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Your Fav is Problematic: MaruMaruOwl

  • Never finishes her requests in a timely manner
  • Sometimes forgets to brush her teeth
  • Is an extremely picky eater
  • Constantly wants cuddles
  • Doesn’t Ship Correctly™
  • Has a video game and Mnt Dew addiction
  • Will insert her useless 510 Fearow into any open Mystic Gym just to get the Defender bonus
  • Wants to cosplay US!Sans

congrats serbia and brazil! wishing for a serbia win, that would be nice since they won’t be in the olympics. as for the USA MNT, i hope they would figure out what went wrong not only during the final 6, but during the preliminary round as well. yes they lost only once in those 3 legs, but they clearly struggled in those matches. the team that won the World Cup hasn’t shown up, they’re so far from that. the outside hitters/receivers have to majorly step up and be more consistent, not unless you can clone 2 more matt andersons in 3 weeks and make them play as OHs. LOL!!! as for speraw, i’m still at a lost with his decisions so whatever coach. so come olympics, please don’t break my heart again USA, just bring home a medal! i just want to see a happy matty on a podium with an olympic medal this time! :-)

sparerblizzard  asked:

What do u think about MNT!Donnie? Hope the author could finish that story

mnt don has gotten me all messed up, he’s a fucking Mess and needs help but everyone else needs to stay 1000 miles away from him 

(i hope he gets better)

hmm the author is kind of slow to update, but they’re doing a great job! u just have 2 b patient

senjasorethings  asked:

Salam kenal mas miftahulfikri :) blh mnt pendapat tntg laki-laki yg sdh memberi pnjlsn, biar waktu sj yg menentukan jika dia sdh siap mk dia akn dtg lgsg ke rmh tapi jk ternyata sy sdh dg yg lain sy bkn rezekinya. Bgmn pndpt mas tntg pernyataan tsb?

Menurut saya, kalau lelaki itu sudah memberikan penjelasan seperti itu, maka kemungkinannya ada dua untuk perempuan, yaitu menunggu atau melepaskan (dengan ikhlas). Begitupun lelaki itupun harus menyepakati hal yang sama. 

Seiring waktu, ternyata ada yang tak bisa menunggu, karena kepastian barangkali sudah di depan mata. Mbak akhirnya memilih yang lain. Itu wajar karena itu pilihan mbak, sebagaimana lelaki itu memilih untuk menunda kedatangannya. Mestinya si mbaknya teguh dengan keputusan yang diambil, sedangkan lelaki itu harus mengantar kepergian mbak dengan ikhlas. 

Sedangkan di belakang itu, kita nantinya akan paham, bahwa jodoh itu di tangan Tuhan. Sedekat apapun, bahkan diikat dengan kepercayaan hingga janji, jika bukan jodoh ya tetap tak akan pernah bersatu…

Sekian mbak. Semoga membantu ya.


rules: tag 20 followers you want to get to know better

tagged by: @reverie-art-blog

name: Leah

nickname: as of lately I have been Trums, Trumbley, Trumbles, and Crumbles (thanks zizzani)

star sign: Pisces

gender: Female

height: 5 feet flat/ 152 cm.

favourite colour: Like a maroonish thing now…? Thought it changes so much!!!

the time right now: 7:24 PM MNT

average hours of sleep: About 7 i think

the last thing I googled: Dragonvale egg incubation times (I had to know what the heck takes 50 hours…. DREAM DRAGON BABY FINALLY)

the number of blankets I sleep under: 1-2 in the summer, 2-4 during winter (depends on the type of blankets with me)

favourite fictional characters: OH BOY ok so: Percy Jackson, Tyson, Hazel (PJO series); Magnus and Sam (Magnus Chase); Hunk, Pidge, and Coran (VLD); Aang and Sokka (ATLA) Deryn, Bovril, and Alek from Westerfeld’s Leviathan series; and last but not least Marinette, Alya, and Adrien (Miraculous)

favourite celebrities: Robin William and Lupita Nyong'o

favourite book: WHY. WELP. In no particular order: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Magnus Chase, Kane Chonicles, Leviathan series, They Rhythmatist, Gregor the Overlander, The Book Thief, The Sea of Trolls, The Unwanteds, The Raven Cycle, How to Train Your Dragon series.

what I’m wearing at the moment: Stripped grey and purple tank and cargo shorts

So not going to do 20 (heh sorry) but @avademiswi @humming-fly hahahahahahahahahahaha 2=20 right? Everyone else I wanna tag has already been sooooo bye

anonymous asked:

Nonono, baby as in he is MY boyfriend, i wouldn't mind to share tho (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) you can have him 90 mnts every thursday as long as you take him to the nearest starbucks, deal?

OH I SEE how things are.  ୧(๑•̀_•́)૭ I like your babygate shading, but I want 50/50 custody over the irish sunshine.