Protect the trans boys who wear dresses because they enjoy them.
Protect trans girls who don’t shave their legs and don’t want to. 
Protect nonbinary kids who are made to feel that they aren’t “trans enough” 
Protect nonbinary kids who are made invisible on almost all health forms. 
Protect trans kids of all ages and sizes. 
Protect POC trans kids. 
Make the world a better place and protect trans kids. 


Batman Unlimited: Nightwing And Red Robin Vs Thieving Shmoes Who Really Should Know Better By Now I Mean Seriously

Directed by Jake Castorena | Storyboard by Olga Ulanova

Hey guys, hope you’re enjoying all the Batman Unlimited shorts that are coming out! Here’s one that I boarded – it’s been a blast drawing my favorite heroes have some fun! Robin & Nightwing should team up more often. ^__^


30 day su meme: EPISODES [4/4] - An Indirect Kiss

“You don’t need any powers to be here with me.”

Via the New York Times

Habitats on land — rain forests, steppes, woodlands, deserts, alpine meadows, all well explored over the centuries — make up less than 1 percent of the planet’s biosphere. Why so little? The band of life is narrow. Fertile soil goes down only a few feet, and even the tallest trees stretch up only a few hundred feet. Birds can fly higher, but must return to the surface for nourishment.

Water, however, is a different story. It covers more than 70 percent of the earth’s surface and goes down miles. Scientists put the ocean’s share of the biosphere at more than 99 percent. Fishermen know its surface waters and explorers its depths. But in general, compared with land, the global ocean is unfamiliar.

Which helps explain why scientists have only recently come to realize that the bristlemouth — a fish of the middle depths that glows in the dark and can open its mouth extraordinarily wide, baring needlelike fangs — is the most numerous vertebrate on the earth.

“They’re everywhere,” Bruce H. Robison, a senior marine biologist at theMonterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California, said of the bony little fish. “Everybody agrees. It’s the most abundant on the planet.”

Read the full story, and meet more of Earth’s amazing creatures in the new exhibition, Life at the Limits: Stories of Amazing Species