Think about this: Misha was up until 5am last night filming, then got directly onto a plane to get to comic-con. He had one panel to attend today then he could’ve spent the rest of saturday resting. Instead, Misha’s out there right now, interacting with fans, using his own time and energy to reach out to us. He doesn’t HAVE to do any of this, he didn’t HAVE to drive around on the gishbus, but he does. He goes that extra mile for us. Misha is an amazing human being and we are so so so lucky he cares about us so much.

Does anybody else remember a time, long long ago, when you could just enjoy things?

You could watch a movie and just appreciate it instead of over analyzing every single scene to make sure there’s nothing remotely offensive about it.

You could have a favorite character and just like them and appreciate how great they were written and portrayed, without being told you’re terrible because they’re a villain. Even though they’re FICTIONAL and most likely were deliberately written to be likable. (Even if they were written as an evil character, I still think you have a right to like them, but maybe that’s just me)

You could love and be a fan of the actors without having to go full on FBI agent, looking into their backgrounds to make sure they are 100% perfect and had never made a mistake ever.

You could post about said actor without some busybody little fandom cop, slithering into your inbox to tell you(all too happily) that your fave is “problematic” (god, I fucking hate that word), and you’re disgusting if you still like them.

I’m in my 30’s so I remember those good ole days and it’s kind of sad to know, that most of you will never truly know how great that was. That’s a time long since forgotten. Bummer.