shoutout to boys with big noses.

shoutout to boys with thick lips.

boys with curly hair, boys with dreads, boys with dark skin, boys with brown eyes, boys with thick eyebrows

shoutout to boys of color. y'all are beautiful.

boys are so good! boys with soft tums! boys in nail polish! boys in lingerie! boys with pastel hair and sharp eyeliner! boys that are curvy! boys with high pitched voices! short boys! boys that like pink and lace and other “"feminine”“ things! boys that love boys! you’re all so good and amazing and inspiring and i’m so proud!!!!! i love you all sm!

boys loving boys can be soft and gentle it can be chaste kisses or just holding hands it can be watching films together wrapped up in a blanket it can be getting milkshakes and playing footsie under the table it can be dorky and fun and amazing and it’s just so good it’s one of the best things ever ok?? it’s not a sin. ur love isn’t shameful. people who think that are gross and please know that u are above them in literally every way.

shout out to poc mlm who dont see as much representation as there should be; your skin is beautiful dont let anything make you believe otherwise !

shout out to trans mlm either non-passing, post-op or in the middle; you definitely are valid, you made it far! for that i am proud of you !

shout out to disabled mlm who fear that people will love them less because of their disabilities; that is definitely not true dont worry you are loved, stay rad !

shout out to chubby mlm who think that they are ‘too chubby’; chubby boys are adorable your body is perfect just the way it is no matter what society makes you think !

shout out to ace mlm who don’t feel comfortable engaging sexual acts in a relationship; thats totally okay! your partner should respect that and love you no matter what !

shout out to mlm living in strict homes who are not allowed to express their love; i am sorry you are in those conditions but keep your head up, you will get out of there one day i promise!

shout out to all mlm in the world! of all different identities, size, shape, and color. you are all loved and not alone dont forget that ❤