*mouth agape*

“Keith tears his eyes away and focuses on Lance, whose mouth is slightly agape and eyes wide in awe. Lance has always loved the stars… Lance’s gaze is firmly on him, silent and serious and -

“Can I have a ride, cowboy?””

cue my sweet, northern usa tears over sweet, southern usa boys.
inspired by @tidalance ‘s red down a dead end!! its really nice (and so is she), please give it a look!!



Our party of two just failed to stop a Necromancer from summoning a high-level Ilithid from being summoned.

Player: *falls to his knees* MASTER!

Ilithid: Who hath summoned me to this plane?

Player: *rolls nat 19+6 AP for bluff* IT WAS I!!

Necromancer/DM: *mouth agape due to absolute bullshitry*

Ilithid/DM: *fails sense motive* Rise my loyal follower.

Necromancer: Bu-But it was me–

Ilithid/DM: *sucks Necromancer’s brain through forehead"

First Kiss | Jungkook

Masterlist |

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: Fluff

Words: ~4,5k

Synopsis: “I love oreos, but you know that thing after you eat them and your teeth are black and it looks like you’re on some crazy drugs and your teeth are rotting or something?” You snickered at your own explanation and the way Jungkook’s mouth was open agape, eyes squinted as he tried to picture the image you were so unskillfully painting. “It’s annoying, but you still like them. It’s the same for you.

A/N: I’m a bit rusty. I hope it’s not terrible. For @maroukimarouki

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It was Saturday night, just one of many you had spent with them. The setting of your friendly reunion was nothing special, just the chaotic living room of their dorm. The feast you were enjoying was not expensive wine or exotic cheeses, but coke, chips and gummy worms; and you could have not been happier, stuffing doritos in your mouth until you were about to choke, to perfectly recite the lines of Cypher Killer without stuttering —at least if you did not want to carry a penalty out.

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Breath of the Wild, Part 9
  • Arin: *Solves a Puzzle* Yeah, you like that shit? You fuckin' like that?! Does that make you horny? Does that make you want to fuck me? 'Cause it does for me! If I saw myself doin' that shit, I'd be like "Damn, I'd fuck that dude!"
  • Dan: *Silence, Followed by Giggles* It's just a shame when we don't have facecam. Like, that just sounded like a moment of silence, but what it was, in reality, was me very slowly turning to look at Arin with my eyes wide and mouth agape, speechless.
  • Arin: You should be, man.
Underwear - Phanfic (Smut)

Phil stared at the tweet, his mouth slightly agape.

As someone who doesn’t go outside or open the curtains ‘spring’ is just the time when it gets warm enough to walk around in my underwear.

After being in a relationship with Dan for eight years, Phil had never seen such a bold statement on his twitter, and about underwear of all things. Would he really be walking about their flat in nothing but his boxers? That didn’t seem very in character of him. Dan was the type of guy who sometimes kept his shirt on during sex. Phil didn’t mind that, of course. It was his own body. The only issue was that sometimes, things get caught in the fabric. “Babe?” Phil heard his lover’s voice from the lounge. “Yeah?” “Have you seen my MacBook charger?” Dan appeared in the doorway to Phil’s bedroom.

Oh. My. God.

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Shifted - Part 6, Chapter 10

Every Tuesday I’ll be posting a chapter from my brand new AU story. The  premise is simple - what if Claire had gotten pregnant with Brianna a month or two earlier in the story, and she and Jamie had re-evaluated  their priorities and decided that the cause was lost, and they were able to slip away from the army and quietly return to Lallybroch?

Previous installments…

Part 6 - The Honeymoon

Lallybroch, Summer 1763

Chapter 10

Silence. Utter silence.

Claire looked between her two children. Brianna’s brow was deeply furrowed, processing the information. William, poor lad, just looked bewildered, mouth slightly agape.

Jamie pressed his hand to hers on the mattress, twisting her ring between his thumb and forefinger.

“I’ve never seen the two of you speechless before.”

That woke them up. “I dinna understand, Mama,” William said softly. He scrubbed his hair with his hands in a mannerism that was purely Jamie. “Ye’re no’ a fairy, and no’ a witch – Da said so. And these things happen in fairy stories. So why did it happen to you?”

