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In regards to S6, and believe me, I'm not arguing with you lol, you are totally right with all your issues. I think though, that the fact that they didn't bring up the trauma isn't surprising because they don't usually handle it too much in other seasons either. They didn't mention Xander's trauma of being roofied and nearly raped/killed by a teacher, they handled Buffy's trauma being killed by The Master, and they didn't mention Angel being in hell. They need to move on with plot, and I think..

if they focused on the previous issues too much then we would have never moved on with the show. I also believe the fans had an issue with the darkness of S6, and wanted something lighter, basically forgetting that S6 happened. If we had things like Buffy being afraid to take a shower then the fans wouldn’t be as happy. For what is was worth, I was glad they at least mentioned Buffy’s trauma, and appreciated the way she dealt with Spike, calmly and coldly, and let him rot in the basement. Maybe? 

I can see that, and agree to a point. However, I just feel that not dealing with the trauma/issues was just done especially bad in S6, especially considering what the trauma consisted of, you know? They had a rape victim get back with her rapist - that really needed some more exploring than just acting like she was getting back with her ex. And they had an attempted rape victim go on to moon over and rescue her attempted rapist, and pretty much treat him as the most precious thing in her life. I don’t remember her really treating him very coldly, outside the scope of maybe the first two episodes. I don’t know, I’ve avoided rewatching s7 in its entirety for years. I may be remembering wrong.

I definitely think the fans wanted to move on after the darkness of S6, but the thing is…it happened, you know? And this is where fan service is a really bad thing. You can’t pretend something didn’t happen just because the fans didn’t like it.

None of this is meant in a snippy way, by the way. I’m sorry if some of it reads as such. :)

buffy-malcolm-gilmore-modfam replied to your post “I just……I dunno I don’t buy the whole “Having you around creeps me…”

Maybe Buffy’s attitude is just because it’s a “be careful what you wish for situation”? Like Buffy never wanted to be the Slayer, but now she sees the value in what she does. She has no idea of what a normal career would look like for her, so who would she be, if it wasn’t the Slayer? That’s why she is suddenly so clingy. She feels like she’s being replaced because someone is seemingly better than her, and doesn’t want to lose the single thing that defines who she is.

OOOOH yes I forgot that this all ties to the last episode with the aptitude test fail and YES WE WILL TALK ABOU THIS TOMORROW (or later tbh) YES

justanothercinemaniac replied to your post “palizinhas replied to your post:palizinhas replied to your post “How…”

(also I’m laughing my ass of at this post while simultaneously smiling so big it hurts. :D)

glad you’re having fun over my misery

justanothercinemaniac replied to your post “palizinhas replied to your post:palizinhas replied to your post “How…”

:D YES!!!!! A fellow evil doer who I can conspire with to bring back Dead Buffy’s Hair!!! :D

gretchen, stop trying to make “dead buffy’s hair” happen! it’s not going to happen!

gite63 replied to your post “Honestly I think a big part of why they wrote that scene is so they…”

I also say best reply ever. And add that any of the characters were OOC in Empty Places - excpet maybe for Dawn.

there were a lot OOC stuff in season 7, in general.

buffy-malcolm-gilmore-modfam replied to your post “Honestly I think a big part of why they wrote that scene is so they…”

Best reply ever. I hate that people tend to trash Spike when he is actually doing good. Like Spike, all characters had their bad seasons: Willow and Spike in S6, Giles in S7, Xander in late S2/early S3. But hating Spike in S7 just because he supports Buffy when no one else does is just stupid. All characters have their ups and downs, yet saying the writers assassinated everyone just to make Spike look good is silly because all the characters appeared bad at one point.

people tend to be biased when they hate a particular character - they will overlook their good deeds or ascribe them an evil motive even when they’re doing good. 

buffy-malcolm-gilmore-modfam replied to your post “videogamesartandsuch replied to your photoset “btvs rewatch ✞ worst…”

I actually love Dawn but I voted for “Real Me” too because it was just a cheesy episode in general with Harmony and the minions. Especially considering how serious this season gets, this episode seems… sort of out of place I guess?

I actually enjoyed it for what it was: it introduced us to Dawn and we got to see things from her perspective. It’s cheesy but entertaining, which is more than I can say about the rest of the episodes on that list. 

weasleythepumpkin replied to your photoset “btvs rewatch ✞ worst episodes in season 5 as voted by my followers”

I actually loved listening to fear. That moment when Buffy breaks down washing the dishes is heartbreaking and Sarah’s acting is incredible I really empathize with her there.

Even though I absolutely love that moment because it feels so real, the episode as a whole falls flat in my opinion.

connorlachmanec replied to your post “Have you read any of the season 9 comics? And if you did how do you…”

I haven’t read s9. Does she get back together with Satsu?

No, she doesn’t, and their whole relationship is swept under the rug.

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I actually just finished Felicia Day’s You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) TODAY so if anyone has any recommendations feel free to share them.

