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That auston picture fuuuuck that's so funny. But also Mitch can't be blamed for wanting to sit on that dick after that. (Coughdrunk lightweight mitch trying to give Auston a lap dancecough)


Okay fact: Mitch can’t dance. He can try to give a sexy lap dance but as graceful as he is on the ice, Mitchell Marner cannot dance. I just wanna put that out there. Auston can look as thicc and big and Chill™ as he wants and sweet tipsy Mitch will climb into his lap but he can’t do shit up there, he’s just gonna loop his arms around Auston’s neck and grin at him and shimmy a little and Auston’s going to love it because it’s pathetic and perfect

Mitjo Fic Omegaverse

I would not only want to apologize to God, but to Jesus.

Okay first of all, this is purely a fluff fic! It’s a whole bunch of sappy cuddling and kissing. I’ve been editing this for so long but now it’s finally here!! HOORAH!!

I promise I’ll get the second part of Back to the Future out soon but for now OMEGAVERSE.


The only summary I have is that these boys are cute, Jonas is an Omega, Mitch is an alpha, and they’re being cuddly and loving to one another because they are PURE.

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I gotta say I realized it was supposed to be #3 as soon as I sent it but in my defense it's because when I think of marnsthews, I think of stromarner having had this super sweet super loving relationship but not actually being /in/ love. 1 of ???

2, like they were together, and they loved each other (they’ll ALWAYS love each other) but maybe they were never IN love. They ended what they had in the best terms and they still are best friends, so much that Auston sometimes is like ???

3! I imagine Dylan comforting Mitch when all Mitch wants to do is kiss his bf wherever or post those cute pics from their trip but can’t. Dylan knocking some sense into Auston’s thick skull bc OF COURSE Mitch’s going to say yes! Wtf Auston

4* Dylan is Mitch’s best man, he helps to put the thing together, posts many pics of the adorable new husbands. (And, y'know, he looks at his bf, the one he’s been for years now, and thinks that maybe, their wedding will be as nice as this one) Fin

Omg stop anon I want supportive friend Stromer so badly like he’d give Auston the shovel talk but secretly he really really likes Auston because Auston’s so good for Mitch and Dylan just wants his best friend to be happy.

Okay but also imagine Dylan running around trying to put the finishing touches on the marnsthews wedding and Mitch is having a pre-wedding freakout (Auston’s probably having one too but gotta be Chill™) and Dylan has to calm him down while also internally freaking because the flowers are mismatched. The wedding goes off without a hitch though and Mitch throws his arms around his best man and whispers “Thank you” in his ear because Dylan’s awesome and Dylan cuddles him tight. I LOVE FRIENDSHIP