Meta: SE and Stable Partnerships

The whole premise of Soul Eater is based on the structure of meisters and weapons and the partnership that goes into that. It’s easy to come up with plenty of examples of these partnerships: standard one-to-one pairs, or trios, or even variable meisters with multiple weapon partners or weapons who can be wielded by any meister. Aside from granting structure to the plot in itself, these partnerships can also be read as unstated commentary about the dynamic of the characters within the partnerships, their relation to each other, and (perhaps most interestingly) their grasp on their own sense of identity.

A note: I’ll be focusing primarily on the main anime in the course of this, with only very few references to the Soul Eater Not anime and occasional nods to details in the manga. I’m hoping this will make it easier to follow (and easier for me to compose)!

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anonymous asked:

on average, how long does it take you to complete a work?

it depends! Like remember that Hercules AU I did that had like… 15 faces to draw? That just took me a day because I was so excited to draw it after getting Lumorie’s permission :’))

But that one first actual ota//yuri i drew (that doesn’t involve beka’s sister) took 3 freaking days because I was forcing myself to draw it and now I wish I could burn it every time someone reblogs it poek;aslj ;O;

but if I had to draw like one character it takes like 5 - 10 mins pfpffft

KNB~ Describe Midorima in one word!

Alright everyone, describe Midorima-kun in one word! Or try to!

Kuroko: Smart.. Sometimes.

Kagami: His three’s annoy me..

Riko: Formidable opponent.

Kagami: The hell..?! You weren’t even playing against him!

Hyuuga: I’m just glad my team stopped him..

Kiyoshi: nice guy at first.. not so nice half way through our match

Kise: Too prideful.

Kasamatsu: *not even bothering* ( he isn’t in a good mood today~)

Takao: *laughing*  A Tsudere

Aomine: All I see is a carrot..

Momoi: a lucky charm. Like the cereal.

Murasakibara: He’s… boring.. and mean.

Himuro: He seems like a nice guy..

Aomine: Lies…

Himuro: ?!

Akashi: Obedient til the end.

Midorima: I am not dead, Nanodayo!