Hikaru x Lantis Week Announcement!!!

Hikaru and Lantis deserve more than 30 seconds to express their feelings. Lets give them a chance!

December 4th to 11th is the oportunity to show our love. Share your images, gifs, songs, fanfics, cosplay, art, that bad poem you wrote when you were 14, the script for the OVA you were planning to email to CLAMP two years ago or whatever you want.

Here are some guidelines for the week, feel free to follow or ignore them. The only important thing here is believing those two belong together and SHIP THEM UNTIL THE END OF TIMES THE WEEK. (you can use the tag #hikaruxlantisweek)

  • Sunday December 4th : Trip/Journey
  • Monday December 5th : Conflict
  • Tuesday December 6th: Reunion
  • Wednesday December 7th: Family
  • Thursday December 8th: Nova
  • Friday December 9th: Elements - Fire/Lightning
  • Saturday December 10th: Pets
  • Sunday December 11th: Free (read: “just go nuts, it’s the last day”)

I hope to see you in December!!!