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so…my name’s Emmeline

sexual orientation: my sexual orientation is louis theroux
fave colour: maroon/burgundy all the way bitch
lucky number: 8
last thing I googled: ‘jarvis cocker’s sunday service’ and ‘royal baby’
first word that comes to mind: theroux (it’s a cool word what can i say)
a place that makes me happy: a gardens down near my street
favourite characters:
- toby colman from the l-shaped room
- dirk mcquickly from the rutles
- dave from poor cow
- trigger and rodney from only fools and horses
- pete from up the junction
- reg ward from cathy come home (ahhh ray brooks my babe)
- jos, meredith and georgy from georgy girl
- george spiggot from bedazzled
- mr orange/freddy newandyke from reservoir dogs
- pumpkin from pulp fiction
- colin and mark from meantime
- natalie and nicola from life is sweet
- basically every character tim roth has ever played
- jerry maguire from jerry maguire
- charles from the rachel papers, rachel from the rachel papers
- daisy and tim from spaced
- danny and nicholas from hot fuzz
- gary and andy from the world’s end
- shaun and ed from shaun of the dead
- graeme and clive from paul
- rachel and susan from it’s different for girls
fav food: chicken and bacon pasta
fav drink: mcdonald’s caramel frappe
fav book: it’s different for girls by jo brand
last film i saw at the cinema: the theory of everything
dream wedding: dont wanna get married but if i did i’d like a massive disco
dream job: what i normally do, waitress. or boxer.

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The audience last night at the @beacontheatre was loving every second of #MontyPython and the hilarious discussion after the movie is the choice topic of conversation in the office this morning too! #tribecatogether #TFF2015 @stevesweatpants @streetdreamsmag

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well hello friends my name is bea, which is short for beatrice, but pronounced bae-uh. weird, right?

sexual orientation: straight

fave color: blue! i like all kinds… can’t decide on a specific shade… pastels are always fun.

lucky number: 13 af

last thing i googled: “lamb leg murder story” because i couldn’t remember the name of that story we read in seventh grade… it’s lamb to the slaughter, btw (please tell me im not the only one who remembers that)

first word that comes to mind: cinnamon. (no idea why. SIGMUND FREUD WHAT DOES THIS MEAN)

a place that makes me happy: wherever i’m with someone that makes me happy. (way to go bea ur so cliche)

favorite character: um THERE’S SO MANY so i’m just gonna say éponine for right now bc i don’t feel like typing out stuff

fave drink: dr. pepper. i’m trash. or tea


dream wedding: pretty fairy lights, being surrounded by people i love, and singing showtune duets with my lover

dream job: somewhere in the arts! i’m not quite sure what i want to be yet but singing and songwriting is really neato. so is directing, filming, writing or producing a film or play/musical!! also considering going into a field where the arts cross over with computers, like digital effects, programming/video design or animation.

this thing was trash but i tag anne-approves pedrozarus-rex doglegsofficial elderprince to do this if you’d like to!!

i was tagged by montypythons-flyingtardis !!!
To the people I tagged - you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to !!

My name is Caleigh but a lot of peeps call me Cale !!
sexual orientation: gay af !!
fave colour: blue and pink any shade and any variation
lucky number: 12 I guess !!
last thing I googled: Adam Pearson
first word that comes to mind: toast
a place that makes me happy: my bed and the outdoors !!!
favourite characters: Elder McKinley is my all time fave 8)
fav drink: iced tea (the canadian kind)
fav book: the lorax !!
last film i saw at the cinema: 50 Shades of Grey
dream wedding: maybe something outside, something that’s cute that’s for sure 8)
dream job: something that impacts people’s lives in a good way !! A performer would be cool but I’m a bundle of nerves so I never see it becoming a reality

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