Before & After: Guardians of the Galaxy

“I had lost the weight for Moneyball and for Zero Dark Thirty all on my own, without the help of any professional people guiding me through it. And both times, as soon as I got done, I crashed hard and gained a bunch of weight back. But this time I didn’t, because I did it right. I worked with a nutritionist who was like, ‘Listen, you’re eating 2,000, 1500 calories a day. You need to be eating 4,000 calories a day, you need to be eating 5,000 calories a day. You’ll burn them all off, but you need to keep your metabolism going.’ So now I can actually have a beer if I want to, or I can eat something bad if I want to, and I’m not going to immediately gain fat because I’m not starving myself. I’m just burning the fires really hot.”

For me, acting is torturous, and it’s torturous because you know it’s a beautiful thing. I was young once, and I said, That’s beautiful and I want that. Wanting it is easy, but trying to be great — well, that’s absolutely torturous.
—  Phillip Seymour Hoffman (New York Times Magazine 2008 Profile)

film meme;
     favourite writers [2/4]: Aaron Sorkin.

“This isn’t a ventriloquist act. I am not trying to tell you what I think by using these actors and these characters as a delivery system for what I think. I’m really only thinking about a good story well told. But in terms of their personalities, there will be a piece of me in all the characters. I am the first one who plays them.”