The Musketeers Preference: Jealousy...

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Makes comments, gets involved, is very active in that jealousy. It’s not always the best but that’s the way he is. 

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Aramis pretends he’s not jealous. Aramis is a man that is unused to that sort of feeling and rather smiles and jokes and acts as if he’s not simply because he doesn’t like it at all. 

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Gets broody, angry, boils away in silence, tries to reason that he’s being ridiculous. But Athos has always been a very emotive character.

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I don’t actually feel like Porthos is prone to jealousy, protectiveness, yes, but jealousy I feel like is a foreign thing to him and in that scenario he would simply tell himself off and keep it to himself as much as possible. 

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I hope you all like my latest, a black and white portrait of monk Aramis.  I still have my earth tone portraits of Aramis and Milady in the works!

I can’t believe it has already been one year since I started posting my drawings here on tumblr.  It has certainly been a fun way to teach myself digital drawing. You have all been wonderful and I thank you for such inspiration and encouragement.