Today was the WORST! 

My jacket broke my trust. I thought it waterproof but it wasnt. It rained soo hard when I got off the bus stop and got even wetter. and the freaking road was flooding and all these damn cars and trucks were being assholes driving on these massive puddles on the road. I tried so hard to avoid it but then this dick truck driver splashed and soaked me! I walked through the door of maccas .you should have seen my coworkers their faces. -.- my shirt and pants and shoes were wet. luckily my manager lent me a shirt to wear and my pants just dried off throughout the day.


We may do things like singing unskillfully, dancing clumsily, talking without being funny at all, but in all of them, we put our own feelings. We tried to make everyone have fun, I think we had fun. Certainly, everyone will look back and remember this concert.

Well, we’ll do our best. But you make sure to do your best too.

Ninomiya Kazunari, Time (2007).