9/21/17 Palani Pozzani
“Last Day of Summer”
Siblings Jeffton and Alexis played with their yet to be named pet turtle at Powderhorn Park on what turned out to be a beautiful and warm, final day of summer.  The turtle belonged to a friend and was given to them when the friend could no longer be responsible for its care. 

А какой петух ты сегодня? Which rooster are you today?

дерзкий- cheeky, daring, audacious

игривый- playful

загадочный- mysterious

грустный- sad

решительный- decisive, determined

серьёзный- serious

яркий- bright

удивлённый- surprised

опасный- dangerous

лихой- sinister, bold, daring, dashing, gallant, nimble, smart, or criminal (thanks Russian)

дикий- wild, odd, bizarre, outrageous

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