Vampire Chronicles Aesthetics ❧ Interview with the Vampire

He laid his fingers on my shoulder. His hair had a reasonable and fashionable look to it—that is, it was clipped and combed and not full of dust. His clothes were clean and new, too, as if he had perhaps dressed for me.
I smiled to myself at that, his dressing for me. But from time to time he did, and when I saw that the shirt had antique buttons of gold and pearl, I knew that he had, and I accepted that the way a sick man accepts a cool cloth on his forehead.
His fingers pressed me just a little harder, and I liked this too. But I didn’t have the slightest interest in saying so.
—  Lestat - Memnoch the Devil
Mountains to Dust: Becoming Purav Chapter 18, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction

Words: 2,373
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Rated: T
Character: [Levy M., Gajeel R.]

Summary: Having committed treason and left her family behind, Levy continues to travel with Gajeel and his father in search of his family. But things are not as easy as she had first thought when it came to becoming part of Gajeel’s family as his Pura. She must harden herself to his world, try to persuade the Prince to take his rightful place, and keep on fighting to find her own.

The Families of the Dragon People Chapter 1: Ragkiz, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction

A quick collection of information on each of the members of the families, including the chapter of Mountains to Dust: Becoming Purav in which they first appear and a list of their known relatives. Families will be added in order of appearance, as will characters. (If you are not up to date on Mountains to Dust: Becoming Purav, there will be spoilers.)

Varric & Nicknames

I was recently looking back over THAT scene from Until We Sleep and totally NOT perving over our favorite liar, when I noticed this.

“Names have power – Give a thing a name and it’s yours forever.”

Hawke: I notice you don’t have a nickname for me.
Varric: I call you Hawke. You’ve probably heard it once or twice.