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pride month!!

in honor of pride month id like to recognize the hetero characters of thedas who have touched our lives in meaningful ways. a full list of straight characters includes

  • elthina
  • halward pavus
  • that guy who asks you to fetch his demon ram
  • trian aeducan
  • eamon
  • vaughn
  • that 1 grey warden with stroud in the deep roads scene
  • no the other one
  • that lady in the chantry who wants her daughter’s wedding to be in spring
  • wesley vallen, of the hidden vallens
  • that one templar who gets to have a cool demon wife, in Broken Circle
  • uldred
such a great cast of characters whomst we should celebrate every day!!! sure it’s a SMALL list, but it’s so brave of bioware to include so many interesting and varied het characters in their stories. always nice to see a fresh, interesting take on things.

doremi18  asked:

Dearest Miss Marie 😉, if OC submissions are still up would be alright if I send mine this weekend, since I just recovered from a cold recently and have a lot of make up work from last week to do, would that be okie dookie with ya?

(You can make an OC for Lampblack whenever you want, it doesn’t have anything to do with me. I’m thrilled when people make ocs for Lampblack, but I’m not collecting them in a roster or anything. It’s just up to you and your own idea. -HG)

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Dream Interpretations

We’ve recently received several questions asking about dream interpretations.  The reason we don’t do them is simple: we can’t.

Dreams operate on a very personal system of associations, experiences, and beliefs.  What a symbol represents to one person may represent something completely different to another.  Consider:

  • What people, objects, emotions, and themes stand out to you?
  • Are any of them recurring?
  • What are your kneejerk reactions to these things?  Not what you think you should feel but what you actually feel.
  • How do these things interact with one another?

If you dream of someone you haven’t seen in a long time, maybe it’s an indication that something in your past will become relevant.  If you feel fear or anger, maybe it’s a warning about that.  If that person interferes with the present action of your dream, maybe it means the past will disrupt your present and you need to be prepared to face whatever emotions or themes that person represents.  Is any of that actually accurate?  Hell if we know, because we’re not the ones inside your head.

Only you can know what your dreams mean.

Your dreams are as much a system of symbols, archetypes, experiences, and personal intuition as any other form of divination or psychic ability, perhaps even more so.  It’s up to you to figure out how to piece it all together to find the picture on the front of the box.  Sometimes dreams are exactly that - just dreams.

There are reasons we don’t answer certain types of questions and I swear it’s not because we want to be assholes.  We simply can’t interpret dreams for you or know if something is an omen with any degree of certainty or usefulness.  The FAQ, Before Asking, and Resource Blog are there for a reason, partially to help us but mostly to help you, and as we try to recover the resources that were lost with Tumblr’s latest break they can only improve.

- mountain hound

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Dear Author:

Do not specify exactly how much a character’s apartment costs, because I will immediately either start judging their budgeting habits or become insanely jealous of the deal they’re getting on a two bedroom that’s within walking distance to a beach.

onetrappedunder  asked:

When seeing how animals get scared by Bendy, I am curious of what quirks Bendy has by being a demon.

(I’m glad you asked, friend. The animals thing is definitely annoying… But luckily Bendy doesn’t have to frequent pet shops! The animals freaking out probably wouldn’t happen as much if Bendy didn’t have the aura he does (i.e. a threatening one, it didn’t happen as much before he started having practical use for his abilities) but it doesn’t really bother him anyway.

When he has a bad day, occasionally electronics and other technology doesn’t quite cooperate around him. It’s definitely not always, there’s really only a small chance of it happening, but it’s embarrassing enough that Bendy feels like it happens a lot more than it actually does.

When someone does something particularly bad around him, especially something unnecessarily malicious or against his friends - that is, when he has a really strong feeling of hate, occasionally - without usually meaning to - he makes… accidents happen.

But in general Bendy a lot of the time just makes stuff happen. Ink is the only thing he really has innate, conscious control over, but sometimes he imagines things he wants and they just sort of happen. Or when he feels a particularly strong emotion, especially anger, things sort of just tend to break around him.

Being a demon, the things that happen are almost always destructive. That is, if he really wanted flowers to grow or something… that’s pretty unlikely. If he wanted them to die, the chances are much better.

Luckily these types of things don’t actually tend to happen unless he wants them to - consciously or not.

Like, maybe he should reel in the bad vibes to make animals and technology cooperate with him more, but he’d rather be threatening. He likes to be bad. Maybe he doesn’t want to let his temper get the best of him, maybe he’ll regret it later - but right now breaking those mirrors as a little tantrum was extremely satisfying. And maybe it would have been a good idea not to put the fear of god into that one theater critic who gave them a bad review, but does he regret it? Not a chance.

Are these “quirks” involuntary? Almost always. But do they make Bendy’s life harder? Not as much as you might think. -HG)

Closing Time

The Pagan Study Group has been a blog for just about four years now and I’ve had the privilege of being a mod here for about two and the Head Admin for the past few months. But as with all things, it is time to say goodbye to the PSG. As of this posting, the PSG will be on an Indefinite Hiatus. The blog page and all its posts and resources will remain but no new resources will be posted after the current queue empties, nor will the blog be maintained.

The PSG has been a great blog to work on, we have had some amazing mods, both past and present, but in truth, the days of the PSG have been waning as of late, and I believe it is time to finally lay down arms and let time take its course. I would like to thank all the wonderful mods that not only I have worked with, but the ones that predated me as well.

I wish our current mods well in whatever their next endeavors are and I’d also like to say thank you to you, the community, without you guys there would have been no PSG to begin with. So, once again, thank you to all of you.

Lastly, I’ve never been big on using the PSG as a platform to promote things but as it is closing I should inform you that I will be creating another education style blog by the name of The Witchcraft Study Group. It is not up and running as of yet, but it should be by the end of the week, though it will take a longer amount of time to refine it into something akin to the PSG. The blog there will only handle Witchcraft and other Magickal related questions, it will not handle anything pagan or new age as a heads up.

Once again thank you everyone and goodbye.


anonymous asked:

Can Bendy's shapeshifting extend to mimicking objects and/or even people (or certain toons)?

(Yes, true to his trickster persona. But only to a certain point. It’s infinitely easier for him to imitate another toon than a human, for example - his design is incredibly simple! Regardless, he’s terrible at impressions - Bendy has a pretty distinctive voice, so he usually doesn’t fool anyone.

He’s unquestionably the undefeated champ of hide-and-seek, though. -HG)