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This precious human being just needs to adopt a billion puppies, okay ?!

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“Honey, I’m home!”

Mitch shouted from the house. You turned around startled. He wasn’t supposed to be home yet. 

“I’m in the backyard. Do not come out here!”

You turned back to the puppy you were holding and held him higher so he could look into your face. 

“You need to stay quiet, okay?”

The puppy just looked at you so you put it down to his siblings. 

You quickly ran into the house before Mitch could walk out. 

“Hey babe.” 

He hugged you and gave you a quick kiss. 

“Why am I not supposed to go into the backyard?” 

You unwrapped his arms around you and stepped away. 

“It’s a surprise. Just, stay here. And don’t move. Or look.”

He put his hands over his eyes, still smiling. You quickly ran upstairs and took the missing piece of your surprise. You ran back down and saw that Mitch still had his hand over his eyes. 

Putting puppies into baby bodysuits was not as hard as you had imagined but it still wasn’t easy. After you finished you walked back into the house and took Mitch’s hands. 

“Can I look?”

You laughed and lead him to the backyard. 

“Now, before you open your eyes, they really really really needed a home and I just couldn’t let them get separated.” 

“What are you…”

He opened his eyes and trailed off. On your lawn six tiny Golden Retriever-Lab puppies in Maple Leafs baby bodysuits were playing. 


You watched in amusement as your totally most definitely 6” tall boyfriend dropped down to let your newest family members run all over him. 

“Where did you get them?” 

He was holding the puppy you nicknamed Auston in his arms. You bent down and picked up Mo and held him close. 

“My old neighbors dog had them and they were looking for a new home. I found out the last time I was visiting my parents so I kinda just told them we’d take them.”

Mo wiggled a bit so you let him down. 

“That one is Mo,” You pointed to him. “And the one you are holding is Auston.”

He let the puppy go and stood up. 

“You named them after my team?”

“Yeah. There’s Mo, Auston, Willy, JVR, Jake, and Junior.”


You went and picked up puppy Mitch and brought him over to human Mitch. 

“Mitchell, meet your new son, Mitch Junior.”

He nearly dropped the puppy at that. 

“Holy shit, I’m a dad.”

You lightly punched his shoulder. 

“No swearing in front of the children.”

He put Junior down and pulled you into his arms. 

“If I’m dad does that mean you’re mom?”

Instead of answering you kissed him. 

“I can’t believe we’re parents now babe. But why did you have to name them after my team.”

Car rides with Auston n Mitch

so i was driving lol and i started thinking what it would be like driving with auston lol so this is like you auston and mitch are squad goals and you go on a roadtrip and Auston has the aux.

word count: 769


“Don’t play your dumb music please, Auston.” You said as you groaned from the back seat of Mitch Marners car.

See, sometimes the three of you go on roadtrips when they’re on vacation. Right now, it’s May and not in the season, so you three figured you’d road trip to the east coast of Canada and visit Nova Scotia.

You’re best friends with Auston Matthews and you flew up once you were done school back in Arizona. You and Auston met through one friend of his, who you were dating. You two went on a double date with Auston and a girl he was interested in and you two hit it off. This then led to his friend getting jealous and breaking up with you and breaking ties with Auston, calling him a girlfriend stealer. Now that you look bat at it, you’re glad you’re out of that hellish relationship, and completely happy being single and enjoying college life.

You first came to Toronto during a break you had, and decided to visit Auston where you met the whole entire Toronto Maple Leafs team. You and Mitch had clicked just like you and Auston, and ever since then, you three couldn’t go a day without sending a text to your group chat and facetiming you if they weren’t busy.  

The leafs fans adore you, secretly hoping you and one of the boys get together, but you just rub that off. So a few months later, and you find yourself in the back seat of Mitch Marners car with the uncertainy of what Auston Matthews was going to play next.

“If you play that god awful hump me fuck me song again I will jump out of this car and onto the road where hopefully a range rover runs me over.” You say, taking a sip of your ice capp.

Mitch just laughs, looking at you in the rear view mirror while Auston looks back at you and glares at you.

“You literally sing along which is awful and uncomfortable so I won’t play that.” He said, leaning back and searching through his phone. You let out a sigh of relief, rolling down the back seat window enjoying the view of Lake Ontario as you drove past it.

Arizona was just desert, so whenever you came to Toronto, it was like a whole new green and blue world. You were knocked out of your trance when you all of a sudden you heard Hotling Bling start blasting through the speakers.

You jump a little, causing Auston to laugh a little as he felt your body flinch, and started doing a few moves that the 6 god does in his video. You just laughed, taking a video of him and putting it in your Instagram story, to the pleasure of the fans.

Mitch started singing along to the lyrics with Auston. Wait, no. Singing wasn’t the word. More like screeching whenever Drake says “I know with that Hotline Bling” and just the whole chorus. You took a few videos on Snapchat, turning the camera on you as you rest your elbow on the arm rest and sighed, yelling “HELP ME!” So snapchat could hear you. You posted some videos and then the song stopped. All of a sudden the Auston Matthew rap came on.

May I remind you, we were listening to Austons playlist.

His face turns bright red as you and Mitch both stare at him with an amused look on their faces. You push yourself up to take his phone from him, allowing the song to play. As this was playing, you and Mitch were both rapping along, with you taking a few videos for private and public. As soon as you started hearing “Hit em with the four like Auston Matthews brr brr brr brr” You’ve never felt so hyped in your whole life. So you took your phone out and started saying “GO BEST FRIEND THAT’S MY BEST FRIEND WOO GO BEST FRIEND” as you zoomed in and out at the back of Auston’s giant head. He turned around and rolled his eyes, just in time for the video to end, which made the leafs fan go crazy.

You just laughed at your phone as your mentions blew up with “y/n is a saviour” “bless y/n for giving us these gems.” Etc. You gave Auston his phone back and you three made it to Nova Scotia without dying, surprisingly.  

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i was looking through your tags and noticed that (a month ago) someone asked you whether you preferred pining!mitch or pining!auston. that's a valid question, but also: why not both. at once. double the suffering double the fun



Betty Who’s Album Release (karaoke) Party (x)

Because Scott singing A Whole New World, and Mario singing Unbreak My Heart is everything.