She smiled and cupped his cheek. “I don’t know, love. I’ll never understand it.”

“But did ye try to go back?” Brianna asked. Her eyes darted from Jamie to Claire. “Can ye go back and forth, from this time to that time?”

“No, I haven’t tried to go back. I wanted to go back, right after I arrived. But I never followed through on it.” She paused. “Your Da tried to send me back, but I wouldn’t go.”

“What?” Brianna eased closer to Jamie on the bed and laid a hand on his arm. “When, Da? And why? Anyone wi’ eyes in their heid can see that ye canna live wi’out her.”

Jamie squeezed Claire’s fingers with one hand and Brianna’s with the other. “I didna ken where she’d come from until we’d been marrit for a few months. And then I tried to send her back, because it was a very dangerous time for us. But she wouldna go.” He swallowed, steeling himself. “And then when we found out yer Mam was going to have you, Brianna – right before Culloden, I took her back to the stones. I wanted to keep the both of ye safe, and I feared I’d not be able to do it here, in our time.”

Brianna settled into Jamie’s side. He held her tightly and kissed her forehead.

“Truly, Da?”

“Aye. But she wouldna go then, either. So we came back to Lallybroch, and we’ve been here ever since.”

Claire turned to William and opened her arms. Quickly he crawled into her lap, and she held him close.

“Did ye really want her to go, Da?” William asked in a small voice.

“No, a bhailach. It was the last thing in the world I wanted. But when ye love someone, ye always have to put their needs above yours, ken?”

William nodded.

“So – I didna want her living in a time of hardship. Ye won’t remember this, Brianna, but when you were a wee bairn, things were verra difficult here. Redcoat patrols, people not having enough to eat. Drought and puir harvests. Yer Mam knew that was all coming, and I didna want her – or you – to live through that.”

“That’s verra romantic, Da,” Brianna teased.

He pulled back his head to meet her gaze face-on. “It’s the truth, a leannan. Dinna make light of it. Ye have no idea how much of a sacrifice I was willing to make for ye.” He traced a finger over her cheek. “I was willing to go my whole life wi’out seeing yer mother again. Wi’out ever meeting ye, wi’out watching ye grow up. Because I love you.”

Brianna’s cheeks colored and she looked down at her hands.

Silence again as the children continued to process the information.


Claire kissed the top of her son’s head. “Yes, William?”

“Do ye want to go back now?”

She held him tightly. “No, love. I don’t want to go back. I’ll never go back – because I’d never want to leave the two of you, or your father.”

“But don’t you miss yer family?”

Claire sighed. “My parents died when I was small – you know that. I was an only child. I was raised by my uncle – you know that, too. But he died long before I came here.”

“That’s verra sad,” William remarked, snuggling deeper into his Mam’s shoulder.

“It is. But I don’t ever think about it, because now I’ve got more family than I know what to do with – I’ve got the three of you, and Auntie Jenny and Uncle Ian and all your cousins. This is my family. This is my home. Why would I ever leave you? Leave this?”

“I dinna think Da would let ye leave anyway,” Brianna said softly.

“No, I wouldn’t.” Jamie moved closer to Claire and wrapped his arms around her and their children. “We decided to tell ye because ye’re both old enough to understand these things. It’s part of who ye are. But ye must know how important it is that ye never, ever tell anyone else about this. Why do ye think that is?”

“Because folk willna understand,” Brianna said softly. “Ye always say that people fear what they canna understand, Da – so we must protect her from anyone who may try to harm her.”

“It’s my duty as a man to protect her, right, Da?” William said softly.

Claire’s eyes met Jamie’s over the heads of their children. Her eyes filled with tears.

“Aye, it is. Ye’re a braw lad, William – and you,” he addressed his daughter, “are a fine braw woman, Brianna. We named ye after strong people, and ye’ve honored those names weel. And ye can continue to honor them by minding yer Mam a wee bit more, aye?”

Both heads nodded.

“I love the both of you so much,” Claire whispered, holding her children close.

“Mama?” William said after a while.

“Yes, love?”

“I still dinna understand it, how ye came to be here. It would have been much easier if ye’d been a fairy, because at least I can understand that.”

Jamie’s eyes met Claire’s over Brianna’s bright head. His face split in a grin.

