HP AESTHETICS : make me choose: bellatrix lestrange and rodolphus lestrange or bellatrix lestrange and lord voldemort

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For your Maiden-Mother-Crone Lock theory do you think Lysandra could be the Mother, as she is somewhat of a mother figure to Evangeline? Then Elide could be the Maiden and Manon could be the Crone, and Aelin would ... idk ... synthesize everything?

I’ve thought about adding Lysandra to the mix because of Evangeline. And if Nehemiah was the first maiden (not a virgin, but unmarried and with no kids) then yes Lysandra could be the mother. I can’t rule it out. I’m working on getting my thoughts out on a post. People keep asking for my Manon pregnant theory. And this ties into it. As I write it, I’m almost more convinced the MMC (if we get it) will be just witches (they all represent a different face of the triple goddess) but idk. Maas might not give it to us. And I fee like if she did it would be subtle just as the dead MMC was subtle. My post is almost done! I’ll have more thoughts then!