Sweet Valley High
#28 Alone in the Crowd
Sweet Valley High

This anonymous submission to The Droids’ songwriting competition earned the Sweet Valley High equivalent of a slow clap upon being played on the band’s “battery-operated cassette player” despite its “kind of strange” title (according to Ken Matthews) Outside, Looking In thanks to Lynne Henry’s “richest, throatiest, most gorgeous voice” the band has ever heard.  Better than their lead singer Dana Larson’s??? So many questions about a character we’ve never heard of before!  

Believe it or not, there was NO sheet music for this song so I had to IMAGINE the melody for Lynne’s song but I’m pretty sure I nailed it.  And since punctuation is iffy in song lyrics, we’ll just consider this one sentence, ok? 

Day FIVE-Favorite MINOR Character

Now originally I had issues with this because in my opinion (and after many years spent worshiping the fabulousness that is Beyblade) I refuse to believe any character outside the little runts who challenge, lose and run away in V-Force as minor.

Like what does that even mean?? Is minor a character from another team that isn’t the BladeBreakers? Is Lee minor? What about Ian? Maybe Garland? They don’t seem minor to me but who knows. 

So, with this daily Beyblade blog (that I’m also two days late with teehee), I’m just gonna do the best I can and choose someone that’s NOT on the BladeBreakers, is NOT a team captain, is NOT a mentor/coach/huge help to the teams, and is NOT a villain.

So, without further ado… My favorite minor character issssss…..

THIS DUDE! Robert’s butler!! Andddd if my memory serves me, Enrique’s violin instructor! And Kai’s tutor/limo driver!! I mean they all look pretty much the same; it just so happens I have no idea how to do episode crops or to find pictures of the other guys to compare. And my laziness simply will not allow me to search up the episodes and rewatch. But yeah; I like this guy. Because… Just because.

He has a mustache. And he said the BladeBreakers looked like they were applying to be kitchen staff at Robert’s castle LOL.

hey; it works.