Reminder that apparently Alec was the only Shadowhunter brought up with some fucking manners, because he’s the ONLY one who knocks and waits for Magnus to open the door before going inside…! I seriously need a scene where Magnus complains about it. Like Raphael is over at his place and they’re talking and all of a sudden Clary just waltzes right in and Raph is just sitting there with his mouth agape as Magnus rolls his eyes and gets up:
“Yes, Biscuit? What do you need?”
And Clary looks at Raphael with a frown and then back to Magnus before asking:
“What is he doing here!?” And Raphael has just had it with this shit. Enough is enough, so he pins her with a glare and states not-so-very calmly:
“Me? I’m visiting my friend. You are the one interrupting a very important conversation without even having the DECENCY to knock before just walking in like you own the place. Were you raised in a barn!?”
Clary just stares at him like he’s lost his mind and Magnus puts a hand on his arm to calm him down, silently telling him it’s not that big of a deal.
“What’s your deal!?” Clary eventually recovers and Magnus heaves this long-suffering sigh before breaking it down for her.
“My dear, he’s got a point. The door is there for a reason, next time knock. Now, what did you come here for anyway?”
“I… I wanted to ask if you knew why Simon can suddenly walk in the sun. Alec told me not to come, but I need to know if it’s permanent or if something bad will happen because of it” she explains and Magnus can’t help but smile at the mention of Alec wanting her to leave him alone. It’s Raphael who answers her though, with a roll of his eyes he gets up from the couch.
“Yes, it’s permanent. No, he’s not going to die and next time, listen to the only shadowhunter with some manners and don’t use my friend like he’s you own personal warlock on call. Now get out” he says and practically pushes her out of the loft before turning back to a snickering Magnus.
“Dios, are they always like this?” He asks, pointing towards the now closed door. Magnus just nods and gestures for him to sit back down.
“Oh yeah, don’t even get me started. This one time Alec and I got back from a date and were in the middle of talking about where our relationship was going and I was just about to bring him down for a second kiss when the freaking door slams open and there’s his parabatai with a bag, asking if I had a spare room. And then there was this other time…”

They sit like that for hours, Magnus complaining about these shadowhunters who seem to think they can just come and go as they please, and eventually even Raphael has had enough and so while Magnus speaks, he messages Alec and tells him to have a talk with his siblings and their friends about freaking MANNERS before asking him to please come over so he can go back to the Hotel Dumort before sunrise.

He Is It.

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Pairing: Abraham x Daughter/Son!Reader, Featuring Negan and The Survivors. 

Prompt: Abraham’s child ends up watching their father die. 

Warnings: Gore, angst, Negan being an a-hole, Season 7 spoilers.

Extra: Reader is gender neutral, so everyone can enjoy!

Everyone was shaking.  

Eugene looked like he was going to bust out sobbing. Sasha had a few stray tears running down her face. Rosita looked as if she was going to crack into a million pieces. Rick’s eyes were darting between Negan’s face and Lucille. Glenn was staring straight ahead of him, sweat dripping down his face like it was nothing. Maggie’s face was twisted in fear. Aaron turned his head away when Negan pointed his bat at him. Daryl’s hair was covering his face, but it was easy to tell he was tense. Michonne’s eyes were flickering between the bat and Rick. Carl had his mouth slightly agape, tears brimming his eyes.

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bughead fanfiction - one-shot


“the mind can calculate, but the spirit yearns, and the heart wants what the heart wants”
-Stephen King


She doesn’t think she’s heard him right. There is literally no way she’s heard him correctly. Not after all this time—not after everything that’s happened…

Standing at the curb of her driveway, Archie before her, Betty stares, mouth agape at his confession.

I was blind before, Betty. I couldn’t see what was right in front of me this whole time.  

His eyes search hers with a desperation, feet moving forward before his hands rest gently on her shoulders. The gaze he gives her is one she would’ve swooned over months ago, one that would’ve had her knees buckle and her heart stutter, but now—now, she just feels ill. She feels blindsided. Confused and upset.

