“What did you do for seven years?”
“We entertained your daughters.”
“What happens now?”
“Some of them will remember, some of them will forget, and some of them, years from now, will tell their daughters about the stories we told.”
“And that…”
“That’s immortality, my darling.”

                               -Joseph Dougherty, writer/executive producer

for an art project we’re making mona lisa shitposts

like mona lisa’s face plastered onto a high school student

my rough thumbnails consist of:

and the one i’m planning as using as my final:

I love that Janel got matching tattoos along with the girls. Mona is a big part of pll and I’m so so happy that they acknowledged and included Janel with them. Now if only Mona got that kind of love and appreciation from the liars in the show then that would be great.


Mona didn’t say anything, all she did was stare at Jackson with a blood thirty look in her eye. Her breathing was off balance and heavy, trying her absolute best to control the ever growing hunger inside of her. Though she had been a vampire for decades, she couldn’t help but still feel weak in the knees whenever she was around the living. Even if he was a dog, his natural scent sometimes overpowering her thirst, she still watched him as if she were ready to pounce. “Ever wonder what mermaids taste like?” She inquired, trying to take her mind off the fact that blood was still coursing through his veins.


Sasha Pieterse’s goodbye to the cast and crew of Pretty Little Liars

Is Caleb A?

I’ve had a request to write a theory about Caleb. There have been times throughout the series where I have questioned his motives, but he has always been one of my favorites, and his love for Hanna has always seemed genuine. 

While I don’t personally believe that Caleb will be revealed as A, there are a good amount of clues that cast suspicion on his character. Let’s explore :)

Hacking/Computer Skills

  • We know that A is a master hacker and computer expert. Who else’s computer skills measure up to A? Caleb’s of course. This has always caused me to question Caleb’s true motives.  
  • Someone hacked into the Radley system to allow Mona visitation. Everyone was quick to think this was Wren, because he worked there, but Caleb would have been more than capable of doing this.
  • Caleb convinces Hanna to go to the police with the A messages, but when they arrive, her phone is hacked and they are all erased. This could have been a clever way to take any possible suspicion off him.
  • Caleb was able to outsmart A once, by putting a virus in A’s system…

Mysterious Background

  • Caleb spent his childhood in Foster Care. He was given up by his biological mother, Claudia Dawson when he was five years old. But we have never seen her, except for a picture Caleb showed Hanna once.
  • It is possible he was given up at that age and put in RADLEY? Here he could have met CeCe, Bethany Young etc. Caleb had sex with Spencer so he can’t be a Drake if Spencer is as well. But its definitely possible he ended up in Radley as a child and met A while he was there…
  • We meet Jamie, who turns out to be Caleb’s father. In his barn, there is a bird cage-which has been linked to A multiple times. It’s possible it was just a prop-reuse but who knows…

Construction Skills

  • Pastor Ted hired Caleb’s father Jamie to help with construction on the bell tower. Caleb could have learned this skill from his dad and built the Dollhouse.
  • Remember that VERY sketchy conversation between Emily & Caleb when they are trying to catch A.D and she asks him, “How do you know how to build an electric fence?“ The Dollhouse was surrounded by one…Why put this line in the show if it wasn’t significant??? And lets remember that Caleb’s “genius” plan didn’t work, and Hanna was taken by A.D under his watch..


  • Caleb put the cow brain in Mona’s locker
  • Mike & Aria received a cow tongue from A…Coincidence? 
  • COWS are in the picture that Wren was coloring…so is a BARN 

Mona Connection

  • On the Halloween Train, Caleb was wearing a PHANTOM OF THE OPERA costume. We then see Mona, in her bed at Radley and the Alison mask laying under her bed implying she was the one wearing the same costume as Caleb. 
  • And what was the theme of the Dollhouse prom? “A Night at the Opera” 
  • Mona and Caleb seem to have A LOT in common….Specifically their hacking skills. And remember how in 7A they are fixing each others coffees like they were the best friends in the world…?
  • And who is the only one who got a gas mask to be saved in the Dollhouse???? MONA. And what did the note say?…
  • It’s possible the two of them are in cahoots 


  • A lot of people will argue that Caleb cannot be A because he left PLL to be on Ravenswood. While this is true, the show did tank- and he came back to Rosewood right away.
  • And let’s remember all the sketchy things that happened while the liars were in Ravenswood…
  • Which girl is missing from this scene? HANNA. When Grunwald says “One of you” she may be referring to all 4 Liars as a whole.
  • We know that the Twin Story is linked to A somehow, and Hanna is the one who see’s them in Ravenswood. Is it possible the twin story is about Caleb’s mother?
  • In 7A, Mrs. Grunwald shows up looking for Hanna. She tells Hanna that “darkness” is surrounding her and CALEB. Hmmmm

Hope you enjoyed!