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[Season 2 of AskCreek Theme:  “Advice on Life Problems”]

[Changes and Website Upgrades: (implemented by me which took time)

  • Craig and Tweek will answer in their new outfits.
  • Craig and Tweek will be wearing glasses.
  • Actual website page displays a counter of how much questions are in the question box.
  • Actual website page displays the status of the question box and current ask theme.
  • Depending on the question count the popup when you hover over it will change.
  • Sassy descriptions of blog status on hover
  • Side image has snow
  • Donate a coffee and support my blog! I spend a lot of time on it :)

[Just a few things to remember when you submit your ask:

  1. Nothing serious or very personal. Craig and Tweek might give some sassy, sarcastic answers and I don’t want anyone to get offended.
  2. Ask box is open starting now and will close 5/12/17 11:59pm EST time.
  3. Creative or funny situation ‘asks’ are very welcome.
  4. You can check the status of the question box and how many questions are in the box on the actual blog website https://askcreek-craig-and-tweek.tumblr.com/    
  5. That being so, if the question box count is huge please spare me!
  6. If the question is not related to the theme or directed to mun it will be ignored. After this theme is over there will be time for normal questions.

[Can’t wait to see some creative stuff!  And try not to ask too many questions if you see the ask box overloading! o.o]