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anonymous asked:

pls more romantic soft macdennis i love the Funny Bad Men i need more

  • mac takes dennis to the rainbow for dennis’s 40th birthday, and even though they’re probably the oldest couple there, for once dennis doesn’t care, lost in the pulsing music, flashing lights, and mac’s all-consuming warmth. it’s one of his best birthdays.
  • mac has tried to show dennis how to properly peel apples on multiple occasions. each time, he starts by giving dennis what he thinks is the best demonstration possible - he’s pressed against the other man’s back, arms reaching around him so he can gently grasp dennis’s wrists as he guides him through each step. it always ends the same way: dennis tossing aside the fruit and backing mac into the nearest available surface.
  • dennis would do virtually anything for mac if the request is followed by “den”
  • mac wears his glasses around the apartment more often, ever since noticing the way dennis fixates on him when he does, mouth hanging slightly agape and a faint blush coloring his cheeks.
  • when it’s just the two of them left alone to close up paddy’s for the night, one of them (it’s almost always dennis) puts a song on the jukebox (”you’re the inspiration” is a favorite of both of theirs), and they sway gently to the beat, with no one there to interrupt them when they inevitably come together, joining hands and lips.

Jack’s the type to be overly amazed by the night sky. He’ll find his way outside at night and, no matter how hot or cold it is out, he’ll stare in wonder at the stars and the expanse of the universe. His eyes wide, mouth slightly agape and smiling a little. He gets excited and pulls at Gabe’s shoulder, pointing upward.

Gabriel is the type to not really care about the stars - it’s what’s on the ground that is important. What he does like, though, is the stupid dopey face Jack gets when he’s staring at the stars. Jack might think the night sky is beautiful, but Gabriel can’t think of anything he’d want to look at more than Jack’s face. While Jack maps out constellations in the sky, Gabriel is far more interested in counting the freckles he can see on Jack’s cheeks.

It usually ends with Gabriel pulling Jack in for a kiss, hungry yet soft. And when he pulls away, Jack’s expression is very similar to the one he has when he’s staring at the night sky; full of wonder, appreciation, and love.

cat got your tongue?

I had this silly idea over here and wanted to make a comic out of it, but I’m too lazy, so I wrote it out as a messy drabble instead.

“Open your eyes, little guy. There ya’ go. Meet your makers, Bendy!”

The bewildered studio employees looked on with mouths agape. Their boss Joey Drew stood up from kneeling on the floor and turned around, beaming from ear to ear, holding his cartoon devil mascot in his arms like a proud father showing off his newborn child. This time it wasn’t a cardboard standup or ink on celluloid – Bendy the Dancing Demon had been literally brought to life before their eyes.

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“Insecurities” Dean x Reader

Words: 1,466

Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean and reader run into her ex at a party.

Warnings: Mention of cheating, swearing, implied smut

 “Zip me up?” I say as I walk into Dean’s room. He looks at me, mouth slightly agape, and nods.

“You look beautiful.” He whispers slightly, taking a hold of my zipper and pulling it up. I smiled at him, blushing.

“You don’t look too bad yourself, Winchester.” I respond, admiring him in his suit. We were on a case tonight- one that required us to go undercover to a party. I wasn’t complaining; I never got to be dressed up, and this was my one excuse to feel like a girl.

I grew up with the Winchester boys. My mom passed away giving birth to me, and my dad Bobby took me in afterwards. He tried to give me the most normal life possible, sending me to regular high school and keeping me away from hunting. Unfortunately, I was a rebel, and anytime my “older brothers” Sam and Dean would come to visit, I’d make them teach me how to hunt. By the time my dad had died, I had just graduated high school and I had nowhere to go. Sam and Dean took me in. They figured that they had taught me enough about hunting in the past that I could join them on the road.

A few years have gone by, and all those years of secret training definitely payed off. I’m a great hunter, maybe even better than the boys. Not that I would ever tell them that.

“Dean, are you ready? We have to go now if we want to make it on time.” Sam came into his room. He slightly smirked when he saw I was in Dean’s room, but it disappeared once he saw that I noticed. Sam has been suspecting something going on between Dean and I since the moment I started living with them, despite it not being true. Dean is my best friend, that’s all. My hot as hell best friend, but that doesn’t change anything.

“Are you ready, (Y/N)?” Dean asks me.