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Oh whoops. Sorry for the typo I’m really tired. Yep, I agree with all your choices. Empty Places makes me so angry. At least Seeing Red had some good moments and had a whole season and three episodes to repair the damage it did. With Empty Places, they didn’t even try to repair it with the little time they had. And the reasoning was terrible too. Like, the choice was to be kicked out or not be leader anymore? Was there NO OTHER WAY AROUND IT? Grr.

No worries, it happens! :)

I absolutely agree - they never even came close to attempting to repair the damage. Their plan with Faith as the leader went sour, Buffy came back…and no one even tried to apologize? Why was there no on screen conversation about it? I’m not upset Buffy came back, I’m upset that there were no consequences for the other characters. I get that they were in pretty dire straits at that point, world ending and all, but STILL. I feel like there should have at least been a real conversation about them throwing her out of the house.

And in the end, Buffy ended up being right ANYWAY. So the whole entire thing was moot. I just don’t understand why it had to go down that way. And Buffy, who had always been the protector, the one who wanted to save everyone, wouldn’t have WANTED to go back in there after losing so many girls and Xander getting gravely injured. The Buffy we knew prior to that would have gone back in by herself after that fiasco, anyway. The whole thing was just pretty ridiculous.

buffy-malcolm-gilmore-modfam replied to your photoset “no wait I didn’t sign up for accidental pain tonight what the fuck”

I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves Kendra. She’s just so fun and sassy. I was upset how quickly she was killed off. Her and Buffy’s friendship was such a missed opportunity. Plus, I know her character was written in kind of a racist way, but I really loved that they actually had a character that wasn’t whitewashed for once.

I was saying before that kendra’s kill-first-interrogate-later approach would have been DAMN hilarious paired with buffy’s near-constant moral dilemmas and over-thinking like can you imagine the amazing buddy cop movie of a season it could have been? Or her busting into season 6 down the line and trying to kill spike on sight without any kind of communication with buffy CAN YOU IMAGINE. But more importantly, clap with me: SLAYERS OF COLOR SLAYERS OF COLOR SLAYERS OF COLOR SLAYERS OF COLOR WHO LIVE I NEEDED MORE

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Out of curiousity, why was your previous favourite BtVS season S6? And what made you change your mind? And what episode of OUAT made you first fall in love with Regina? :)

Whew! Okay, now that I’m done watching the steaming pile of festering crap Presidential Debate, I can move onto more pleasurable pursuits, like fandom questions!

You know, you ask that…And I’m honestly not sure how much of an answer I can give you to the first part. I guess I just…related to six more than any other season? The overall bleakness of it. I think we can all agree that s6 was not a happy season for any of the characters, and when I saw it as a young teen, I was not in a good place at all. I really loved the Willow and Buffy/Spuffy arcs in particular. 

Now, in some ways, I’m in a more bleak state than I was as a teenager. I’m disabled, I don’t have my GED (yet, I’ve passed three out of four tests and gotten high honors on two) so I can’t go to college/uni, I only make just shy of 800 dollars a month and as a result, I have to live with my “adoptive” parents, and on and on it goes. So you would think I’d just love the season more, but I don’t. I can appreciate it for what it was, and the attempt it made, and I can see the bits of genius buried within it, but I don’t think it ever reaches near the possibility of the genius within. There are a lot of holes in the season for me (Tara, Tillow, the AR of Buffy, the Trio) and I won’t go into a lot of specifics (I did in the original draft of this message) because I don’t want to offend as I know you love the later seasons a lot. I feel a lot of the season was too in your face and on the nose with the messages it gave, whereas previous seasons were more subtle. I like the subtlety. I enjoy the sort of ‘choose your own adventure’ of messages that aren’t quite so on the nose. I guess that’s sort of where me and my younger self have dramatically shifted.

As for Regina, I didn’t actually start loving her until 1.18 (The Stable Boy.) We started seeing what made Regina who she was. I didn’t hate her before that, but I didn’t love her the way I do now. That episode was the real shift and started to cement her as my favorite fictional character.

buffy-malcolm-gilmore-modfam replied to your post “ok, I’m gonna throw this out there, and maybe we can discuss it more…”

I think she’s in character. She’s just not used to having the spotlight taken off her. When Faith comes she acts kind of petty too. She feels inferior to both Faith and Kendra and resents them for it. Also, teenager. Kind of brings out the pettiness. I LOVE Petty Buffy. Well, I basically love every type of Buffy haha.

This is true. Spotlight Summers lol. And don’t get me wrong, I love it when characters are being petty af, but this just….feels extra to me? When I get to the faith eps, though, I am definitely going to be comparing. 

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I prefer the later seasons of Buffy than the earlier ones.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

I just feel that the earlier seasons were better written and more interesting. I find myself rewatching them more and I usually will refer to those seasons when recommending Buffy to someone. These days, anyway. When I was a teenager, s6 was actually my favorite season. That hasn’t been the case for a long time (I’m 26 now), but it was for a while.