessed to pushing her into the wall. She felt sick to her stomach as he spoke. “Come on, I’m supposed to take you to Namjoon. And before you either start screaming or pleading for your life, one: I don’t care, two: I get mean when I have a headache, and three: I’m not going to touch you. So get it moving.”

           Seyin didn’t move until the smile fell from his face and he took a step forward. Her heart was in her throat as she moved closer to the door, and the smile returned to his face. Just listen to what he says, she chanted over and over in her head. If you listen they might let you go.

           The man closed the door once she left the room. The hallway that she stepped out into was nothing like the room. It was carpeted an off white color, and the walls were painted a surprisingly pretty eggshell shade. Though there were no photos or paintings hanging on the walls like any other normal building or home, it still made her feel the smallest bit better. It’s all a misunderstanding, she lulled herself into a short false sense of security as she followed the brown-haired man down the hallway. Despite her constant reassurances, she knew deep down that she wouldn’t be leaving this place, innocent or not.

           “Namjoon is inside.” The brown-haired man finally said, after leading her through what looked like a regular living room and up a flight of stairs. She stopped at the door, her fear suddenly returning. Obvious Namjoon was some kind of figurehead, so if this brown-haired man was like this with her how would Namjoon act?

           “Fine, I’ll knock for you.” The man reached over and gave three quick knocks on the dark, solid wood door. There was a faint ‘come in’ from inside, and the man smirked at her. “Try not to piss him off,” he remarked as he opened the door. Seyin looked inside, willing herself not to turn and run. It would just make matters worse.

           She stepped through the barrier of the door, and her eyes locked on to the figure sitting behind a large mahogany desk. He had strong features, his white hair flipped up and out of his face. Though he was sitting down, she could tell he was bigger than the man who escorted her here. Despite the numerous bookcases that lined the wall, a shiver ran through her body at the thought of having to talk to him. He looked emotionless as he met her gaze.

           “Did Taehyung do that to you?” He questioned. Her hand went up to cover the side of her head as if him just looking at it could make it worse.

           “I-I guess so.” Seyin stuttered out. She had been thinking of ways to talk to this man on the way here, and now she just blanked on any sort of logical, strong appeal. “Why am I here? Why did he kidnap me-”

           “Taehyung brought you here because of your dad.” He answered, as if it were the simplest thing in the world. When she blinked at him in confusion, not knowing why her dad had anything to do with this, Namjoon frowned. “Your father is in debt to us. He turned you over as payment on that debt.”

           Despite the seriousness of the situation, a laugh bubbled its way through her throat. “My dad is just a CEO at a business that produces towels. How would he owe anyone enough money to… to sell his own daughter?”

           “Your father also buys and sells an assortment of assault weapons. And the last few times he’s bought from us he hasn’t paid.” Namjoon answered, watching her reaction closely. She was about to retort him, do something stupid and call him crazy, before she remembered how the last three months had gone had gone. It started off as simple things; he would arrive late to dinner whenever she came to visit her parents, and then he stopped showing up entirely, blaming it on late nights at his building. Then he started calling her in the middle of the day asking if she was okay, if anyone had bothered her, and then he had gifted her the Taser she kept in your purse. Once again Seyin’s stomach clenched painfully, threatening to make her throw up anything she had left in your body. This time it was accompanied by black dots that started to blot out her vision as the severity of the situation settled heavily on her shoulders. She silently cursed at herself in her head for her weak response to him.

           “How… how much does he owe?” She finally gained the courage to ask, her hands shaking as much as her voice. I can’t believe this, he wouldn’t do this to me… there’s no way this man is right.

           “Forty-seven million won.” He told her, and sighed when she bent over the trash can that sat by the door and emptied the contents of her stomach.

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We may do things like singing unskillfully, dancing clumsily, talking without being funny at all, but in all of them, we put our own feelings. We tried to make everyone have fun, I think we had fun. Certainly, everyone will look back and remember this concert.

Well, we’ll do our best. But you make sure to do your best too.

Ninomiya Kazunari, Time (2007).