Title :: High Lady, Queen, Spy by aneverfixedmark

Word count :: 7,169

Chapters :: 3/?

Rating :: Mature

Relationships :: Feyre/Rhysand

Characters :: Feyre, Rhysand, Tamlin, Lucien, Morrigan, Nesta, Elain, Cassian, Azriel, Ianthe, Bron, Hart, Alis, OC, Tarquin

Additional Tags :: post acomaf, acomaf

Language :: English

Summary ::  Feyre has been in the Spring Court for nearly two months - Hybern’s soliders are pouring in every day and every day she must fight to keep her secret. The High Lady of the Night Court, Queen of Night Triumphant, is a spy. Uncovering secrets, playing the game, dismantling their armies from within… Every wretched day brings her one day closer to reuniting with her mate - but when? And will they be able to circumvent the war to come?

anonymous asked:

Do you know any dim-glowing colour changing stimtoys that I might be able to get on a Europe/UK based site?

Thank you so much for giving me your region - that makes my job a little easier. Sadly, this has been a tough ask for me, because it’s difficult for me to determine what is and isn’t dim-glowing online. (These sorts of details seldom make it into product descriptions.) Since I avoid light-up toys myself, I don’t even have the advantage of seeing if I can find items in my own collection online.

(Doing this search has shown me that there are light up toys I’d probably enjoy myself - the colour changing egg, for one!)

First, I’ll throw this out to the followers - if you know of anything you can confirm that is dim glowing and colour-changing, let me know. Even if it’s from an American site, please link me or give me the product name, because I’ll attempt to track it down on appropriate websites for our asking anon.

Secondly, I’ll give you a somewhat-random selection of light-up toys and accessories from UK-based sites in the hope that something here works for you!

The sites I link to feature light-up/flashing puffer toys, puffer balls and glitter balls. They’re also incredibly common here in Australia in toy shops and discount/dollar stores, and I’d imagine that to be the same no matter where you are. So I won’t link to many of those as opposed to the unique/unusual toys, but they are available at literally every website, if that’s what you’re after. Most of the ones I’ve seen are not dim, however.

At Multi-Sensory World (which appears to be the UK version of The Therapy Shoppe - lots of stim toys) I think the best offering is this Colour Changing Egg, £4.00. This is non-flashy and seems to offer the least amount of glare. The Sensory Mini Lights (£10.00) also look quite gentle, although they don’t change colour.

Other light-up options from this vendor that seem brighter and/or flash include: Disco Ball (£3.00), Colour Changing Sphere (£12.00), Flashing Rainbow Ball (£2.50), Glitter Ball (£4.50), Spinning Wand (£2.00) and Small Glitter Lamp (£10.00). They also have some very expensive, very beautiful light-up home decor items in their visual/sight category.

Explore Your Senses has another section for light-up toys. Best (least flashy/bright) offerings include the White Lightning Stick (£5.94 Incl. VAT), Egyptian Lights Pyramid (£11.94 Incl. VAT), Light-up DNA Ball (£5.94 Incl. VAT), Four Square Mood Lamp (£11.94 Incl. VAT) and Light Up Shapes (£22.74 Incl. VAT).

Other, brighter/more flashy offerings - and forgive me for not adding prices but my hands are tired - include the Double Windmill Lightshow, Kaleidoscope Light Bulb, Geometric Flashing Ball and the Light-up Molecule Ball.

Cheap Disability Aids also has a large section of light-up toys and furnishings. (Their site is harder to navigate without searching, though.) I like the Crystal Ball Light (£15.99), the Aurora Sphere Light (£13.95), the Spectra Ball (£3.49) and the Colour Changing Moonlight Cushion (£18.95). The cushion looks super awesome! I almost want one!

I hope this gives you somewhere to begin. If you have a specific toy in mind, or need not-UK European sites, let me know and I’ll see what I can track down.

ETA: @overlydramaticgollum says,

I would go for things ment to be night lights/ sleep aids for kids you can get toys and things that glow softly and I found a white cube at Kmart In the clearance that has a pretty soft colour change

Awesome addition!