Team Get Eren (Again) from Attack on Titan.

Original Image belongs to Studio Wit.

Taken from Episode 33: “The Hunters”.

I watched the episode, saw this image and took a screenshot, because damn this shot composition is sooooo good! I’ve already talked about AoT so I won’t say much more, only that I am loving this season so far!!! Keep up the good work Wit!

Mermay #22 - Tsuname as a Mer
Finally, all caught up! Well, here’s a crowd favorite XD Tsuname, as a mer! I know his species is technically mermaid-like, but I thought I’d draw him as a traditional mer for fun. I would have colored, but I reaaaally wanted to get caught up. XD; So I left is as is in pencil sketch form!

My minimalist aesthetics

There is my favorite aesthetics. All essence of houses in minimalist

good students, very proud of their faculty, intelligent

funny, animal lovers, glitter, food

the best students, stylish and comfortable clothes, they don’t think that they could be on another faculty

plants and nature, painting, ambitious