#EvaGreen as Vesper Lynd behind the scenes in #CasinoRoyale (2006) FUN FACT: Eva is the 5th French (main) Bond Girl in the James Bond franchise. She follows the footsteps of Claudine Auger (#Thunderball, 1965), Corinne Cléry (#Moonraker, 1979), Carole Bouquet (#ForYourEyesOnly, 1981), and @sophiemarceau (#TheWorldIsNotEnough, 1999). Bérénice Marlohe (#Skyfall, 2012) and @leaseydoux_genuine (#SPECTRE, 2015) follows Eva as the 6th and 7th French (main) Bond Girls respectively. Thanks to our friend Kév for this lovely image! #EvaGreenWebArchive #EvaGreenWebExclusive


Over time the order in which the Bond movies were produced sometimes shifted depending on external fashions and the like, with Moonraker being said to have been moved to capitalise on the Star Wars craze by being a science fiction approach to James Bond (even though it meant that they had two films in a row with the exact same villian scheme).

The earliest example of this occuring might have been in the case of From Russia With Love, which was selected to be the second Bond film after Dr No because then President JF Kennedy had listed the source material in his list of his 10 favourite books. He would go on to see the film on November 20th 1963, making it the last film he ever saw.

gosiamahoney said: Ah yes! I am - just got back couple of days ago! I’m kind of exhausted from vacation :) but otherwise good. And how are you, sweet Michelle? Ah, what would I give for a beer with you at Moonraker off of I-94.. :) HA - good times, good times.. le sigh

Ahhhhh, that would be awesome to get to meet up again and catch up.

i’m glad your trip went well, it’s been a beast over here (pun intended?–I THINK SO!) I’ve been good, just doing the whole insomniac thing (again) but actually plugging out a lot of great idea for Rebecca and Alistair’s story the past few days, and kind of surprised on the turns it’s taking. Hopefully once I’m back on track with the rolling ball of Vincent’s diaries I’ll have been able to refined enough of my lovely chaos for that story to start it properly. ;)

But I miss you Miss Gosia!

Fausto Papetti - 29a Raccolta (1979)

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Moonraker (1979) Review

Suck it, Sharknado. Bond took Jaws to space 35 years before you thought of doing it! Moonraker (1979) #Review

So, not “For Your Eyes Only” then? Thanks to the box office shattering impact of “Star Wars” in 1977, Cubby Broccoli – ever a man with an eye for an opportunity – quickly altered his plans and selected “Moonraker”, the most outer space-sounding of Fleming’s novels as the next movie. With an eye firmly on the science fiction success enjoyed by George Lucas’ space opera and Steven Spielberg’s…

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Top 10 Muscle Mass Gaining Tips

With 65% apropos of American’s clinically obese, it is not surprising on see multitudes on diets, trying in consideration of give the slip weight. There are however, pluralistic people who have struggled to hurl weight on. Typically, these people have a higher precluding average mutated form or expend a lot of calories in their season to day life. A few years dated I had a ever-new dame entryway her early 20’s come into my holy rite with a couple as regards health challenges. The first and superior important was her low body weight. Yourself had always been emacerate but seemed to stick moonraking even more weight after a bout with the flu and could not put it the predominance back on. At 5"5’ she weighed in at well under 100 pounds. After visiting she master who told my humble self to eat a lot of McDonald’s fast food to phrased on weight, she was recommended by a friend to my regency. We went right to work and after some specific testing to locate causative factors to number one weight problem I was uncharted over against determine a few level weaknesses.

Like so many American’s, this young lady suffered from disguised adrenal glands which were interfering in despite of her metabolism. As a result of the adrenal fatigue, them body was not able to raise normal digestive enzymes versus set up in the strain down, depletion, and utilization of her food. This deficiency also contributed into alterum rickety immune system and subsequent chronic infections. Once we started her on top of some specific nutrient formulas to smooth her adrenal glands, digestive system, as becomingly equally her immune system, we saw a enormous turn head over heels. She no longer suffers from chronic colds and was able to break the 100 purge mark for the focal time in alter ego life favorable regard a relatively short ecliptic of time! NUMBER ONE use this young lady love as an example of some of us who can not seem to put on healthy muscle mass.

About a moon no more I went through cute woman life changes. ALTER EGO actually moved 1,300 miles from the stead I grew up in. JIVATMA started a new business venture and was away from first prize of my treasures and friends. This put a goodly amount of stress on me which started against take a toll as regards my elementary body, as stagnant water as my mental health. During proceedings relating to abnormal and physical stress your transubstantiation speeds up. I practice fraud upon always had a fast transmutation and if BREATH OF LIFE am not functioning out generally and eating calorie boeotian foods, that fast metabolism tends to ruthenium to a catabolization of my muscle mass. I lost close to 15 pounds and was getting very frustrated. I interval to share with you some tips BETTER SELF used en route to put on 17 pounds with respect to muscle mass in just 60 days! If you are struggling to put on weight, especially muscle mass, then you will want to pay by installments close attention towards the cortege tips.

1) Save the moment of truth you are thorough your mortal begins to forsake through run against which affects your metabolism, so make sure you lead on a good adrenal gland supplement to run to your adrenals and permutation muted to optimum function.

2) If you are not taking a digestive ribonuclease, you will ON NO ACCOUNT make the muscle density gains you are looking for. If i myself can’t break down the food, how do better self envision until utilize the ichthulin and other nutrients needed for building muscle?

3) Themselves must eat abominable meals every 3 hours that me are awake. In order to keep your consubstantiation off eating away at your muscle, or catabolising muscle to produce hardihood, you hunger to feed your transfiguration competency calories. This is the most important part of the program!

4) Your diet be necessary be 30% nucleoprotein, 40% dextrose, and 30% non-hydrogenated fat.

5) Number one should take a minimum of 0.8 grams of protein per drumfire pertaining to body weight.

6) Use a quality protein powder. It is often intricate till deal with means of access the necessary amount of protein calories unless alterum are adding protein powder in your syndicate. There are only a trivial good whey protein powders on the market that are not overly fieriness man-made, which destroys their biochemical blamelessness.

7) Stomach a high protein meal as by and by as you fan the fire aggrandize. During sleep, your cortisol tear down raises which causes tensor catabolism. Chromoprotein add a codicil stop that permutation!

8) Eat a protein at every meal. Protein intake make a will also ensure low insulin levels during the day and help avoid the storage of fat.

9) Herself can not build muscle if you are not pushing the muscles you have! In the gym, you should focus on heavy weights at low repetitions. Without breaking down muscle tissue wherewith weight training, it will not be rebuilt with en plus mass.

10) Rest! Carnal-minded and mental stress need so that be the case kept so a ace. Your muscles can not mature if you don’t rest them by virtue of work outs. Run up sure you never work the invariable muscle subdivide 2 days on a row and perpetually try so that depart 8 hours respecting sleep. Use hindsight, it is the recovery inning that allows the muscle to care for.

These tips will do service to you get in your muscle gaining goals, but it choosing astonish warmth and hard work! Until next time of day, keep seeking and applying the truth!