nobody else above you [I can’t put] || an athos/milady fanmix

“love is strange. sometimes it makes you crazy. it can burn or break you.”
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I. war of hearts - ruelle |  II. hurts like hell -  fleurie | III. crazy in love - l’orchestra cinematique | IV.  wrecking ball - Jasmine Thompson | V. titanium - madilyn bailey | VI. i hate u, i love u (feat. olivia o'brien)  - gnash | VII. hymn for the missing -  Red | VIII. stay - hurts | IX. sad song (feat. elena coats) - we the kings | X. black black heart (alternative version) - david usher | XI. photograph - ed sheeran | XII. hello - alice olivia | XIII. i know you (cut version) - skylar grey

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@bonnie131313 asked: How about some Obi Wan snark?

[Went back and realized perhaps the crossover AU would be good for this? *G*]

“They’re starin’,” Porthos said, under his breath, half a growl. d'Artagnan was never quite sure, in these sorts of moments, whether he was meant to feel part of a club or very nastily threatened.

“Who are?”

“Them,” Porthos said, now with a hint more laughter, as he jerked his thumb sideways. “Athos and our new traveling friend.”

“Don’t trouble yourself, Porthos,” Aramis sighed next to them, running a hand through his disheveled hair. “They’re having some fun at my expense.”

“Are they?” Porthos mused. “I’ll allow Athos the privilege, but I’m not sure where he gets off on that.”

“Similarity of circumstances, my friend,” the object of their gentle ire announced, having approached so quietly and quickly that all of them, whether they showed it or not, were startled. Kenobi was smiling as he sat at their table, at least, though there was something sharp and wittily cutting about him that d’Artagnan had yet to decide was a good thing. “I could offer you advice, you know,” he continued, turning politely to Aramis, “on behalf of a friend of mine, on the topic of entanglements with lovers above or outside your station.”

“Oh?” Porthos was amused now, d’Artagnan was glad to see, and warming to the subject of Aramis’s comeuppance. “And what might that be?”

Kenobi leaned in, with a serious expression. “Do you see any future where you might harm your lady’s prospects?”

“Not willingly,” Aramis said instantly, and he was offended.

“And do you intend to bring down a kingdom for the sake of your love?”

Feeling warred across Aramis’s face for just a fraction too long. “No,” Porthos said pointedly, glaring.

“Well then,” Kenobi said lightly, “you shall already be ahead of Anakin on that score.”

“I fixed it, Obi-Wan!” came a needling call from next to Athos, who, d’Artagnan was astonished to see, was laughing. “Stop telling everyone I’m such a disaster!”

“Gentlemen,” Kenobi said with a smile, blissfully ignoring Anakin’s complaints, and lifted his glass in a toast. “To our collective health in this endeavor….”

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Wait, someone did Musketeers with a black Porthos? Ah, that’s so awesome, who did this, what channel, is it on…

The Musketeers - BBC One original series that premiered in 2014, has been renewed for a 3d season, that will return to screens around spring this year.  Howard Charles plays Porthos.

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