Received from: Ermac
[19:01] Outworld contracts?
Sent to: Ermac
[19:05] No.
[19:14] Who does this Kotal Kahn want assassinated anyway?
Received from: Ermac
[19:18] That’s information you’re not privy to unless you accept our contract.
Sent to:
[19:19] And why can’t you do it? You can come and go places as you please.
Received from: Ermac
[19:25] The emperor wishes us to be present beside him at nearly all times. We suspect that he does not yet fully trust us and still suspects us to be a spy for Mileena.
Sent to: Ermac
[19:29] That’s rough. Why don’t you just leave and come to Earthrealm? You’d be very welcome here. We’ve got something of a resettlement program going on anyway. You’d be no trouble at all after Scorpion.
[19:31] Also someone could finally put Kenshi in his place for all the times he secretly reads our minds.

The Met Gala is a big event in the fashion calendar, as it’s hosted by Anna Wintour (the editor -in -chief of Vogue), so I was really grateful to be invited. The theme of the 2016 Met Gala was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, which gave me the opportunity to design an outfit with Versace that reflects one of my biggest interests, digital animation. As an avid fan of video -game super heroes, I thought I would base it loosely on Mortal Kombat. We arrived in New York the night before the gala, where I was presented with the outfit and fell in love with it immediately. It was a bit of a risk as it was so out there compared to what I’d worn before, but I decided I didn’t care and the fact that it raised a few eyebrows was all part of the fun for me.
—  Zayn (excerpt from Zayn’s book via Refinery29 discover snapchat story. Pre-order it here)