Streaming instructions to help Project Just Hold On:

  1. SIGN UP for a Spotify account. It’s free. You can use your Facebook account, or create one with an email. You do not have to download the program to your computer. You may just use the online player if you wish.
  2. STREAM the song from the playlist above. If you’d like it to open in your Spotify application instead of the web browser, FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS.
  3. Do NOT put it on mute. Plug a pair of headphones on and let it run. It won’t count if it is on mute.
  4. If you would like to help with the debut on the US charts, follow these instructions.
  5. please ensure you have local files OFF to make your streams count.

Ya’l know what to do with Spotify. As soon as it’s available, plug in your earphones, and let it stream. DO NOT MUTE. Let’s make sure the song charts at #1. Jay deserves it.

flumpy101  asked:

And being the kind of person harry is he probably wanted to give jay and her family space at the hospital immediately after and who knows why he was in selfridges. Maybe he was buying clothes for the funeral for Louis and Dan or gifts for the kids

I don’t understand people’s insistence on being arseholes in the face of grief and tragedy.

Harry met Jay when he was sixteen. Jay expressed that Harry was like family SO MANY TIMES. When Matt passed away, Harry didn’t tweet anything and people were also saying he was heartless back then. He dedicated his Another Man spread to Matt – who was a photographer, let’s remember. How’s that for heartless?

People being judgemental pricks in moments like these will never make sense to me. Do they think it’s a coincidence that Harry was MUTE from the day he arrived in England and after Jay passed away? And that now we have pictures of Harry up to our noses? He was off the grid for almost four complete days and then suddenly he was found everywhere. I’m not going to say the reason is to draw attention to himself and off the grieving family (of which I think he’s part of) but I do believe it’s quite possible.

And it’s not like he was spotted having a laugh or going out for pints with mates either, sheesh. 

Just Hold On playlist and streaming

Hello everyone!!!

I made a playlist on Spotify of Just Hold On, it has the song 50 times, but feel free to add it 50 times more and giving it back to me.

Some additional information:

- Something you can do if you get tired or go to sleep or have to do something else is to plug the headphones on, but please don’t mute it, leave it with at least a little bit of volume so the streams will count.

-What I will do is reproducing it while I’m asleep and just leave it to keep repeating, but if you’re doing this, please make sure to leave it on the button that doesn’t have a 1 on it (the repeat the playlist one).

Thanks for paying attention, thanks for helping, and feel totally free to add anything you might consider important. Please reblog!!!

This is for Louis, and for Johannah.❤❤

You know those soul mate AUs?

Specifically the ones where the first words your soul mate says to you are written ymon your wrist or whatever?
I want to read one of those about Red and Green (Oak). But like, mute Red.

So Red probably has some rude statement on his arm (I imagine they met as kids and that Green was a horribly rude child. They still became BFFs, though.)

And Green just has a pair of quotation marks with a fucking ellipses. (“…”)

And it takes him forever to realise that Red is his soul mate. Red, of course, already knew but for whatever reason it never occurred to him that Green didn’t.

Green eventually realises that he loves his best friend and it doesn’t matter if Red’s his soul mate or not, only to realise that Red has never spoken to him because he can’t and they honestly could be soulmates. So he tells this to Red and Red just gives him this confused look and shows Green the mark on his wrist, the one with Green’s first words to him on it.

Green is obviously a bit irritated Red never fucking told him, so Red makes it up to him by taking Green to the Alola region for a vacation. And they live happily ever after, eternally beating the shit out of newbies in Pokémon battles.


Animals need rescuing from the most unlikely places and we got a call from the police to alert us of a stray swan in a very strange place – the A3!

We arrived on scene to find that the police had closed one of the busy lanes and firefighters were on hand with a big net trying to keep the swan off the roadway!

Simon wasted no time in getting to the rescue and pursued the swan single handedly into some very thorny bushes. Before too long (and after losing a shoe), Simon managed to safely recover the bird and it was back to the centre for a checkup.

After a good nights rest and some breakfast, we took the swan to a nearby lake and integrated him in to an existing group. After watching it happily float away we even found a sandwich van to get some breakfast of our own!

anonymous asked:

How about changing the subject for a minute Aster? Couldn't you tell us about your name? It's fairly unusual to be named after a font. Is it a family thing? Are there for example any "Papyrus" or "comic Sans" in your family?

-“Not unusual for us. We Asters are a proud family of traditions, we name ourselves after fonts. I was named after a variant of Monster Sign Language that I use-”

-“huh… I hadn’t thought about it but how did mother know I was mute before-”

-“Aheh… well, yes. It is a family thing. The names you want though, no. I’m afraid I didn’t know any skeletons named Papyrus… which isn’t to say there wasn’t, there were neighboring families of skeletons.”


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aflAWjBFf6E)

Yo there’s a NWHL game on, everybody! Support women’s hockey–stream it in a tab on mute if you have other stuff to do. But please, help boost the numbers!

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Hi Britt I was wondering if you could draw me something I was wondering if you could draw crash having a gutar and singing a love song to Spyro. I think let me drive my van into your heart is a good one and maybe with Spyro having tears in his eyes cause he never knew crash had those feelings for him. It has been in my head Evah since my first hour class so I am making this request please draw this for me I need to get it out of my sistim lol. Emma

Sorry if it looks a little sloppy in parts, here you go anon! I hope you don’t mind that I went with Skylanders, I’ve been on a kick ever since I started watching Skylanders Academy. That and, well, Crash speaks in the t.v series XD And the SkyCrash floof, you can’t resist it.

I’ve actually had a headcanon for Crash that he plays guitar as a pass time and to express his emotions, being a mute. I see him doing those song covers where they play out the vocals in the chords when he’s ‘singing’.

I don’t often wear ties, but when I do favorites are knit cashmere. Classic yet casual and cashmere offers rich, muted colors perfect for Winter months. I especially like this new Sozzi knit from @nomanwalksalone and the way the small dots pick up the green in the corduroy jacket. #sozzi #knittie #nomanwalksalone #mensfashion #mensstyle #menswear #styleforum #neckwear #sfblogger #blogger #style #fashion #gq #ringjacket #inglese

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