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I got tagged by phanandcheese to do this so here goes! (btw check out her blog, it’s pretty sweet)

What was your:
Last drink? - Vanilla honey chamomile tea 
Last phone call? - My dad, about a week ago?
Last text message? - Me telling my friend about the boat I’m gonna buy called the S.S. $wag Muffin
Last song you listened to? - Nicotine by Panic! At the Disco
Last time you cried? - Sometime in fall of last year
Have you ever:
Dated someone twice?- Nope
Been cheated on?- Negative 
Kissed someone and regretted it?- I’m not one to regret much of anything, so nope!
Lost someone special?- You have no idea
Been depressed?- It’s been around half a year since it started? Idk I have a horrible sense of time
Been drunk and thrown up?- Underage man. 
List 3 favorite colors: Black, yellow, red
In the last year have you:
Made a new friend?- Yeah
Fallen out of love?- HARD
Laughed until you cried? That’s seriously all I do
Met someone who changed you?- I don’t think so…
Found out who your true friends are?- I don’t think I ever will
Found out someone was talking about you?- Yep
Kissed anyone on your FB friend list?- Nope
How many people do you know on your FB friend list?- Everyone
Do you have any pets?- A giant dope of a dog, and a chubby cat
Have you ever talked to someone named Tom?- Wth? No.
What’s getting on your nerves rn?- My lack of drive
Most visited website?-YouTube
Blood type?- Who the frick even knows their blood type???
Nicknames?- Mommy because I keep snacks for my friends, spot them money, and keep a first aid kit in my locker
Relationship status?- Single lady!
Zodiac sign?- Aquarius 
Pronouns? She/Her
Favorite tv show?- Parks and Rec and Toradora!
How was elementary/primary school?- Awful
How was high school?- AWFULLLLLLLLLL
How was college?- Not exactly there yet…
Hair color?- Dirty Blonde
Long or short?- EXTREMELY short
Height?- 5'4
Do you have a crush on someone?- Not currently
What do you like about yourself?- Not much, I can bake pretty well though
Tattoos?- No
Righty or lefty?- Ambidextrous  
First surgery? None
First piercing?- Ears
First best friend?- This kid I’ve known since birth, he’s a butt-muncher but I still love him
First sport you joined?- Started figure-skating when I was 2
Eating?- Sugar cookie dough 
Drinking?- Lemonade

What are you about to do?- Put my cookies in the oven

What are you listening to?- AMBULANCE by MCR

What are you waiting for currently?- To be old enough to leave my awful town
Want kids?- Nope. Kids aren’t really my thing
Want to get married?- Not interested in that either…
Career?- Baker or author, but I know that’ll never happen
Which is better:
Lips or eyes?- Eyes
Hugs or kisses?- Why not both? ;) 
Shorter or taller?- Taller
Older or younger?- Older
Romantic or spontaneous?- Spontaneous
Nice stomach or nice arms?- Arms
Sensitive or loud?- Sensitive
Hookup or relationship?- Relationship
Trouble maker or hesitant?- Hesitant
Have you ever:
Kissed a stranger?- No
Drank hard liquor?- No
Lost glasses or contacts?- Contacts
Had sex on the first date?- Nope
Broke someone’s heart?- Mostly definitely 
Been arrested?- Nope
Turned someone down?- Unfortunately 
Cried when someone died?- More like sobbed
Fallen for a friend?- Yep
Do you believe in:
Yourself?- Lol no
Miracles?- I believe great things can happen…
Love at first sight?- Nope
Heaven?- I’d like to think there’s something after life, but not much opinion on the topic
Kiss on first date?- Why not?
Angels?- No

Okay time to tag the next victims…







Absolutely Anything…

…is the name of my pal Terry Jones’ new movie, which stars Simon Pegg, Kate Beckinsale, and the voices of Robin Williams and most of the Pythons.


Can you guess what I stayed up too late to watch? @jacmelville #childhood #blastfromthepast #montypython #holygrail (at The Prancing Pony)