There are other takes...

“I’m gonna reveal something today. There are other takes. There are other takes. We’ll just  have to dig them out at some point….

The kiss. The big debate when the kiss was was filmed was, whether they should actually touch lips before the bee sting or not. And so… nobody ever called cut so it just continued the way it did. There are other takes when they actually kiss and then the bee thing happens.” /Frank Spotnitz/

Do y’all think about this as much as I do?


                               For everyone, I’m out to prove wrong, you keep the light on
                                       The only one, you know me better than the truth
                              So, despite what I’ve done, I pray to God that we can move on
                            Cause thus far you are the best thing that this life has yet to lose

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Can I ask for some msr soulmate meta? Is it possible to tie it in with the pilot episode? Like when Mulder decides to reveal his quest about his sister and maybe Scully hugging him after he checks his bites? Is it okay to believe love at first sight?

Of course it is! People have a lot of definitions for love at first sight. I don’t totally believe in it, but I believe that for some people there’s a connection and a sense that you get about the other person, and I think Mulder and Scully feel it as soon as they shake hands. They just know this is going to mean something. 

But first sight isn’t the first thing they know about each other–she has his “spooky” reputation and he has her academic credentials, so they go in with these intellectual ideas about each other, and I think that actually helps them meet as people. Because suddenly she’s not just a thesis, she’s a warm smile and a little heeled foot stepping forward to challenge him. They’re surprised by each other’s completeness. They’re reconsidering each other when most people are making first impressions.

And yes, they were already more open to liking each other than you’d expect them to be–she was impressed by his work as a profiler, and he wanted to slide her thesis under everyone’s door. There’s something almost beyond in the way their personalities seem designed to fit together, and according to TFWID, there sort of is–but they’re not always soulmates in the romantic sense. They’re just always connected. The rest is on them and on the work they do for this relationship. I think it matters that Mulder and Scully do so much of that work so early on. They spend their first case together just constantly reconsidering each other, so that by the time she’s dropping her robe for him, she already knows he’s respectful and sincere, and by the time he tells her about his sister, he’s already decided to trust her integrity.

Mulder and Scully have a new “first sight” every minute. Some minutes are magic and some are intentional.

Novel-Length Friday

One of our absolute favorite writers in the fandom is @leiascully.  She started getting quite a lot of attention since the Revival was announced because, thankfully, when we heard about the MSR Breakup, she was the one who made sense of it, who contextualized it, and made it better with her Visitor/Resident series.  But then she started an even BIGGER undertaking…writing a missing scene for each and every episode of the X-Files in a series entitled The FBI’s Most Unwanted.  It, like everything else she does, includes spot-on characterization, pitch-perfect dialogue, and enough UST to keep us happy.  This is technically considered a WIP, but we don’t care, and you shouldn’t either.  Plus, ANYONE who can make Space enjoyable is a hero to us.  Enjoy, loves.  

Title: The FBI’s Most Unwanted

Author:  @leiascully

Rating: PG-13

Length: 48 Chapters of varying length

Synopsis:   A series of short stories intended to cover every Mulder and Scully episode from Seasons 1-7, with interludes and codas.

Spoilers: Through Humbug

Possible Triggers: None

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For your anon who's going to the gillovny con and asked what she should wear in her pic with GA and DD. I suggest she buys the "Ask Me About My Ship" t-shirt on Etsy. They have a MSR one, so she can always pretend that's what she mean, be we will all secretly know 😂

Great idea! I have this shirt!!