I’m sick of hyper competent female characters with man-child leads who still manage to save the day (by being themselves)

give me a messed up female lead who’s super power is sometimes getting drunk and sprouting lighter fluid from her hands (her s/o is a flame demon)

give me a female lead who tries to rob banks with an uber

give me a female lead who hasn’t slept in 3 days and keeps hearing colors, she saves the day anyway by being the loser who solves sudoku puzzles

give me female assassins with a sense of humor, she yells ‘KILL MODE’ in a robot voice and then laughs when her colleagues almost wet themselves

Give me hyper-literal Shakespeare enthusiasts who don’t understand Shakespeare, she time travels and saves the universe through bad 90s rap music

Give me trash knights who are afraid of the dark, she’s awkward in front of girls but goes to save the princess anyway

Give me character-driven pieces, give me flawed but likable, give me powerful losers, down with girl power up with fun

guys get to be goofy, girls get to suffer and call that character development