Didn’t vs Don’t

So I have been thinking about this pretty much since the chapter came out.
I don’t want to mention who the translators are because I don’t want to put them on the spot. I know translating is a hard thing to do, and typos can happen, and if we’re in a hurry to get a translation out we end up missing something.

I appreciate all the work that you have done so far and I will continue to appreciate your dedication and hard work in the future. Without you wonderful people who take the time to translate from Chinese to English, us English readers wouldn’t be able to read this great story.

I gotta know one thing though; Which one is the correct translation because it makes  A HUGE DIFFERENCE to me.

Quote 1) “I didn’t want you to like me more and more”

Quote 2) “I sure don’t wish for you to like me more and more”

Is it “didn’t or “don’t” ? Past or present?

BIG DIFFERENCE TO ME. Different meaning.

Thank you !!!! :)

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The only way you could know how much I love you

Is if you could read my mind

You would see my love

But you would also see my hate

My fear

My weakness

You would see how you make me strong

You would see the things that weakened me

You would see my emotions

The things that make me feel

The things that make me wish i couldn’t

You could see how you’ve healed me

And the things that hurt me

You could watch yourself put me together

And watch how I was taken apart

You would see the person I am now

And the person I was before you

You need to believe my words

Because I can’t show you the rest


You’re welcome.

The saga continues.
Now someone told me he tian says ’“i absolutely have no desire for you to like me more and more’”

I like this translation the best. It goes well with his personality and the context of the conversation.

It’s supposed to be a playful conversation. An exaggerated banter from he tian and guan shan.
He Tian x Mo Guan Shan Drabble (Pt 2)

(Do you still call it a drabble when it’s part 2? Idk)

Here’s Part 1

“A-Ah… Guan Shan. I think you should slow down.”

“Why? You callin me a lightweight? I am………a FAR better drinker than you.”

“Bro, I’ve literally had to drag your ass home more times than I can count.”

“Shut the hell up.”

He was drunk off his ass and pissed to high hell. 

It was all that fake, sinister bastard’s fault. The whole reason for him needing a drink was because of what had happened. Or more like, what hadn’t  happened. 

He practically had his ass enslaved by He Tian; forced to run errands whenever he bumped into him at school, forced to abandon his own meals and cook him one, forced to hold these weird talks and listen to his “ideas” for his next form of torment… Last time, he had mentioned something about having to make him homemade lunches for school. Making him dinner that same night wasn’t good enough? Did he want to turn this into a regular thing?! 

Even during his suspension he wasn’t free from that walking nightmare. It seems no matter where he was, He Tian was there to ruin his day. Errands, housework, cooking, He Tian made him his personal Bitch. Even kissed him like one- wait. The red-haired boy blushed.

“Aiya~ Guan Shan, your face is seriously red. You really need to stop now.”

“Fuck off”, he said before abruptly getting up.

“Yo, where you going? Toilet?”

“Just going out for a smoke.”

“You don’t smoke,” his friend reminded him.

“Shut the fuck up”, he slurred back, still walking straight towards the door. 

At least he hoped he was. Judging by the concerned faces of waiters and other patrons, he seemed to have barely made it. 

He took a deep breath in and glared up at the empty night sky and annoyingly bright street lamp.

 He was sick of this! It had been several days since…….the incident.

And He Tian hasn’t so much as glanced at him. Whenever he sees him, it’s not sneakily around a corner as if he anticipated his every move and were waiting for him.

No… Now he seem to have returned back to the way he was; always the center of attention. Surrounded by people.  

Always fake smiling. 

The red-haired boy knew what his smiles really looked like. For one, whenever he did, he looked like the son of Satan. Now that he thinks about it, he can’t blame him for changing it whenever he’s around others.

Guan Shan shook his head in the cool autumn air; he was getting off topic. He Tian and his fake smiles, and his fake reputation, and his fake fucking tongue skills were to blame for this. 

He was gonna give that little fucker a piece of his mind… 

But how?

Whenever he did, He Tian’s fists would just beat him into submission. He needed this done from a distance.

He needed…

“His phone number…” Guan Shan said dazedly, not really looking at anything, making a couple walking by glance at him, before strolling a little faster on their way. 

He Tian had called him once. Asked him to bring him a stupid umbrella. The redhead hadn’t even known who the caller was, yet the jerk stole his number somehow and demanded he bring him an umbrella. He was just that arrogant.

The phone began dialing before he was even aware. An old Chinese folk song began to play in the speaker until the caller finally picked up.  

“Guan Shan?”

His breath hitched. Huh. So he remembered his name. Has he ever called him by his name before? What did he usually call him? ‘Idiot’ or 'Stupid’, wasn’t it? Why that son of a-

“Guan Shan,” the voice on the other line repeated, “What is it? You need something?”

“Nope! But……YOU probably need help removing THAT STICK UP YOUR ASS!" 

Yesss! Perfect execution!

A silence swept over the phone; he didn’t know how, but he could feel the man’s dead stare.

”…Have you been drinking?“

"Pff- Nooo!”

Wait, that sounded like a lie.

“I mean, yeah…”

No, that doesn’t sound right either.

“None of your business!” He boomed triumphantly.

Nice! Go, Guan Shan!

“Where are you?” The voice sounded clipped and demanding; an authoritative force that you either yield to or face punishment later. 

“Faaaaaar away from youuuu!” Luckily, he was drunk, so he didn’t care. 

“Yo! Is this the KTV bar on Xujiahui Road?" 

"Huh?” Guan Shan looked over to his right and saw a couple of guys as equally intoxicated as he was. “Naw, this is just the Red Mansion Bar. The KTV is across the street-”


“I’m on my way,” a voice said out of nowhere. 


The voice disappeared from his phone, and the connection had ceased. He looked at the screen. Caller ID “Demon” had just hung up. 



Yung gusto niyo lang naman kumain ng matiwasay ng kasama mo pero di maiwasang marinig yung couple na nag aaway sa likod niyo, kinenam “bawiin mo yan!!” tapos ano nagdadabog na si ate girl habang etong si kuya eh parang wala lang sakanya at palaban pa “wala akong babawiin” hahahahahaha punyeta di naman intensyon mang eavesdrop pero rinig na rinig kasi feeling ko anytime masasapak na si kuya eh. Tapos makita mo maya maya naglalambingan na, so away muna bago lambing ewan ko na sarap sapakin joke. Linilingon ko na nga para naman aware sila diba. Mga halos isang oras din ata silang ganon (nabilang pala) paulit ulit. Sana nag away nalang kayo sa labas hindi dun sa kainan, pasabugan ko kayo ng pagkain eh.