justanothercinemaniac answered your question “MTVS Epic Rewatch #134”

So we know he’s being a total creep in this, so does that make it more creepy or less creepy? If it’s less creepy I’d say he’s between The Phantom of the Opera & Edward Cullen. If it’s more then I’d say he’s a step above Cullen. If that makes sense.

weasleytheking answered your question “MTVS Epic Rewatch #134”

I actually never got that metaphor until now, pretty cool. I also completely agree with you on Buffy’s depression in season 6.

It is a pretty cool metaphor, though it’s the writers basically telling us viewers: “listen up, kids, there won’t be a happy ending here, he’s a monster, get it through your thick skull.” AND YES TO BUFFY’S DEPRESSION!!!

buffy-malcolm-gilmore-modfam answered your question “MTVS Epic Rewatch #134”

Queen Buffy telling Spike to go mock himself is one of the best BtVS comebacks ever. Quite honestly, I thought Spike was really creepy but I also really enjoyed him too? If that makes any sense. One of my favourites in Season 5.

Oh I absolutely adore the “go mock yourself” line and Sarah’s delivery! I also thoroughly enjoy this episode. I think it’s as pivotal to Spike’s arc as Fool for Love, you know?