in the language of flowers, orange roses mean “confession of first love” and blue roses mean “impossible” , so

“Good bye, my first love”.




“No, dear, ray, don’t let me go away from you!

I want to be with you”

Another flower meaning of blue roses is “a miracle”

This right here is my younger brother. He died about 12 days ago but somehow through the grace of God and his divine intervention- he came back to life. Doctors estimate he was out cold for 5-6 minutes but death did not win. If I ever doubt you Lord please remind me of this living walking miracle that I am blessed to call my bestfriend. You are such an awesome God.

Some Xena x Gabrielle fanart I drew for my professor for her birthday! :)
She really likes Xena (almost wrote her thesis about it :D ) and so do I (although i still need to catch up on it)!

Hope you like it! ^^

p.s.: Btw I will hopefully open commissions soon, in case anyone is interested!

p.p.s.: Woohoo it’s summer!! <3

My door is open and I Am allowing abundance to flow into my life. I Am ready to accept and receive miracles beyond what I’ve ever experienced. Namaste

Motion by @rexisky

I swore I’d never do this but I’m not going to make rent. (Due Nov 1st)

I’ve been trying with every bone in my body to earn money and things keep coming up. My cat got sick and cost me 300 dollars. My car maintenance light came on and cost me another 200. I have to pay registration for a conference I’m required to go to and that was another 50 and the rest of what I had for rent. I’m trying to schedule photoshoots to make money and no one wants to pay for pictures, they expect them to be free.

I’m lost y'all. I’m just trying to graduate and survive and my depression has been telling me I’m not capable and the 400 I’m short for rent is just affirming that I can’t survive on my own. I want to drop out and go home because I’m so suicidal here that I can barely breathe.

I paid to register for bartending school but on the second day the instructor made some sexual comments that made me uncomfortable and I haven’t felt comfortable enough to go back and finish classes so I can start working

If you have anything, ANYTHING to spare please cash app me.


I can pay back whoever needs paying back in January. I wish I had skills to offer up but I really don’t know what I’m good at besides photography and a lot if you are too far away from Kentucky.

If you can’t help PLEASE reblog. I don’t know what else to do.