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Request: Could you write an imagine where Bucky gets a haircut and he looks like 40’s Bucky but you have a 4 year old daughter and when he walks into the house your daughter is frightened because she doesn’t recognize him so she tries to get away from Bucky. 

Word Count: 1397

Warnings: none

Your four-year old daughter Sarah sat idly in your lap as you plaited her hair, she had seen a girl on the television with hair like that and immediately ran to you asking if you could do her in the same style. You said yes of course because your daughter had some of the best hair you’d ever seen just like her father. Bucky was out with Steve, he didn’t say what he was doing because apparently it was a ‘surprise’ not that you cared much because you were happy sitting at home watching Frozen with your daughter and braiding her hair that reminded you so much of Bucky’s.

“Mummy are you nearly done?” Your daughter asked, just like any other four-year old she was incredibly impatient and asked a hell of a lot of questions that always left you on edge. The last time she asked you, “How are babies made?” And answering that question was the hardest thing you’ve ever done (except give birth because that hurt like hell.)

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Her Valium has worn off and the oppressiveness is mounting. The air has an acrid taste, like invisible smoke. Little tendrils of pain curl around her ribcage.
Her phone chirps. It’s Saffron. Her voice is accusing.
Saffron: I was worried about you, Mum. Your phone-
Anita: I’m fine, darling. I went to  the doctor earlier and he gave me some Valium. Then I came home and switched my phone off so I could have a sleep.
She omits to tell Saffron that the doctor she saw was her cosmetic surgeon. Saffron’s voice softens.
Saffron: Poor Mummy. Do you feel better now?
Anita can’t remember the last time Saffron called her Mummy, or sounded so caring. She feels her throat thickening.
Anita: I’ll be alright, darling. The house feels a bit strange. I suppose it will be like that for a while.
Saffron: Teddy isn’t there?
Anita: No. He and Daisy went back to Daisy’s flat.
Saffron: Do you want me to come over and keep you company, Mummy?
Anita: Thank you for asking darling, but I’m going to go and have a drink with Renee.
She hopes Renee isn’t busy tonight. But even if she has plans, how could she possibly refuse her recently bereaved best friend?
Saffron: Do you think that’s a good idea? Drinking on top of Valium?
Anita: I have never needed a drink as much as I do now, darling. Anyway, I’m only going to have one or two. I promise I’ll be careful. And Renee will be there to take care of me.
Saffron: Alright. But make sure you keep your phone on you, okay? And remember Jared’s coming home tomorrow. Please don’t be hungover. You need to be there for him 100%.
Anita: Yes, of course. Bye, darling.
She resists the urge to shout at Saffron that nobody was there for her 100% when she needed them. Or even 50 %. Or 10%. Which makes her think of Joël again, and how he completely ignored her plea for help. Well, he would soon know what it felt like to be ignored. Bastard.
Anita: Renee? It’s me. Listen. Get your favourite fuck- me heels on, sweetie. We’re going out on the razzle-dazzle!

Stretch Marks (Luke Hemmings)


Walking into your bedroom, the only thing on your mind was getting out of your clothes, having a shower and getting into bed. Being 7 months pregnant, you always felt exhausted. All you wanted was maternity leave and for this baby to hurry up and come.

“You gonna have a shower?” Luke yawned, walking into the bedroom after you. “Mind if I join?”

“Yeah for sure,” you smiled softly, pulling your shirt over your head, standing in your bra.

“How’s the baby?” he asked, coming over to you and resting his hands gently against the larger bump.

“Really active. They’ve been moving all day, it’s been really hard to focus,” you chuckled softly letting out a sigh.

“Awe…” he hummed, kneeling down in front of you and kissing over your bump gently. “Well little girl is gonna have to calm down so mummy can get some sleep tonight…” he talked quietly to your belly.

You chuckled softly, but when you looked down at your bump, your smile fell. You just couldn’t get your mind off of what you thought were the ugliest looking marks ever. They were lined all around, dark streaks giving it an ugly feel.

“What’s the matter?” Luke asked, looking up and standing back up.

“Nothing,” you smiled, shaking your head and pushing it from your mind again. “Let’s go have a shower yeah?”

He looked at you unsure, but nodded his head and took your hand into his. He pulled you into the bathroom and started the water up. You managed to pull off your maternity pants, with a bit of a struggle, but Luke had to help you with the rest. He held your waist gently as you stepped into the shower, being extra cautious to make sure that you didn’t slip.

Luke had been extra helpful as the pregnancy progressed. Not that he wasn’t usually, it was just a lot more than usual. You smiled softly and held his hand tightly, standing under the water. For a moment you had forgotten about the marks on your stomach, until he slid his hands over again and you looked down.

Frowning to yourself, you turned around to face him looking up at him.

“What?” he asked softly, his hands falling to your back.

“Just don’t want to see the stretch marks…” you murmured, placing small kisses against his shoulders, rubbing his chest.

“Babe, they’re just stretch marks…” he started but you pulled your head back, shaking your head.

“They’re so ugly honestly, Luke I hate them I wish they would go away…” you sighed.

“Babe no they’re not,” he frowned deeply, shaking his head.

