Preorder Sarah J. Maas’s A COURT OF MIST AND FURY to receive a series tote bag!!! Submit your proof of preorder here by May 2, 2016 to get this awesome bag while supplies last. Offer open to USA, Canada, UK, AU, and NZ.

Got questions? We’ve got answers below! And for more details, check out our terms & conditions.

ACOMAF Preorder Offer FAQ!

1. Does it matter what retailer I preorder from or what version of the book I choose?

Nope! This offer applies to preorders from any and all retailers and both print and ebooks.

2. What counts as “proof of preorder”?

You can upload your confirmation email, a screenshot of your order confirmation, or even a photo of the order confirmation on your phone or computer.

3. How will I know if you received my submission?

When you submit at the site linked above, you’ll see a screen that says “submission was successful.” If you don’t see this screen, try again. Due to the volume of submissions, we can’t confirm receipt of individual submissions.

4. I preordered a book for my friend too. Can we each get a tote?

Yes. Be sure to either upload each proof of preorder separately and with the address that the tote should be sent to.

5. When will I receive my tote?

We will start sending the totes out at on-sale. Please allow at least 4 weeks for delivery. If it’s June and you haven’t received your tote, contact @bloomsburykids on twitter. (Note that if it hasn’t been four weeks, we’ll just ask you to check in again in June. Also note that due to the volume, the mailing process takes several days, so people will receive their totes in waves. Don’t panic if you see a friend with a tote and yours hasn’t come yet!)


Heart of Darkness by Peter Stewart
Via Flickr:
A lone boat on the misty Ōi River in Arashiyama, Japan. www.peterstewartphotography.com Follow my latest updates on: Facebook | Google+ | Instagram | Twitter For image licensing or print enquiries, please contact me at: info@peterstewartphotography.com


Untitled by photoCKD


If you are a magic/witch/elf aesthetic blog, or a dark nature blog, or something of that sort, please like or reblog this post! I’ll check you out, you can check me out, we’ll all check each other out like library books. But seriously. My dash needs some work. Say hi. Follow me, we’ll be friends.

EUROPE! We’re very excited to be going there this spring with Abigail Williams and our old friends in Rotten Sound!!!

22.04.16 Denmark Copenhagen @ BETA  
23.04.16 Holland Tilburg @ 013  
24.04.16 Germany Köln @ MTC  
25.04.16 UK London @ Boston Music Room  
26.04.16 Belgium Antwerp @ Kavka  
27.04.16 France Paris @ Glazart  
28.04.16 Switzerland Lausanne @ Le Romandie  
30.04.16 Italy Brescia @ Circolo Colony  
01.05.16 Germany München @ Backstage  
02.05.16 Austria Wien @ Arena  
03.05.16 Germany Leipzig @ Conne Island  
04.05.16 Germany Berlin @ Cassiopeia  
05.05.16 Germany Hamburg @ Hafenklang  
06.05.16 Germany Rostock @ Alte Zuckerfabrik  
07.05.16 Sweden  Gothenburg @ Truckstop Alaska


Exploration/ Adventure/ Throwback/ Public Lands/ A Month in the Green Tunnel

Correspondence from the Appalachian Trail:
It was misty day in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia 2015.