“how ungrateful they’d become, how greedy for better wonders" - a playlist for the king, the ghost, the greywaren, the magician and the witch.

‘maybe we all come here and fall asleep and have the same dream’ she knew it was not true, but it was both comforting and thrilling to imagine they were so connected.


someramdomstuff asked:

hey nikki, I just wanted to ask if you could please post a step by step of one of your arts, I really like your style and would like to see the process behind it. (btw you were awesome on sleepycabin!)

I’ll try my best to save the process steps on my next piece. Also, I do occasionally stream on Picarto, which is a great way to watch my process. Hope that helps! 


Something random

I was told by Tec to draw Ludvig and Royal on a picnic, because I wasn’t sure what to do. so this happened. Just so I can make this moment canon this probably happened right after that super old rp between team elite and voyage, when she invited them to go do something as a sorry for before.

Most likey it didn’t go too well
 don’t diss Pheonix fabulous food making skills.