“Let’s go.” I say, nodding. I grab my purse and we make our way out of the bunker. I feel eyes on me as I walk in front of them, and I smile a little bit, knowing that I looked good.

We get to the event fashionably late, and try to make ourselves fit in. Everyone here looked very rich, and they were all beautiful. I held my head a little higher, trying to fit in with the crowd.

“What exactly are we looking for again?” I ask Sam, grabbing a glass of champagne. I down it quickly.

“Cursed object. Necklace. It’s supposed to be upstairs in one of the bedrooms. We need to find a way to get up there.”

“I can go get it. Say I was looking for the bathroom.” I shrugged.

“You’re right. No one’s going to suspect a beautiful girl of anything.” Dean said. I couldn’t tell if he was being serious or not, but at the chance that he was, I felt butterflies in my stomach.

In case my plan of looking for the bathroom failed, I grabbed another glass of champagne to take with me, so I could just act like a drunk lost girl if needed. I walk up the stairs, making an effort to blend in with the crowd so no one thought anything of it.

I find the necklace with ease (It was the ugliest thing I have ever seen- I don’t know why anyone would wear such a thing), and tuck it into my purse. As I walk out of the room, I hear a girl giggling down the hallway. I turn my head and see a beautiful blonde girl stumbling out of another bedroom, with a man following behind her. I take a closer look, and see… Josh?

Josh was my boyfriend all throughout high school. My first love, and also my first heartbreak. He cheated on me. I haven’t seen him since I graduated, and that was ten years ago. Desperate to avoid an awkward “How have you been?” talk, I turn around and try to walk away.

“(Y/N)”? Josh exclaims.

Shit. I turn around slowly and try to look excited to see him.

“Wow, Josh, hi!” I say. He leans over for a hug, but I don’t hug him back. “So, who’s this?” I ask, not really caring but trying to be polite.

“This is…” He trails off. “What’s your name again, sweetie?” He asks the blonde chick. My mouth drops open. She looks very offended, and slaps him. He rubs his jaw as she stomps downstairs.

“Well, I guess it doesn’t matter now, does it?” He laughs.

As he keeps rambling on about shit I couldn’t care less about, I pull out my phone and text Dean.

SOS. Need you up here now.

I put my phone away and pretend like I just heard anything that he just told me. I hear someone running up the stairs and I pray that it’s Dean.

Prayer answered. Dean appears in sight, looking around for me, ready to pull out his gun.

“Dean, baby.” I walk up to him, kissing his cheek. He looks intensely confused, but goes along with it.

“Josh, I’d like you to meet my boyfriend, Dean.” I smile, wrapping my hand in his and standing as close as possible.

“Uh, hi.” Dean says, reaching to shake his hand. He looks down on me, a look of “what the fuck is going on”, but I don’t say anything.

“Say, (Y/N)…  Isn’t he a little… Old for you?” Josh says, with a disgusted look on his face.

“Excuse me?” Dean scoffs, offended. “I’m only 38.”

“You’re a whole ten years younger than him. He rich or something?” Josh laughs, judgement echoing through his voice.

“No, I’m actually with him because he’s amazing in bed. Oh, man, that dick is-“ I start, but Dean cuts me off.

“Okay,” Dean says, letting out a breath that sounds like he’s been holding in for a long time. “(Y/N), let me talk to this guy for a moment.”

You listen to him, and walk to the other side of the hallway. You see Sam at the bottom of the stairs, and he gives you a look of confusion. I tell him to give you a minute. I try and hear what Dean is telling Josh, but I can only make out a few words. Judging by the look on Josh’s face- I don’t guess it’s good.

“We’re done here.” Dean growls, walking over to you. Josh stares at you guys, eyes wide and terrified. As if to prove a point, Dean grabs my ass as we walk away, making sure he sees it.

The car ride back to the bunker is silent. Sam tried to talk a few times, but Dean would him to shut up before he could even get a second word out.

Sam and Dean went straight to their individual rooms once we got there. Sam was annoyed at Dean for him being an asshole the whole way home, but I couldn’t figure out why Dean was still so pissed. I can talk to him about it in the morning.

I changed into my pajamas and laid down in bed, turning on the TV. Right as I got into my show, I hear a knock on my door.

