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Author: AccioInvisibilityCloak

Title: Some Things Change (link to full fic)

Chapter: Chapter Eight (link to new chapter!)

Summary: In which Beatrice has nowhere else to go, so she ends up in the last place she expects. Also there is fluff in more ways than one.

Notes: Oh my god I thought I’d never finish this monster of a chapter. I am very proud of it. It includes, near the end, one of my favorite headcanons for NMTD that I have ever come up with. I’ve never breathed a word of it before because I was saving it for this. It is very fluffy and Basically Canon and I hope you like it as much as I do. I can’t believe I’m still writing this freaking fic almost a year later. I am hopeless. I hope you enjoy. 

Last night I spotted a table full of #NMTD and #Lolilo cast members at a restaurant and I couldnt help but tell them how much I love their webseries’ and then took a photo pretending I was part of their group. It was the best thing ever.