Go To Shul (synagogue)

by Reb Gutman Locks  

A new survey of four large American Jewish urban communities by Baylor University found that “adult Jews who affiliate with a Jewish religious denomination and attend synagogue report significantly better health than secular or non-practicing Jews.”

    Previous studies showed that Jews who daven (pray) in a minyan (quorum) are happier, more optimistic, and live longer lives than Jews who do not attend services, and now we see that these Jews are also healthier.

   The results of living a Torah observant life are not just reserved for the World to Come. If you want to live a longer, healthier, happier life, then, go to shul. It’s for your own benefit. And if you pick the right one, its fun too.


Ashton & Bryana at BBC Radio 1's Big weekend

I don’t think I’ll ever understand peoples’ desire to put men and women in boxes of “masculinity” and “femininity” as if having qualities from both pools instead of qualities exclusively from the one you were born into would ever be a bad thing

Like, it just goes so completely against the way I think about people. People are all so fundamentally different and unique and completely irreplaceable! Why on earth would you want to hurt people by disregarding everyone’s inherent complexities in favor of your nice little filing system? Just so you can shove everyone into old, dusty boxes that they might not fit into?

I just think of everyone as being so unique and absolutely invaluable and nothing gets on my nerves more than people undermining that.

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Saying ‘fuck the police’ is not any different from saying ‘fuck the military’

do we literally hate each and every single person that’s in there and believe they’re all satan spawn? no, at least I don’t. But like, they’re part of the system at large. A terrible system which is accountable for the murders of thousands if not millions of innocent people. So keep that in mind before you jump to defend someone in it (or who WAS in it), even if they are important to you. Even if your family member/spouse/whoever didn’t directly kill anyone, they were part of system that enables it. they supported it. they were directly involved in making sure the machine kept running.