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Gem!Mad King Heacanon. He's a fusion between two gems who each represent the different sides of Ryan. One is the dorky PC guy who was a theatre nerd and so on and other side is The Mad King/Mad Mercenary side, the side that's a villain in all the fanfiction. Together they're The Mad King that X-Ray and Vav know. And his gems are his eyebrows.



stevebuckypeggy rec list bc i’m trash, basically

i’m a little bit obsessed with this ot3 (and by obsessed i mean i read literally everything that gets posted in the ao3 tag bc i need it like oxygen) so i might as well do something productive with all this knowledge right?

so in no particular order, i present you the probably way too long list of stevebuckypeggy fics i love:

Strike Gold Along This Shore - steve and peggy are married and own a tattoo shop, one day bucky literally falls on peggy. yes it is as cute as it sounds. feat. genderfluid bucky and a cameo of foggy. 28k so far.

When They Sound the Last All Clear - this only has one chapter out so far but it is so beautifully written that i had to include it, it literally made me cry actual tears (and the summary looks promising, check it out). 5k so far.

Devils And Heathens - “Peggy Carter didn’t go looking for trouble, or Bucky Barnes, or a threesome. Sometimes these things just find you.”. porn with plot, and feelings, and angst. 9k.

Blatant Disrespect for Government Property + sequel It Won’t Be Long Now - porn without plot, and it is great, specially the second part. 2k each of them.

Being mean to Bucky Barnes for fun and pleasure (series) - more porn without plot, god help me. 13k.

Give Up The Ghost - steve dies, bucky doesn’t. peggy and bucky meet at his grave and end up together eventually. steve turns out to be not dead. having a poly relationship in the 40s/50s is more complicated than anticipated. i am not doing this fic any justice but it is so great and with so much going on that i don’t know how to summarize it but it is one of my favorite fics ever. 126k so far (yeah, holy shit, i know).

Young Turks - modern au with hipster!steve and peggy and punk!bucky who was a guitarist until he lost his hand. 69k.

light a match and burn them down - this goes from cute ot3 shenanigans -until the plot from catfa gets in the way- to super soldier!peggy hunting down the winter soldier, to peggy and bucky hunting down hydra, to steve coming back, plus some cartinelli. angsty af but with a happy ending. 5k

Indents - “His dog tags are clenched in Peggy’s fist; JAMES B BARNES all in little raised, gray letters. Bucky wishes Steve hadn’t been so insistent they do it like this, with sharp, unrelenting metal. Hell, he wishes Steve wouldn’t be so set on doing this at all” yep, more porn, this has a little tiny bit of plot if you squint. trigger warning for breathplay. 1k.  

Happy New Year (war is over if you want it) - the everyone lives au you need in your life.  2k.

Glitches in the System - soul mates au. angsty bc that’s what this ship is made of. 4k.

ghosts in the machine - super soldier!peggy and bucky trying to take down hydra while no one knows they are alive with some help from natasha. ties in with catws which means sam, maria, clint and of course steve are there. 7k.

Want Me Like Time - porn with some plot and a lot of feelings. 13k.

Practical Mathematics - not exactly a stevebuckypeggy fic but too hilarious not to include it, steve explaining to tony his ‘inexperience’ when it came to sex, and that somehow includes a threesome, among other things. 1k.

earn your keep - bank robbers au with hella on point characterization, especially steve. 5k.

Now or Never - porn without plot. also peggy is amazing, but we all know that. 8k.

So It Goes Like This - modern au with cis female steve, which i know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a good fic. a lot of fluff. 6k.


james is Ryans curiosity he is naive too the true evils of the world and is a super cutie patootie, he is also very smart and loves to invent new things. basically this is baby ryan.  he and vav would probably be instant friends.                                                                                                                    Vagabond Is Ryans psychotic tendencies cunning and distrustful of everyone except those he call family. He is very good at combat and weapon handling he has a snarky boastful attitude he and X-ray would probably fight a lot but have a little brother like relationshiop

Born Again I (An SPN Fanfic Verse)

Warnings: Sad stuff from the Cage, pain, misery, mild gore and dark themes, the usual. There may be other warnings for later chapters, and I’ll warn for them on each update should they crop up. There’s a lot of Sam whump as well! Aaaaand some unpleasant mental/emotional pain for a child in the story, so if little kids hurting (especially mentally or emotionally; in this section, infants) makes you uncomfortable, might wanna skip out on this ‘verse. It’s a darker place, even if it’ll have light-hearted stuff peppered in. With a nicer Dean than current canon. Sue me, I miss my old bro from back when.


Summary: Castiel flies to retrieve Sam from the Cage - but when he flees with Sam, something goes horribly awry. 

I DO plan on continuing this, but in big bursts much like I did for my other two verses, The Long Calendar and The Author’s Notes Verse. Note that the events of post-S5 won’t happen as they did in canon, unless my imagination sparks something up. It’s an AU! 

This is all wrong. This is not how it was supposed to be. 

It is one year after the apocalypse that never happened, and he has been busy.

Castiel claws through darkness and grit and blood, celestial wings clenched against his back so that he dare not gorge them on jagged bone and metal and a palpable despair. The further down he clamors, the more sour the air is around his aura - which is a beacon, he knows, his light shining in a world that slowly compacts him, makes him feel smaller, weaker. He doesn’t have much time. He needs to find him, before his brothers realize he’s lurking, trespassing in their new jail cell. It’s so hard to navigate, so hard to comb through and look for his friend’s small and nearly insignificant glow—tiny and flickering, expanding in and out like a strangled series of breaths. In the large and daunting space, there is ice (so cold that he feels it even without a body, chilled to the core), there is a fiery precipice, and there is—Sam. He reaches out, wraps himself around Sam, is terrified and pained for a moment at how frail and thin and wispy the man’s soul is next to him, like a string woven around a fingertip in comparison. The soul shivers and moans, and the softest brush of grace against it rips a vicious scream of energy through the Cage.

'Sam, what have they done to you?’


They would not have much time.

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