“Come in,” I say. Dean walks in, wearing only pajama shorts and no shirt. I can’t help but admire how attractive his body is.

“Can we talk?”

“Sure.” I turn off the tv, giving him my full attention.

“Am I old?” He frowns, sitting on my bed. I look at him, in shock he would even ask that.

“Not at all. Look if this is about what Josh said, he’s just an asshole, don’t take it to heart.”

“It’s not just that. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. I can’t get away with saying I’m in my twenties anymore to chicks.” He laughs, running his fingers through his hair.

“You don’t need to lie about your age, Dean. You’re fuckable regardless. Look at you, you’re like-“ I stopped myself. I go quiet. I have no idea why I even just said that. Must be the champagne.

I avoid looking at him. I basically just told him I want to have sex with him.

“(Y/N), look at me.” He says softly. I look up at him, and he leans in. I can’t even begin to process what was happening until he was on top of me and we were making out.

“Fuck, (Y/N), you have no idea how long I have been wanting to do that.” Dean says, pausing.

“I never said I wanted you to stop.”.

Well, let’s just say, I was right- he is amazing in bed.

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{Reaction} Sexily dancing on stage in front of GOT7

Hi can you do a got7 reaction to being an idol and your groups do a sexy dance collab for the mamas please.

Note: This reaction was really fun to write, not going to lie. I really do enjoy writing for GOT7 since I’ve been getting into them a lot more recently, so keep the requests coming! Especially for my bias Mark. I love you all, and thank you so much for all the love recently, I’ve just passed 1,500 followers and I’m over the moon! Thank you all so much! Okay, enough with the cutesy stuff and on with the reaction. Enjoy! Fighting~ Mami x

Disclaimer: As always, I don’t own the gifs/ images used!

Jackson Wang

Originally posted by marktuon

Jackson watches you on the stage as you dance, his mouth was agape, his eyes the size of tennis balls as his gaze followed you around the stage. Your hips moved swiftly and seductively, cooperating with your outfit beautifully, it was short, and exposing enough skin to give Jackson a problem in his pants.

Jackson: “Seriously? Aish, why is she like this.” *Puts his hand over his face to conceal his blush away from you, his band members and the cameras that could catch him in this state at any moment.*

Mark Tuan

Originally posted by markjin

Mark was having a hard time trying to pretend that your dance wasn’t affecting him at all. Cameras were everywhere, and his manager had told him very sternly before that any sign of Mark showing attraction to you in front of the public eye would lead to serious consequences, but how could he keep behind the line when your ass was shaking? And your thighs were exploiting his heart rate.

Mark: “I can’t believe that’s my Jagi. My Jagi that walked into a door yesterday, and laughed so hard milk came out of her nose.”


Originally posted by bambamsbabe

Bambam blushed heavily as he watched you moving along the stage. His heart thumped erratically in his chest as his mind wandered to dark places. He clapped a hand over his lips abruptly after squeaking in response as you flashed very dangerously up your top in front of the camera while winking. The other members laughed at him as he hid his head in his hands.

Bambam: “Ah this is so embarrassing~ I’ll get my revenge in our next stage, see how she likes it.” *Peaks through the gaps of his fingers to see you running a hand up your thigh and covered his eyes again.”


Originally posted by igot7-love

From the seating area, JB had a very nice perspective of your body, looking up, underneath your skirt was teasing him, only just concealed from his dark, lusting eyes. He watched you dancing, each body roll and twirl that had your skirt flying. He nibbled at his lip and the inside of his cheeks while his fists clenched.

JB: *whispering* “Just wait until we get home Jagi, just you wait.”


Originally posted by sevendless

Jinyoung watched you practicing in the practice room at the company for the show, his eyes hungrily trailing over your body as you presented the dance for him. Once the song stopped, your eyes landed on him, you smirked, knowing his he felt simply by the way he was eyeing you up. You walked over and put yourself on his knee, pressing a kiss to his shoulder as his gripped your hips.

Jinyoung: “Is this part of the dance routine?”

{y/n}: “No, just my enjoyment purposes, are you complaining?”

Jinyoung: “No, of course not Jagi.”

Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by jypnior

Yugyeom would pretend like he isn’t really bothered by the dance (even though he’s dying to take you home on the inside), he smacks the other members as they tease him, saying how sexy you looked, and even though he wouldn’t admit it; he thought that you looked sexy too.

