“To the stars who listen - and the dreams that are answered.” - A Court of Mist and Fury, Sarah J. Maas

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Been thinking about Night Court babies all day. I may need help.

Probably going to do more parts. I’m convinced that the child that Feyre saw at the Bone Carver’s cell was their son. But I wanted him to have a big sister :P

Rhysand was woken up by the sound of his mate crying out in pain. He was instantly alert, his instincts shouting at him to help her. Destroy any threat.

He saw that Feyre was clutching her stomach. And the bed beneath her thighs was wet.

“Feyre, darling.” He whispered, excitement shining through his worry. “Is it time?”

“Almost.” She gasped, finally sighing as the contraction passed. “I still have a long while to go.”

Rhysand snapped his fingers, instantly replacing the sheets. He laid back down and tucked Feyre’s head under his chin, preparing for another contraction. He sent word to his inner circle, quickly telling Mor to fetch a healer.

What he didn’t expect was Mor to winnow into the house in excitement. Her face quickly turned to horror as she winnowed immediately into the hallway.

“Rhysand, put on some damn pants!”

Feyre’s laughter as he got changed brightened his spirits even further.

By the time Feyre was actually ready to give birth it was nearly night.

“Perfect for the Night Court heir.” Feyre smiled at him then, despite her pain. Rhysand squeezed her hand, though his was heavily damaged after the last contraction.

Cassian, Azriel, and Morrigan were downstairs. Nesta and Elain were at the SPring Court still, they had trouble getting word out there. Amren was by Feyre’s other side, readying another cold compress. She refused to leave and Feyre seemed to be comforted by her presence, so Rhysand didn’t mind.

The healer looked up from beneath the sheets.

“You are just about ready to push, High Lady.” She looked between them, a smile on her face. “I hope you’re ready to meet your child.”

Rhysand smiled, completely ready to meet their little bundle of joy. Feyre had a different reaction though.

Feyre rolled her head back to the pillow beneath her, her face going paler. “I don’t know if I can do this.”

Rhysand held her hand to his lips, kissing it softly before running his thumb over her knuckles. “You can, love. I’ll be here every step of the way.”

“And you’ve been through worse, girl.” Amren placed the cold compress onto Feyre’s forehead. “You’ll make it through this as you have everything else.”

Feyre looked at them both. She nodded, steeling her face. And when the healer instructed her to push, she squeezed both their hands and listened.

An hour later they were welcoming their daughter.

Rhysand was holding their daughter, while Feyre lounged back and relaxed. They shared the bed, cooing at their newborn. Amren had gone down the stairs to give them time. And to announce the arrival of the heir. Elain and Nesta had arrived with High Lord Lucien soon after Feyre had started pushing, annoyed that they couldn’t come in to see their sister at the healer’s command.

Rhysand looked down at the bundle in his arms. She opened her eyes to reveal startling violet, the tuft of golden brown hair on her head reminding him so much of his mate.

“How about Livanna?” Rhysand lifted a finger to his daughter’s face, smiling brightly as she grabbed onto it with surprising strength.

“I love it.” Feyre’s voice was breathless, tired after the ordeal she’d been through. Rhysand looked over to see her watching them with a smile on her face.

Rhysand passed Livanna over to Feyre and went to fetch their family. Rather than come a few at a time, like sensible people, they all piled in at once. Elain smiled sweetly as she held her niece. Nesta watched, tears falling down her face at the newborns arrival. Cassian and Azriel swore they would protect her, at least until she could protect herself. Morrigan swore she would help sneak anybody Livanna fancied past her parents, much to Rhysand’s horror. Amren simply smiled at the newborn, stroking her little cheek with a knuckle and ignoring the rest of the family. Lucien stayed to the back of the group. Until Feyre called him an idiot and that he better come meet his niece right this instant.

He may have shed a tear. Or many.

Feyre marveled at how her family had grown. As she looked up at the stars through the window, she thanked them. For all the wishes they have granted.