boykvngs asked:

A contest is such a great idea, I would love that! I'm sure so many other people would too :)

I’m glad you think so!! It obviously won’t… happen for a wee bit of time, since I’m broke as all get out until the next pay check and even then I’ll need to juggle wisely. But I’m thinking I can start collecting up on prizes and do it after the Stanford!Sam asksamstuff plot I am gonna do (as soon as I wrap up my commissions because I have learned not to murder myself with art, so WORKIN’ IT THIS WEEKEND). 

I was thinking maybe a good prize could be the original copies of some of the asksamstuff panels? I have SO MANY. And maybe… sign them, write a little thank you or something? IDK. My handwriting is hideous. But these are some examples of what you could get, physically:



“More Than Just a Game” by ivaleelovesmerlin [3/3]

“I think you do know how your dreams are showing up in the game.”


TS3 to TS4 By Woohooty -

Hey kids, i’ve got a gift for you all today. So i converted 3 objects from TS3 Supernatural. So what you’ll be getting is The bed, Bookcase & Lamp. You will need some mattress’ as there’s no mattress on the bed i used *these*  by simsinwonderland. I have also recolored some blankets, prints, walls and frames. Thank you and enjoy :))) xx  TOU: please dont claim as your own or reupload. Credit to EA for the original mesh and the owners of the cc i recolored. AND a massive thankyou to rachelssimstuff for making this possible, she helped me so much with converting ts3 to ts4. so thanks so much love !


You will be getting :

  • bed frame
  • lamp
  • bookcase
  • prints
  • blanket

Supernatural objects Folder
blankets - mesh
frames - mesh


Enjoy and thank you :)) xo


Abe’s just trying his best

Gifting time!

(click for HQ)

rachelssimstuff is one of the nicest people I’ve met on here and to appreciate her kindness even more I’ve made this Sim as a gift.

There’ll be a full CC list included in your download (still gathering every item but I could not wait to post the picture ;_;) together with her tray files obviously. I’ll also include the hair retexture which I made specifically for your Sim. I really hope you like her as much as I do because I think she turned out beautiful. :)

Ask Sam Stuff News - Stanford Sam

I am probably going to do another “special” like Ask Lil Sam soon! It will involve flashing back to Stanford!Sam to help him complete a case at the school – it would involve your potential outside help and your asks to progress the story! Keep an eye out for that, so you guys can get involved! I’ll have a more up to date ooc post with more information, but it will have characters like Jess and Sam’s college buds. :) And maybe new characters, based off some lucky asks? You just never know, hehe.



Don’t let the enemy know your thoughts

(I know I used the same song twice but they both worked so…)