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Maybe it's a little bit early but which costumes would wear Eves and Servamps on Halloween? c:

Both of y’all were ready for this.What you need to know is that it’s never too early to start celebrating Halloween.  I have been considering costume ideas for the Servamps since like, the start of August:

Mahiru: He goes as a witch; he’s got the black cat and the broom already, so it’s only fitting for him to keep with the theme.  Mahiru rocks the pointed hat.

Kuro: A dog.  Everyone is so prepared for him to go as a black cat, with just a pair of black ears and a tail, and he fools them all.  Instead, he’s rocking the floppy ears, fake plastic snout, and brown fluffy tail.  He’s so proud of himself.

Tetsu: He doesn’t have a lot of time to throw together a Halloween costume, so last minute he’s wrapping himself up in towels and toilet paper for BOOM!  Instant mummy costume.

Hugh: A vampire.  How could you expect any less of him?  Why would he want to pretend to be anything else?

Mikuni: He thinks he’s funny, so he goes as Indiana Jones.  He even has his phone queued to play the theme music at any given opportunity.  Jeje is hardcore judging him.

Jeje: He draws a little lion face on his paper bag, and that’s what he wears for his Halloween costume.  Everyone’s just proud of him for participating.

Wrath: A werewolf.  It’s close to her animal form, but not quite the same, and she likes how fluffy she looks with the costume on.  She’s the nicest werewolf to ever exist.

Licht: You know he rocking the angel costume for Halloween.  He’s got no shame; he’s an angel and the world needs to know it.

Hyde:  Hyde is all about partner costumes, so to match with Licht he goes as a devil.  He’s even got a tiny plastic horn headband and a fake set of wings.  Kranz confiscates his pitchfork however; he’s not trusted with a weapon, even a fake plastic one.

World End:  His Eve really wanted to go as Belle, so he agreed to be the Beast to match their costume.  They are absolutely adorable together.

Misono: Misono’s rocking the pirate look for Halloween.  In retrospect, that may have been a bad idea, because the eyepatch isn’t making it any easier to walk and he’s not that graceful to begin with.

Lily: He goes as a fairy.  Misono thinks he’s cheating, because he looks almost like a butterfly and he’s a butterfly like 90% of the time.  Lily says it’s not the same thing, and he’s beautiful both ways so it doesn’t really matter.

Tsubaki: He is ready, he is Frankenstein’s monster and he is going to rock his costume so hard.  Belkia helped him make it, and went all out on the face paint

Little Rita Headcanons

One day charlie brings her into work and she takes his stethoscope and walks around being a special doctor, charlie’s worried because he has no idea where she is but she reappears in his office covered in chocolate

Her best friend ever is connie even though rita punched her when they first met (that was the first time chuffy had ever been in the headmaster’s office for their daughter, and it wasnt the last)

Rita’s favourite ice cream flavour is mint with chocolate sauce



IMAGINE “i love you daddy” AND “time to wake up mummy”

Rita is 100% chuffy’s child i have no doubt about it

things that have happened on early edition so far in my rewatch:

-previously mentioned zamboni death
-gary sees roger ebert on the street and asks him to console a crying child after a movie, roger ebert just goes with it like this is something he does
-santa is real and helps them stop a bomber
-previous owner of the magic future newspaper is somehow tied to JFK assassination conspiracy, and gary is almost framed for a near identical set up to kill the fictional early edition president
-i haven’t gotten to this yet but i hear there’s a mummy’s curse and time travel at some point

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yooseven going out trick-or-treating! seven is dressed up as either a vampire or a cat (you know he would) while yoosung is a mummy (he had to get help from seven to get all the bandages on), and they run around the neighbourhood to the other rfa members' houses. When zen refuses to give them candy, they throw eggs at his windows until he chases them off,, they end up falling asleep under a blanket on the sofa (in the middle of splitting the candy haul) when they get back home -yooseven anon

omg this is great!! I love Halloween things like this just aaa a a a a

For a thousand more

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by mysleepyhead

This is the ending they deserve. The life they should have. The life we want for them.