“Yes, yes they are,” you said surely. “All the maternity pictures I see, their skin is so smooth and nice looking. They don’t look all stripy or gross, and I hate it so much. I just want them to disappear!” you exclaimed.

Luke sighed and grabbed onto your hands, kneeling down in front of you to scatter little kisses over the growing bump. “There’s this thing called photoshop baby… and lots and lots of women have them… I know there’s some lotion or something that we can get that can help them, but I think that they look adorable… they’re signs that you carried our baby… I wouldn’t wish them away, but we can always get the stuff that can help reduce them okay? But remember that there is nothing wrong with them.” He stood back up with you and shook his head, cupping your cheeks gently. You pouted and looked up at him, resting your hands on his bare sides. “You’re beautiful…”


“I mean it,” he said before you could argue anything back. “You’re beautiful, glowing, stunning, and I can’t stress it enough.”

You looked at him and bit your lip softly. He smiled down at you and pressed his lips against your forehead. You closed your eyes and leaned into his kiss. He let his lips longer for a couple of moments, humming out quietly.

“You always know how to make me feel better…”

“I know,” he chuckled.

You smiled softly and pulled your head back to look up at him. He took the opportunity to lean in and press his lips against yours, a kiss that you gladly accepted and kissed back. Smiling widely, he pulled back for just a brief moment to look down at you again.

“I love you okay? And your belly and our baby…”

“I love you too Luke…” you replied softly, reattaching your lips against his.

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29 with Ed and Pete please 😊 I've got some feels

twenty nine: bedroom (from this post)

When Peter was small, he wanted a baby brother so badly, but all he had was his little sister Susan- that is, until Edmund came along. Every day, he’d ask his mummy when tiny Eddie would be big enough to play with; the day Edmund started walking was the happiest day of Peter’s short life, because mummy said Eddie was finally big enough to play with Peter.

So the two brothers were best friends, and they would make their sister be a damsel or a princess and they would rescue her together and at the end of the day, they would all have a feast to celebrate..

After Eddie outgrew his crib, they asked Peter if he would be okay sharing his room with his brother. Peter was ecstatic, because that meant he and Eddie could have boy time all the time and daddy said sharing meant he was a being a good big brother and Peter wanted to be the best big brother ever.

So the two brothers slept in beds right next to each other, and sometimes they would pretend the house didn’t have a roof and they could see right out into the night sky and watch the stars; other times they dared each other to stay up all night (and then pass out at nine o’clock because their little bodies were so worn out from playing all day).

As they got older, Peter got busier and made new friends and they had a new baby sister named Lucy now, and he didn’t have as much time for Edmund anymore. And Edmund tried to understand, but it still hurt when they’d go to sleep at night and Peter wouldn’t stay up and pretend to watch stars with him or challenge him to an all nighter.

So the two brothers grew apart, no longer best friends, and Edmund missed his big brother, his hero, quite terribly and Peter missed his little brother, his partner-in-crime, and neither of them realized how they were feeling or how the other felt; Edmund started going to school and he made new friends, too, but they weren’t nice and they made Edmund not nice too.

Then the Blitz happened, daddy was in the war and mummy said they had to go away and be safe (but what about her, didn’t she have to be safe too?) and the four Pevensie siblings stayed in the Professor’s big big big house in the country, and they each got their own rooms for the first time. So for the first time since he was four years old, Peter had to sleep without Edmund’s tossing and turning and shuffling sounds next to him; and for the first time Edmund had to sleep without Peter’s snoring and sniffling noises next to him.

So the two brothers didn’t sleep very well, though they didn’t really notice and they didn’t know why.

One day, all of them tumbled into Narnia; and Edmund became nice again, and Peter realized he wanted to spend more time with his family, and they all became kings and queens and lived in a castle (and this time it wasn’t pretend and Edmund and Peter didn’t make Susan be a princess for them to rescue); and even though Edmund and Peter had their own bedrooms in separate wings of the castle, sometimes they would go in each other’s room and stay up all night talking about a treaty or a council issue, or they would go up in one of the towers and learn the constellations.

So the two brothers grew back together. And they were best friends.

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What is it like for a man of your age to surround yourself with kids that could be your own children? I mean you even pick your fights with a 17-year old teenager 😂 And btw. do you think you could successfully approach an actual woman or just young girls? :)

Haha this troll comment is actually pretty funny cos I would put my LIFE on it that you have never even had a 9 year relationship before cos you are prolly like 15 and typing your troll comments using mummy and daddys wifi connection.



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MLT about the mummies HAHAAH which one do you think that would call you daughter all the time and would invite you over her place just when their son is on tour?

Anne. Anne would make me cry buckets of tears because my mommy is gone and she’d be so supportive about that I wouldn’t know what to do.

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“When I was little, I used to be afraid of mummies. And now look at me. I love dead people!” Said by Cassie on her webshow for D&F Fortunes expedition that was taken along with by her parents

people only watch D&F Fortunes for bloopers and Cassie’s commentary

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When I was little my absolute favorite movie was the Mummy(1999) and I had the biggest crush on both Rick and Evie. Still kinda do, every time I rewatch it I spend most of the movie staring at them and not paying attention to the actual movie 🙊😅