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have you ever analyzed how the bending techniques of Aang & Korra (the avatar) changes when they enter the avatar state, which is said to give the present avatar the strength and knowledge of all their past lives? if you have or not, it would be an interesting analysis and gif-set to post on your account.

Yeah, I don’t think that would work, for a few reasons:

  1. Aang wasn’t in control of his Avatar State until Sozin’s Comet, so whenever he went into the Avatar State it wasn’t necessarily him being in control until the very last moment when he didn’t kill Ozai.
    1. That said, all that power usually manifested itself as aggressive force, which is why Aang was so afraid of it in Book 2. 
  2. Korra contrasts with Aang on this front for two reasons 
    1. She was always in control of her Avatar State, so that was always her bending (and also, you forgot that she wasn’t connected to her past lives after book 2, so yeah that’s all her).m
    2. Unlike Aang, she uses her Avatar State in short, brief bursts of power.