OT5; Key’s Great Grocery Shopping Adventure 2k16; PG

hey remember jonghoodie au bc this au is that au lmao

“I am tired,” Key hisses, “of going to the store. With this list.” She jiggles her bag with a scowl. “And coming home. And having you–all of you–whine at me that I didn’t get you the right thing.” She yanks open the front door and ushers them all outside, fixing Tae’s hair again when ve passes. “So we are all going to go to the store,” she repeats as Minho and Junghee pass. “And you are all going to tell me exactly what you mean when you just put down generic shit like cereal. Jinki,” she adds pointedly, throwing them a glare when they pause to lock the door behind them.

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We Got Married AU 5/?


also found on ao3!

rated: g

pairing: minkey

Minho walked into the cafe they were meant to start the show at. He spotted Kibum immediately because of the cameras hovering around him. He might’ve missed him if it hadn’t been for that since he was looking for someone with light pink hair and Kibum’s was now black. He looked up from his drink and the sound of the door and his face lit up in a smile. Minho had to take a moment to compose himself. Kibum looked quite attractive with his blond and pink hair but his black hair is something else entirely. If Minho was going to be honest, he looked really hot. He had to stop himself from blushing while just looking at the other man. It brought out the sharp lines of his face even more and Minho was breathless.

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The face Minho made after that minkey  funny failed kiss &  Taemin’s reaction….lol   

cr: ちょんで


(160813) xolovestephi — 🇰🇷 ✈️ 🇯🇵 #tiffachat


CUTE😙Minkey & Taemin too😊~SMTown Tokyo 160813 最後の最後にミンキーキッスとか強いな( ◜◡◝ )

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