Throughout the summer, a pit festers in my stomach, a darkness that beckons. Grinning, sickening. I am tired of failing the ones I love. I am tired of seeing myself: a wraith without trajectory. Under my sternum there were those flowers, you know the ones, peonies I think they’re called. But then nobody’s ever bothered to teach me the English names for flowers. It’s all guesswork, an identity constructed baseless, a glass palace above an abyss. An old acquaintance asked me how I was today and I surrendered to polite concern as swiftly as a broken bridge giving in to rushing water. So starved of touch. I mistake words for warmth. My lover asks me to explain; I sweep the hair off my neck and let skin demonstrate. Here we sit, above a motel parking lot, the empty space and I. Here we sit, my blood such a heavy, unruly thing. The wind sighs, so I name it more. I name it mort. I name it mor. Mine, singular, old Bengali. The songs my grandmother listened to, black and white movies and lace curtains drawn. Sipped chai and Darjeeling streets at night, awake. It seems voiceless things are all I can lay claim to these days.
—  Mor, Amrita C.

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About 5 years ago I used to wear synthetic dreadlocks, they were put in my hair by a black woman who is a very good friend of my ex, she enjoyed doing it for me and liked the way they looked on me, clearly she didn't give a shit about my pasty white ass "appropriating" a hairstyle that is considered black (when it's not) and I know other black people who also don't give a shit... but for some reason Tumblr is just obsessed with getting bitchy about this shit.

i stop taking anybody that ‘claims’ haircuts or other shit seriously

Wow, well… this happened.

If there was one franchise I’d never think of drawing shipping fanart for, it’d probably be this…

But it happened… so…

Have Red and Chuck from Frustrated Boobies, uhh I mean, Annoyed Tits, uhhh Irritated Avians… Angry Birbs? Anyway, the reason I made this is obviously just to practice digital art.


Based and referenced off the franchise’s Toons, specifically episodes Miracle of Life and Chuck Time. 

k bye

*buries self alive*


8x16 “Remember the Titans” // 9x23 “Do You Believe in Miracles”

All I Do Is Die: On the Prometheus in Dean’s MoC Arc

Part 27 of ∞ in the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”: A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series (Previous Part)

Sam: “ Trust me on this, it was worth it. You pretty much, uh, saved the whole world.”
Shane/Prometheus: “Yeah, I guess. But none of that – none of that means anything unless I can save my son.”
- Sam to Shane/Prometheus in 8x16 “Remember the Titans”

I have written a few times before about how 8x16 “Remember the Titans” and Prometeheus’ story heavily relates to Dean’s MoC arc (like here for example) and shares not only a lot of similarities visually, but also narratively. Of course at the time the episode aired this story seemed to relate more to Castiel’s story of siding with humanity no matter what as well as in regard to his unlimited resurrections that he himself later labeled as “punishments” which feels very comparable to Prometheus’ fate of eternally dying and coming back to life. It also alluded to Sam’s arc (especially as he is Lucifer’s, the lightbringer’s vessel - and well the lightbringer in the literal sense for humanity was Prometheus by giving humanity the ability to make a fire) with the trials and him taking on these tasks to save the world and humanity like Prometheus did and paying with his life for it (as we know he would have, had he gone through with them). That said, in hindsight however the absolutely most massive parallels imo exist between Prometheus and Dean.

Prometheus was sentenced to relive death every day by Zeus after he made it possible for humanity to use fire. He actively went against Zeus, the most powerful of the titans and “big boss” so to speak. He went against the narrative, did not obey, subverted what was expected of him. And this very thing is exactly what is an inherent part of Dean’s MoC arc, which truly gets kicked off - despite having born the mark since mid season 9 - when Dean walks into battle against Metatron, who is not only setting himself up as God and a christ figure by living among the poor and performing miracles, but also is the one holding the pen to writing the big story in a similar fashion as Zeus did in Prometheus’ case. Dean, the true christ figure in 8x23 “Do You Believe in Miracles” walksing into battle to save humanity from a false God, is beat down by Metatron (the whole choreography of said fight resembles Zeus’ beating up Prometheus) and in the end killed. It’s that action combined with Crowley later placing the First Blade into Dean’s hands that truly activate the mark and make Dean rise a demon. And much like Prometheus, he is for as long as he bears the mark, immortal.

There is a lot more about the parallels between this S8 episode and important moments in the MoC arc that relate to one another. For example the whole resurrection moment of Prometheus heavily resembles the moment when Dean opens his eyes and they are pitch black or when we see his wounds heal immediately after Cole cuts Dean in 10x02 “Reichenbach”. Interestingly enough also, it’s in this episode in S8 that Dean wears his “red shirt of doom”  combined with his “dark blue jacket of  loss of self control” that in the seasons after would become almost something like a visual cue to how much of an influence the mark has on Dean. And the way we see Dean and Sam sit next to the currently dead Prometheus in their motel room reminds heavily of how Sam lay Dean down in his bed in 8x23 “Do You Believe in Miracles”. The parallel between Prometheus and Dean here gets even stronger as once Hailey and her son Oliver enter the picture and it is revealed that he also is marked with his father’s curse of dying every day they relocate to bunker and Oliver is being put into Dean’s bed in which one he’ll also rise from the dead again just hours later.

The introduction of Prometheus as a father figure is in so far really interesting also as this loosely aligns with Cain calling Dean “his son” to whom he transferred the curse and disease much like Prometheus did unwantedly and unknowningly. It’s only then, when he realizes he has a son that he is lifted from his depressed state of mind and wants to change. He wants to save his son. And in the end he does. He does by pushing Artemis’ arrow that can kill immortals through himself and into Zeus. In the process killing himself and Zeus and lifting the curse from his son. In a few ways this moment and Artemis’ weapon reverse mirrors Dean killing Cain with the First Blade - also a weapon that can kill immortals. Much more than that though to me the most interesting thing here is that it was Prometheus’ love for his son that made him able to pull through and kill Zeus even if it demanded his own death in the process in order to lift the curse. It’s the love of a parent to their child that was playing a huge part here and I can’t just not think of 10x23 “Brother’s Keeper” here in which the memory of his mother’s love is what helped him turn around and not kill Sam.

And if all of these parallels weren’t enough yet, let me end this with probably one of my favourite lines of the episode said by Dean.

“We never battled a God curse before, hope we can break it”

he tells Sam who just looks very thoughtful at him. Oh boys, if only you had known what kind of God curse you’d try to break free from the next three seasons…

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“A Huge Red Warning Sign

@syubseok tagged me in a handwriting thing a very long time ago and while i was packing for college today i found a notebook with actual lined paper

i’m that freak that never dropped cursive after 3rd grade and everyone’s like oH YOUR HANDWRITING IS SO PRETTY and im like oh yea can u even read it and they’re like LMAO *sweats* i know

@dibidibidismynameisjhope @polyatae @myhobibi @hoseoks-lip-freckle @irresponsiblereader + whoever wants to ofc!!!!!! it was kinda fun even though i haven’t handwritten more than a sentence since last semester probably yikes