Yugyeom: “If you say my Jagiya is hot one more time, I’m going to kick you where the sun doesn’t shine.”

Choi Youngjae

Originally posted by lyrikon

At first, Youngjae would be impressed by your dancing skills, but as the song foes on, he would soon realise how erotic the dance routine is, and how sexy the concept is. He’d lean back in his seat, unable to take his eyes off you as your hips rolled and moved majestically.

Youngjae: *In his thoughts - “How the hell did she learn to dance like that? She looks so amazing, is that a boner- oh shit.”*

I wish Emma had come back from the wish!verse still in her princess dress and cloak instead of her normal clothes. And that she just hangs it up in the closet because she’s not sure what else to do with it, she likes her leather jackets and ermine-trimmed cloaks aren’t really all that practical…but one day when Henry is at Regina’s and Killian is out she slips the dress back on and recalls the vague memories of what is was like to be a princess…the gowns, the jewels, the way everyone bowed and curtsied and called her “Your Highness”…and she’s too lost in thought to hear the opening of the door or the call of “Swan? You home?” until Killian is standing there frozen, staring at her with his mouth agape and his eyes dark…and she blushes, embarrassed that he caught her, and she starts to stammer out something, anything, when.

“You look beautiful, Princess.”

And she remembers knights and lords and princes in that other life, but none of them made her feel the way he does, none of them made her heart skip a beat when they clicked their heels together and bowed, lifting her hand to their lips and kissing the back. Not like he does, when he crosses the room and does just that, his beard brushing the delicate skin and making her blush deepen as he looks up at her from under the dark fall of hair on his forehead.

“At your service, milady.”

(and none ever ravished her against a wall like he does, skirts pushed up over her hips and heated kisses muffling her cries…but he is a pirate, after all.)

Night Calls - Drabble

A/N: Based on a list of random sentences, that inspired those drabbles.


Your finger rapped the button on your laptop to send you to the next episode of the new show you decided to binge watch.

The last episode ended in a cliff-hanger and you demanded answers.

How unfortunate you were that it was the season finale of a show that would only come back in six months.

Your mouth fell agape as you gripped the sides of the laptop, aggressively but still careful (these things are expensive after all). “I need more,” you whispered, as if talking to Netflix would help your situation.

Suddenly, your phone vibrated, signaling a new message. Your eyes widened as you saw the number of missed calls and messages from a certain ex-assassin.  The most recent read: “If you don’t want me to bust your window, I suggest you answer the phone. Now.”

“What the actual,” you started as you rose from your bed and made our way to the window, your trained eyes quickly found a silhouette that took camouflage behind a tree. His deep eyes were focused on your figure, his hair hung loose, framing his face. The leather jacket hugged his muscles tightly and he wore a glove over his left hand.

You accepted his call.


“Are you hurt?”

You scrunched your eyebrows. “Why would I-”

His voice was filled with concern. “Are you?”

“No,” you shook your head and quickly added, “Why would you think that? You know what, c’mon in.”

You darted to the front door, swinging it open and revealing Bucky Barnes.

His hands gripped your shoulders and his eyes scanned your body.


His hands fell to his sides, placing the knife you didn’t even notice back to its strap.

“You haven’t answered me all day,” his eyes scanned the room. “I got worried. Care to explain?”

You crossed your arms over your chest.

“It’s a new show I started watching,” you explained. Then your eyes went wide,” Bucky?”

He turned to you, “Yes, doll?” And his own eyes went wide upon seeing your wicked expression, “Uh-oh.”

“Bucky, Bucky, Bucky,” you sang and gripped his arm, pulling him to your bed.

“[Y/n], [], [],” he said slowly, still careful to ask what you were up to.

“This show is really good, you know?” you started and proceeded when he nodded, “I think you’ll like it,” your eyelashes battered, a soft smile on your face, your cutest expression on. You had to use all of your skills.

“Do you want to watch it now?” he chuckled, his hands already undoing the straps of his gear. He had more comfortable clothes at your house anyway.

You grinned and kissed his cheek. Bucky smiled as he saw your happiness.

“That’s exactly why I love you.”