Cilla Black appearing with Paul and John on The Music Of Lennon & McCartney, which was filmed on 1st - 2nd November 1965 at Granada TV Centre in Manchester. Funny how Cilla’s dress changes colour in these photos?! I think the top photo may be colourised. 

There’s an interview with Cilla Black somewhere (which I can’t locate currently) where Cilla said she had to walk down the steps here, miming to her song, and when she reaches the bottom, John says something unheard to her. She said he’d told her “I can see what you had for breakfast in that dress”, which if you’re unfamiliar with that northern English turn of phrase, it means I can see your knickers - or something ruder! 


John and Paul on set during a break from recording a TV special, ‘The Music of Lennon and McCartney’ at Granada Studios, Manchester, 1st November, 1965. 

“[Paul] provided a lightness, an optimism, while I would always go for the sadness, the discords, the bluesy notes. There was a period when I thought I didn’t write melodies, that Paul wrote those and I just wrote straight, shouting rock ‘n’ roll. But, of course, when I think of some of my own songs –In My Life, or some of the early stuff, This Boy – I was writing melody with the best of them.”

[John, Playboy Interviews, 1980]

“We would normally be rung a couple of weeks before the recording session and they’d say, 'We’re recording in a month’s time and you’ve got a week off before the recordings to write some stuff.’ … So I’d go out to John’s every day for the week, and the rest of the time was just time off. We always wrote a song a day, whatever happened we always wrote a song a day… Mostly it was me getting out of London, to John’s rather nice, comfortable Weybridge house near the golf course… So John and I would sit down, and by then it might be one or two o'clock, and by four or five o'clock we’d be done.”

[Paul, 1994]

I Want to Hold Your Hand, From Me To You, She Loves You – I’d have to have the list, there’s so many, trillions of ‘em. Those are the ones. In a rock band you have to make singles, you have to keep writing them. Plenty more. We both had our fingers in each others pies.”

[John, in response to the question: What songs really stick in your mind as being Lennon-McCartney songs? Rolling Stone Interviews, Dec 8, 1970]

“John and Paul’s standard of writing has bettered over the years, so it’s very hard for me to come straight to the top, on par with them. They gave me an awful lot of encouragement. Their reaction has been very good. If it hadn’t, I think I would have just crawled away.”

[George, 1966]

“I said that [playing down how much he and Paul collaborated], but I was lying… We wrote a lot of stuff together, one on one, eyeball to eyeball… In those days we absolutely used to write like that — both playing into each other’s noses.”

[John, Playboy Interview]

Pics: by Robert Whitaker / Hulton Archive / Getty Images.

Quotes from BeatlesWiki


The Beatles sharing fish and chips at Twickenham Film Studios, on the 23rd November, 1965, during the filming of several promotional films. This particular section which was filmed for I Feel Fine was not used as Brian was unhappy with the result (a similar one on the same set but without the fish supper was used). 

Pics: Robert Whitaker. 


The Beatles watching rushes from Magical Mystery Tour and performing in a short film made specifically for Top Of The Pops. The Musicians’ Union had prevented the broadcast of their current official promo film for Hello, Goodbye due to the fact that it was clearly mimed. The Beatles were filmed by the BBC while they were overseeing the editing Magical Mystery Tour at Norman’s Film Productions, London, on the 21st November 1967, and the footage was then intercut with other film shot without the Beatles’ participation.


Pics of the Beatles performing at Granada TV Centre, Manchester, c. 29th October 1962 on the show, People And Places. The Beatles performed Love Me Do and A Taste Of Honey. Very unusually, for the performance of Love Me Do, John was seated on the stage without an instrument (as if he was the lead singer with the others his backing group). 

The first ever film of John, Paul and George together in 1958 has been discovered! But before you get too excited - that’s it above. 

This film - a Liverpool police recruitment film shows a clip from the police show on the grounds of the Police Training College, headquarters of the Liverpool Mounted Police, which so happened to be at the back of 20 Forthlin Road. In 1958 John’s best friend, Pete Shotton was training to be a policeman and took park in the show. John, Paul, (probably) George and Paul’s brother, Mike watched it from the shed roof in Paul’s back yard and have been captured on film here. 

“Wow! That could definitely be us. It was a really big occasion in Liverpool and that’s what we used to do every summer – take deckchairs and climb onto the concrete shed and watch a free show. And I think there is every chance John would have been there that year – absolutely. His friend, Pete Shotton, was a police cadet. And George could easily have been there, too. It’s bloody mad – absolutely fascinating and unbelievable!”

[Mike McCartney, Liverpool Echo, 7th March 2017]

This is a story they also tell you if you take the National Trust tour of Forthlin Road. The film was posted on YouTube and labelled as 1950, but further investigation by a Liverpool Beatles historian has discovered it was 1958. Here’s the full film, but it’s a blink and you miss it scene, found at approx. 34:30, cued below.


Paul: No, we don’t buy each other presents because it’s a bit ridiculous, you know…

John: You’re too tight.

Paul: (laughs) No, it’s a bit mad, you know, buying each other presents…

John: We’ve got each other, haven’t we?

The Beatles Christmas message recorded at the Finsbury Park Astoria on the 24th December, 1963. 

Garry Crimble and Merry Rudolph to you all!

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George has sexy eyelashes. 

Me. All the time.