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Hi MN I've been busy of late but when I have visited I've been gobsmacked 😶 by the idiots who visit the page but have a moan. If you don't believe or hate this page don't visit. SOD OFF. Love, the posts ❤️you are a rainbow. Jean x

SOD OFF is such a great phrase! I really need to remember that one!

I found this great gif! Think it’s even better than just SOD OFF!

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Thank you Jean and I’ll do my best to keep being…

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[november 15, 2016 • tuesday][33/100]

my pencil case ✏️✒️and some business math notes highlighted in blue!

instagram @europhias 🌟

100916 - let’s talk about sex baby!

here’s just a quick snippet of my adolescence psychology notes on the printable i made myself (let me know if you want me to post that!) 👻

two exams this week + then i get to relax for the weekend for fall break! really need to get to my bujo spread for the week.. i’m starting to think this 100 days of productivity thing isn’t for me since i keep forgetting to post what i accomplish. oopsies 😅