So Fox was re-studying Maestro and Maestro’s human form. When it came to Fox’s attention of someone who is the really sad at the moment. While it’s fine to feel sad, and it’s healthy to communicate your distress…. don’t let others concern and feelings for you seem like it’s being disregarded. We understand that you need space, and that you’re going through turmoil. True, we might not be with you physically, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t real. We’re still real people, we’re real people who’s in contact with you, but we can’t do much but support you, guide you and remind you that we’re here.

Even in your part of the world, the ultimate decision will still be coming from you, to choose to stand up and find things that will make you feel better. It’s hard, and very difficult…. but you have to stay strong. These challenges ahead of you will hinder you from moving forward… but try… even when hope seems out of reach. All we can do for you is be here. Chances are, when you feel bad, we also feel bad for a whole different reason. It’s because we can’t be there for you physically and comfort you. That hurts a lot. Especially since we see how sad you’re feeling and how it’s affecting you.

We care about you. We might not always be here to answer your every heed and call, but that’s because we also have our own lives to take care of…. we all do. Fox understands how you feel. Though you also have to consider us too. Please don’t throw away the feelings of these people who care about you. It seems like you’re slowly realizing this… and it’s good. Don’t lose your hope now. We will help you stand back up as much as we can, but it will be your choice to accept these feelings of support and kind words to help you face whatever’s ahead.

You can do this. You can face these awful awful days… and make them bright again. Don’t let it take away your light.

Fox believes in you.

And never forget that there are genuine people who actually cares and loves you.