It’s truly an amazing thing. I am very proud. It’s a Luke Skywalker themed resource/fun pack. It contains of: 

  • 5 circle tumblr icons [I made them]
  • 9 desktop wallpapers [I did not make them]
  • 1 Episode of “The Muppet Show” with Mark Hamill in it [I did not make this one]
  • 28 random Mark Hamill photos [No, I did not make those]
  • 4 graphic PDS presets for gifs and edits [I did make those]
  • 3 Mark Hamill PNGs (no background) [I cut those suckers out]
  • 1 Stormtrooper PNG [I did that too]
  • 11 random space/night sky textures [I did not make those, but they are my favourite ones] 

It is kind of a followers gift, although I do realise not everyone does graphic edits, but hey :) 

Thanks for being with me :) I love you all <3 

Get it HERE.

Reblog//Fav if you download :) Much appreciated :) 

imagine younger floyd and zoot taking in abandoned baby animal

imagine floyd and zoot chasing baby animal through their tiny living space

imagine floyd putting on the who or beatles records to get baby animal to calm down (and it backfires but in the best possible way)

imagine baby animal banging on pots and pans and zoot’s head and basically anything with a surface

imagine baby animal and floyd bonding like old friends (who just met), aside from the occasional mustache-pulling

imagine zoot slowly warming up to baby animal

imagine sleep-deprived zoot finally crashing on the couch and baby animal curled up on his chest

imagine zoot waking up to see this little face:

imagine floyd and zoot barely able to afford groceries or pay the rent (gigs were slow back then) and buying baby animal his first drumset (and a stuffed bunny)