New additions to my Etsy shop: Naomi Watts (in King Kong), Disco Pigs, Reservoir Dogs, a weird Lily Allen and an orange Morrissey! Just in case if you want to buy some original art for Christmas and New Year. It’s really affordable, honest!

Never has the waxing and waning of a celebrity’s career been so closely tied to a hair style than with Lionel Richie. It’s almost as if he flew too close to the sun during the height of his popularity, melting the Jheri curl treatment into his own eyes before falling into obscurity. But abroad, Lionel Richie never went out of style. Even today the Arab world can’t get enough of him.

According to GQ magazine in an article entitled “Lionel of Arabia,” the only unifying element between Israeli and Lebanese governments, between Shiite and Sunni Muslims is that they all love the shit out of Lionel Richie. Just as Morrissey found fanatics among the Latino population of the Southwest, Lionel Richie has a massive following in the Middle East. Brides walk down the aisle to “Truly,” citizens of Bagdad cranked “All Night Long” while their city was being shelled in 2003, people who don’t know a single word of English can sing his entire catalogue perfectly. He is adored and worshiped everywhere he goes and no one, not even Lionel Richie himself, can say exactly why.

While this one remains a complete mystery, it’s oddly comforting to know that on the other side of the Earth right now there is a man setting up for Salah in the Syrian Desert with “Say You, Say Me” stuck in his head.

The 4 Most Unexpected Fan Bases in Pop Culture

So I’m looking up the white martian storyline because I was sure that the writer wasnt Jewish and I was more than right. According to wikipedia, white martians were created by Grant Morrison, a Scottish comic book writer.

Incidentally, he also created a comic series called “The New Adventures of Hitler.”

From Wikipedia:

The New Adventures of Hitler was a satirical and surreal (one scene has Hitler opening a cupboard to find Morrissey singing “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now”) strip based on the claims of Hitler’s sister-in-law Bridget Dowling that Hitler had lived with her, her husband Alois Hitler, Jr., and her son William Patrick Hitler in Liverpool from 1912 to 1913. It first appeared in Cut, a Scottish arts and culture magazine and became instantly controversial, and some accused Morrison of being a Nazi[1] due to his use of Hitler in what was essentially a humorous story.

So anyway I still hate the white martian storyline, it’s triggering and insensitive and created by someone who clearly has no sensitivity around the holocaust.

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Who would you rather take on a double date to the local Wendys - Morrissey or Marr?

i reeeaaally don’t think morrissey would like wendys

It's The Holiday Season!

And in an effort to feel a little better about life, I have decided to not listen to The Smiths/Morrissey/Various assorted sad sack bands for the rest of the month! If you know me, you know that that’s A BIG undertaking, since that encompasses truly about 90% of the music I listen to!
Here’s where you come in! I need to know what your favorite upbeat, fun, holiday music is! Let me know what gets you in the Holiday spirit! Any seasonally appropriate music will do, just looking to fill my time with positive holiday vibes!

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"shitty pop songs that try too hard to sound like Morrissey and Justin Bieber’s unholy love child" HOLY SHIT LOL im cackling rn that's such a spot on description of andy's solo work omg

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16, 18, 22, & 25

16. The last song you listened to?

She’s a Rainbow by the Rolling Stones

18. Who would you really like to just punch in the face?

Morrissey, my ex and myself just to relieve some stress

22. Do you have a secret talent? If yes, what is it?

I am NOT bad at drawing, and I used to be able to play guitar left handed like God aka Jimi Hendrix

25. You just found $100! How are you going to spend it?

Groceries, a lotta beanies, a CD, lipstick n weed

Thank you Vai~~~~~~


3. The person you would never want to meet?

4. What is your favorite word?

5. If you were a type of tree, what would you be?

Weeping willow bc they are so pretty
6. When you looked in the mirror this morning what was the first thing you thought?

Look! A fucking Italian moon face!!!
7. What shirt are you wearing?

Short sleeved black n whited striped like the asshole I am
8. What do you label yourself as?

Survivor of lupus/avocado addict/very not straight person I guess
9. Bright room or dark room?


Thank u Eliza u are truly one of the greatest on here <33