According to the director, the show wasn’t picked up because it was “too hardcore” (a word that had never been within such close proximity of anything Larry-David-related before). In one scene, for instance, Kanye has a Make a Wish meeting with a child and ends up sending the following message to others like him: “Yo, whattup to all the dying kids. I know y'all my dawgs. And you know, all dogs go to heaven!” Another “joke” involves a woman giving a detailed description of a girl dying in a car crash. It’s like they got the awkward part of Curb Your Enthusiasm right, but forgot the comedy.

So the project went nowhere, but that didn’t stop Kanye from trying something even weirder. A few years later, he starred in and produced a pilot for a “hip-hop Muppet Show” called Alligator Boots (NSFW). Don’t click on that link unless you want to see some full-frontal Muppet dick (yeah, we’re surprised HBO didn’t pick up this one).

The pilot also co-starred West’s future wife Kim Kardashian, who is hit on by a horny bear puppet version of Barry White while dressed as Princess Leia. She then announces she’ll have sex with Beary, because the script for this thing was apparently some online fanfiction Kanye found while Googling himself and liked.

6 Failed TV Shows You Won’t Believe Actually Existed

Part of me loves that 사탕 always wants to video chat but another part of me is like ‘I just woke up and am wearing an XXL t-shirt from Walmart that glows in the dark and features the Muppets saying “every day I’m shuffling” why do you want to video chat NOW?!’

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u seem cool and i feel like you are in a band or something but idk for sure

Thanks! I did perform with a band once but the whole point was to get kicked off stage at a dumb punk venue in Austin so I just fucked around on a Muppet Babies Keyboard ran through a distortion pedal while my friends did other shit like that

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TOOK ME FOREVER TO COME UP WITH A SHAME CRUSH, but I used to have this really WEIRD crush on... Uncle Scrooge! Sugar daddy kink much?

Om Cora I thought you just meant regular Scrooge because who didn’t have a crush on Michael Caine in the Muppets Christmas Carol right? But I tumblr gif’d it and all I’m getting is Scrooge McDuck - But ya know what? You do you  - if that duck got money you get it gurl!

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COME AND TELL ME ABOUT YOUR SHAMEFUL (or not shameful as the case may be) CRUSHES!

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what is your favorite fic you've ever written?

Well, anon, I’M GLAD YOU ASKED. I was just rereading one of my longer fics and crying about how it was better than I thought it was to one of my friends, so I guess now I’ll spare her and cry to you. So uh yeah I guess you’ll be sorry you asked in about 30 seconds.

I have two different long (…ish, really medium length) fics that I don’t think I can choose between because they both took a lot of work.

The first one, I think some of you can probably guess, is there’s not a word yet (for old friends who’ve just met), my Muppet fic about Beaker’s first few months after joining the crew. It’s sort of a “why did Beaker join the Muppets–and why did he STAY?” fic. It’s dear to me because it got me involved in a rousing little fandom (Bunsen/Beaker haaay) but really more because I put so many of my own feelings about why the Muppets are special in there. It’s about finding a family when you thought you were all alone in the world, and finding people who celebrate your little weirdnesses instead of squashing them. Truthfully, it’s about finding a home, and that’s sort of the feeling I’ve had towards the Muppets for years.

THE SECOND ONE, WHICH TUMBLR WAS SO KIND AS TO DELETE FROM MY POST, is one that a lot fewer of you have read. I wrote it for a really tiny, niche fandom, and I wrote it about side characters. I mean. I knew what I was getting into. Still, I’m kind of sad that so few people read it when I put so much work into it. I’m talking about It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie, my longest Sleep No More fic, my only Bargarran/Fulton (Taxidermist/Tailor) fic, and the only fic that I painstakingly researched medieval Scottish magic for. lol

It’s one that I was terribly nervous about while writing, and then I couldn’t bear to look at it for a long time. But I was just rereading it, and you know what? It’s actually pretty darn good! (IMHO) I got to geek out about some of my favorite obscure topics (medieval witchcraft, cunning folk, etc.) while still crafting this creepy, weird story about obsession, magic, and reincarnation. I had so much fun taking the format of the show and blending it with the characters, the actual events of the show, bits of folklore, and my own imagination. To shamelessly self-promote, it’s really best if you’ve seen Sleep No More, but it could probably be read as origific. (Much as it pains me to admit it.) If you liked my one oso fic, The Road Not Taken (Again and Again and Again), you might like this one; it plays with some similar ideas about a repetitive, cyclical show and its effects on the characters. The biggest difference is that several of the characters are canonically aware of the repetition of the show, so I was playing with ideas that had already been hinted at.

(Psst If any of you do want to read it and have questions about the characters or show, feel free to hit me up. I am ALWAYS down to ramble about Sleep No More.)

Fox Boss on Nicole Beharie's Sleepy Hollow Departure: 'It Was a Decision That Needed to Be Made'
By Michael Ausiello

Of course it’s all about Mison. Always has been. I hope this show burns in hell.

Fox’s top entertainment executive is suggesting that the network was left with little choice but to part ways with Sleepy Hollow star Nicole Beharie, whose character, Abbie, was killed off in the show’s Season 3 finale.

“There were a variety of factors that led to the end of the season,” CEO Dana Walden told reporters during a Monday-morning conference call to tout Fox’s fall schedule. “It was not a decision that we wanted to make initially. We ended up being put in a situation where that was a decision that needed to be made.”

Regarding the controversial decision to move on with a fourth season sans Beharie, Walden said, “What we know is that Tom Mison is a big star. And the Ichabod Crane character has been so central to the series and the storytelling and he feels like an original, big Fox character.

“We don’t feel like it has to be the end of the life of the show,” she added. “And while there was backlash [to the Season 4 renewal], there was also a tremendous amount of enthusiasm from fans about the show coming back and about Tom having the ability to be the center of the series and discovering new dynamics and new relationships. It’s a very original premise and we felt like it had greater life in it and that there was no reason to end it.”

Walden also denied that Season 4 would serve as the show’s swan song. “We’re not announcing that it’s the final season,” she maintained. “We’re not sure if it’s the final season.”