Words: 4224, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2cAfvfx

I was tagged by @wlwbuffy to list three fictional characters that sum up my personality. 

1.) Ezri Dax: Resilient, optimistic, figures it out when confused, knows when to get away from family, a goof, both psychologists. 

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2.) Jonathan Levinson: Awkward, nerdy, but good at being alone (i.e. Dead Man’s Party, Inca Mummy Girl) until it becomes too much. Also good at forgiveness, same height, same grumbly temper. Wants to support Andrew. 

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3.) Connie Maheswaran: Doctor parents, Indian heritage, bookworm, is inspired by books to save the world with use of swords, would not dream of getting in trouble but also headstrong. Flirts a bit with a martyr complex. 

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The Police Man - EventHorizon - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Series: Part 3 of Ages of Man

The third installment of the Ages of Man series finds Mycroft and Greg navigating the waters of their relationship as Mycroft manages college/work and Greg moves from being a schoolboy to a policeman. What sounds simple and placid is, of course, nothing of the sort, due to the small goblin population of the area, whose names are Sherlock and John, as well as the standard joys, turmoil, passions and pitfalls of being in love…

And, we come to the finale of this long saga.  I want to thank everyone for all of the support and encouragement I’ve received over the course of these three stories.  I’ve cherished every kind word I’ve received for these tales and am humbled by the number of people who have said that the stories made them smile or gave them a laugh.  To me, there’s no higher praise and I’m thrilled to have been able to accomplish that.  Well, off to other things, but this trilogy will always hold a special place in my heart…

21:29pm 24/09/16

My darling Freddie Mason, you are one year and two minutes old. I feel so incredibly emotional about you turning one, I’m not sure it’s for the same reason other Mummy’s feel emotional when their babies turn one though. I feel emotional as twelve months and two minutes ago you were born, not breathing, and you were taken away from me. I helplessly watched two midwives work on resuscitating you on our dining room floor whilst I continuously said to your Daddy ‘is he dead?’. You fought then, and after a few days you were fine. I came across your neonatal discharge letter the other day and I shed a tear. That week was so hard for us (and you), it was the hardest thing we’d ever been through. Reading your notes made it feel like we had it easy back then, like it was a million years ago and we didn’t know what a breeze that week would be compared to what was in store for our little family.

I feel emotional because the last twelve months hasn’t been what I’d hoped and wished for, not what I’d dreamt of. Don’t get me wrong, I love you so much and I’m so immensely proud of you and the little boy you’re growing in to. You have taught me so much about myself and life in the process. It’s just, when I pictured you turning one (when you were still in my tummy) I pictured things differently; I didn’t envisage sitting by your bedside watching whilst you had a seizure as the clock turned 21:27 and you officially became 'one’, let alone all the ambulances, tests and hospital visits/stays. I feel sad you’ve had to go through so much and it breaks my heart that you still have so much more to come. I know you’re strong and I know you’ll take it all in your stride whilst still smiling and laughing - you’re incredible like that! Thank you for being you, and thank you for picking me to be your Mummy. Part of me wants to apologise to you for being emotional on this special day but, you’ll learn, Mummy’s are emotional beings.

Happy Birthday to my big boy, we love you so very much. xx

Face of Peru’s Lord of Sipán recreated.

The skull of one of the most famous archaeological finds of the twentieth century has been reconstructed using 3D imaging. Brazilian scientists have revealed what Lord of Sipán - the royal ruler of the mysterious Moche civilisation - would have looked like if he had been alive today.

The 2,000-year-old Moche mummy was first discovered in 1987 and, at the time, was considered one of the ten most important discoveries of the twentieth century. His face was unveiled today in Lima, Peru - and MailOnline had exclusive access to see the results.

Lord of Sipán ruled the Moche civilisation, which flourished in Peru between AD 50 and AD 700.  The name comes from an site in a valley of the same name which was the central city for the Moche people…


OOC: I’m almost certain Apocalypse has harems at one point. Nobody taught him to be responsible after all, and now he’s a 5,000 year old mummy sleeping around and getting high like it’s Californication.