MUST READ: Wonderland by Stacey D’Erasmo

An instant indie sensation, Anna Brundage is the epitome of a beautiful rock star. Tall, sexy, incredibly talented and with her signature red hair, she is unforgettable. Just one problem: her instant stardom quickly crashed. By taking a seven year departure from the music scene, Anna, now 44, sells her father’s art to endorse a European comeback tour and new album.

Anna quickly falls into old patterns and bad habits on the road, but nevertheless, her star power is intact. She is magnetic, yet different. Her fans are no longer college students and she is no longer the same woman. Old agonies pain her, and this is her last chance to cement herself into the music world. 

An intimate and intriguing glimpse into the life of a musician, Stacey D’Erasmo’s Wonderland provides an unorthodox microscope into a male-dominated world of rock n’ roll. What struck is most about Wonderland is its lyrical prose. D’Erasmo’s prose is fragmented, we often are given glimpses into an earlier life of Anna. Every word and instance are ephemeral and ethereal. Her words reflect the essence of the unattainable and magical dream of fame. 

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