Drones World Tour appreciation

“The Drones World Tour is an ongoing worldwide concert tour by the English rock band Muse. Staged in support of the band’s 2015 album Drones, the tour will visit arenas and festivals throughout 2015-2016, and is the tenth concert tour the band has carried out.”


Muse are a rock band. No, not like Slipknot. More like Queen - an eternally evolving everything. A rock band who’ll be still be around long after you’ve grown too old for rock music and started slipping on Berlioz requiems instead. And yet, oddly enough, a rock band who rather enjoy Berlioz requiems themselves. And anything from Belgium. A rock band who dream of the genetically-designed, organosynthetic suits which will one day send them into space. A rock band who believe there is a hidden symmetry in all chaos; who have adopted sleek, pure scientific theories as their own personal religion. [quote]