To The Boy I Thought I Loved
It's time.

It feels strange to be writing to you again.

I used to consider you my muse. Every time I sat down to write there was nothing in my head but unrequited love, apathy, forgiveness, resurrections, and your tragic mind. Now when I sit down to write my thoughts are clear. And you aren’t among them.

Somewhere in me, I knew all along you were cold. Yet what I saw beneath that was a flicker of light in your heart, small enough that, with a bit of help, it could be fanned into a warm fire. I thought it was my job to cultivate it. I called my job love.

[TRANS] 161206 Asia Bridge Contents Twitter Update - DONGHYUN

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As a commemoration of the opening of first batch tickets, here’s a surprise release of Romeo and Juliet unseen concept cut!!

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Miss this song so much