This was…this was tough to shoot. I’m still recovering.

But in all seriousness, I was so honored to be a part of this. Looking forward to the show!  


Hello my wonderful followers, new and old! Wow so I am realizing I never really introduced myself since joining the studyblr community. So here it goes!!

My name is Brooke; i’m a 25 year old college junior at SF State studying Sociology. Here’s a couple things you should know about me aside from the “adult” academic stuff:

  • Bisexual and proud!!! 
  • My blood is like 70% coffee/black tea.
  • I’m a passionate advocate for positive mental health and rights for all, human and otherwise (I will literally rant about elephants and representation/poverty all day)
  • My brain is an infamous abyss of random facts and songs no one cares to hear.
  • If I had a superpower it would probably be to fool my body into thinking burritos are a superfood. 
  • I am convinced I’m half muppet.
  • I’m an identical twin. 
  • I am an introvert who loves people; I am a walking contradiction.
  • Pro-wrestling and video games are my jam.

But really, thank you for following me and being such great people. Im a total weirdo who can’t really relate to many people so I’m thankful to have found a community where I can fit in and help people! I’m super excited to get to know you all. Please post selfies and dumb facts about you because I’d love to read them/look at your cute lil faces! ♡♡♡


Old Figment Screentest with a voice that’s very much not Figment’s. Reminds me a little bit of one of Muppeteer Kevin Clash’s voices.


This is 11 minutes of PURE MUPPET MAGIC!!! 

*Kermit Arms Flail*