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12.3.16 I started working on my bullet journal for next year (and already messed up so bad! White out is a necessary part of my life). I want to try to keep it as minimalist as possible. I gave my sister most of my washi tape, I only kept 7 out of 20something. I don’t know if I’ll be able to commit to totally-minimalist-black-and-white kind of thing, but I do want to keep super simple. I haven’t decided if I will do a daily or weekly spread yet.



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  • please don’t ask me questions about this, it’s my first theme and i have no idea what i did [todd howard voice] it just works


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In and Between Boxes is a minimal space located in Guangzhou, China, designed by LUKSTUDIO. Following a process of meticulous spatial carving, openings and niches are shaped within the volumes. Large cut-outs connect the café to the exterior and frame the surrounding greenery. On the inside, white ceiling pockets and wooden niches create a sense of intimacy. The office entry is also carved at its edge to feature a peaceful Zen garden, which becomes a focal point and visually connects the different parts of the office together. The selection of materials further enhances the pure definition of the spaces. Smooth surfaces such as white walls and terrazzo flooring dominate the main space, serving as a canvas to capture light and shadow. The brainstorming box is lined with polycarbonate panels that form a subtle visual connection between the café and the workplace. Intimate areas are characterized by organic elements; such as continuous timber panels in the brainstorming zone and remnants of an existing brick wall in the lounge.