Looking through my old sketchwork, I found a cute little doodle of Miss Rarity and got the sudden urge to color it up!

This was a really fun experiment with thin inks/delicate lines, layer alts, and minimal shading/shines. I honestly couldn’t decide if I just wanted her as her normal lovely self, or to go with that surprisingly cute punk rock look she flaunted in the recent episode. So why not both? =D

It finally happened! :D I managed to snatch a sketch from @sourspot and color it! I’m really hyped about this one, Sour has a very different approach to colors and shading than me so i was really curious to see how one of his sketches would look like if i colored it, i have to say the result is pretty good :D I absolutely LOVE how he drew AJ here, his style is absolutely amazing

As always, i hope you’ll like this! :D

Go check out  @sourspot if you already didn’t. also, here is the amazing sketch for this http://sourspot.tumblr.com/image/165382431617