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Jabs can be painful, it's very understandable to cry about those. She must get her bravery from her dad :) does she like other animals besides ducks and marine things?

Yes, she’s very brave, and she definitely gets that from John.  She seems to have a high pain tolerance, much higher than mine.  I would scream for hours over a paper cut, or so Mummy and my brother tell it.

She seems to like dogs when we see them at the park.  There’s a little Cavalier we see with some regularity, and a pair of Corgies, and a very pretty Golden Lab.  She’s actually had the chance to pet the Cavalier, and she liked that.  I think the owner was ever more enamoured with Watson than Watson was with the dog.  

I may see if I can take her over to see Toby some day.  He’s a very gentle dog, and she might like a visit with him.


ARMS - New 3d Fighting game Nintendo IP for the Nintendo Switch (Spring 2017)

Characters (from left to right):
Spring Man: Balanced, supposedly better movement(dash/jump) than everybody else(?)
Ribbon Girl: Balanced, able to jump multiple times
Ninjara: Fast, both ground and air dashes makes him disappear, while blocking he disappears when punches are near
Master Mummy: Slower, Super Armor, able to gain 10 HP back by sucking souls while blocking
Mechanica: Slower, Super Armor, able to boost when holding down the dash button, able to hover in the air.

Developers have already confirmed more characters to be revealed later on. Motion controls are optional.

I just saw on imdb that they’re doing another The Mummy movie (with tom cruise and some army tanks and everything)

What’s the point when this masterpiece exists?

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dishonored 2 is 5000% scarier than the original like this is a straight-up first person horror survival game i was sneakin thru a bloodfly-infested house and i didnt realize there were nest-keepers there and one of them crept up directly behind me and whispered ‘now im going to have to hurt you’ in my ear and anyway thats why i havent been active much lately its because dh2 scared all the remaining years off my life and i died