Experts excited by brain 'wonder-drug' - BBC News
A drug for depression could stop all neurodegenerative diseases, including dementia, scientists hope.

Scientists hope they have found a drug to stop all neurodegenerative brain diseases, including dementia.

In 2013, a UK Medical Research Council team stopped brain cells dying in an animal for the first time, creating headline news around the world.

But the compound used was unsuitable for people, as it caused organ damage.

Now two drugs have been found that should have the same protective effect on the brain and are already safely used in people.

“It’s really exciting,” said Prof Giovanna Mallucci, from the MRC Toxicology Unit in Leicester.

She wants to start human clinical trials on dementia patients soon and expects to know whether the drugs work within two to three years.

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French Internet Abbreviations

I gathered a rather long list of abbreviations you might encounter, these are the most common ones I could think of. 

jsp: “je sais pas” / “idk" 

mdr: “mort de rire” / “lol”, can be interpreted in different ways depending on the context 

jpp: “j'en peux plus” / “i can’t anymore”, used as a reaction to something funny 

ptdr: “pété(e) de rire” / “lmao”, either used ironically or as a reaction to something funny 

tg: “ta gueule” / “shut up" 

ftg: "ferme ta gueule” / “shut up”, more aggressive than tg 

frr: “frère” / “bro”, sometimes used amongst girls too 

c: “c'est” / “it is” 

ptn: “putain” / “fuck/fucking” (not the verb but the interjection) 

t: “t'es” / “you are" 

g: "j'ai” / “i have" 

wsh: "wesh” / “hey/yo” (?) as an interjection, not a greeting 

slp: “salope” / “bitch" 

msk: "miskine” (arabic term) / “poor”, used to talk about something/someone unfortunate 

tmtc: “toi-même tu sais” / “you know it" 

fdp: "fils de pute” / “son of a bitch" 

jdcjdr: "je dis ça, je dis rien” / “i’m just saying" 

wlh: "wallah” (arabic term) / “i swear to god" 

bz: "baise(r/é(e))” / “fuck(ed)” as the verb 

bb: “bébé” / “baby”

amr: “amour” / “love” used as a petname


bg: “beau/belle gosse” / “hottie" 

mrc: "merci” / “thanks" 

bcp: "beaucoup” / “a lot" 

tt: "tout” / “all" 

pq/pk: "pourquoi” / “why” 

pcq/pck: “parce que” / “because" 

ds: "dans” / “in" 

ntm/nvm: "nique ta mère/niquez vos mères” / “fuck your mom/moms" 

ndd: “non de dieu” / “for god’s sake”

tkt/tqt: “t'inquiètes (pas)” / “don’t worry”

stp/svp: “s'il-te-plaît/s'il-vous-plaît” / “please”

If you know any more, feel free to add them!