B.A.P  He Finds You Crying

You’re not usually one to cry and he comes home early from his schedule to find you crying.

Yongguk – Seeing you in tears would bring him up short as he entered the room. Silently he’d cross over to you and take your face in his hands, searching for injuries, just searching for anything wrong. Because he’s going to fix whatever needed fixed to bring back your smile. You’d pause in your crying while he held your face and gasp out an explanation. Heartbroken at your pain he’d lead you over to a place to sit. He’d pull you down on his lap, wrap his arms around you and rest his chin on top of your head, as if he wanted to completely envelope and shelter you while feeling angry that the world could be so hurtful at times.

Himchan – You are the source of Himchan’s happiness so seeing you unhappy would profoundly disturb him. It would rock him to the core and he’d stop mid-sentence to rush over to you. Setting down whatever was in his hands, you would have one hundred percent of his attention. If it was some injustice done towards you he’d rail against it and get very angry. But if it was a tragedy that couldn’t be helped he’d hold onto you and tell you he was so sorry and he would be there for you every step. Seeing you in such distress would probably make him shed a few tears of his own.

Daehyun – He would be vocal about finding you in that state. Dae would want to know what’s wrong and fire a lot of questions at you. While you were explaining he’d make unconscious noises of distress about your condition and what happened. Unless you were upset because of a death, once you get it all out Daehyun would hug you but then try several different distractions to take your mind off things. He doesn’t want you to stay in that negative frame of mind if he can help it.

Youngjae – Youngjae would immediately start telling you it’ll be ok before he even knows what’s wrong. Hugging you first, he’d rub your back and whisper reassurances until you calmed down a bit. Then he’d step away from you to look in your face as he asked what happened. If it was something he could fix or had any solutions for he would offer but otherwise he’d hold you for a while and then ask what would make you feel better. Youngjae would agree to anything you wished at that point if it would make you happy again.

Jongup – Uppie would come home with a happy smile knowing he’d have some extra time with you. As soon as he saw you the smile would fall from his face and he’d want you to tell him what was wrong. He’d be very quiet and listen to everything you had to say, not interrupting even once. Nodding his understanding he’d say he was sorry and hug you. Mostly he’d pamper you the rest of the night but once you’d calmed down some he’d suggest a solution you hadn’t thought of, or a new more positive way to handle the situation if there was one.

Zelo – You’d scare him a great deal. Since this was unusual behavior for you his mind would jump to worst case scenarios like someone died or you lost your job. Very concerned he’d approach you with dread in his stomach and quietly ask you what was wrong. After you told him he wouldn’t know the best way to comfort you and he’d feel awkward. Doing the only thing he could think to do he’d pull you in his arms to hold you but feel like he wasn’t doing enough.

[Masterpost] Voting/Streaming info for B.A.P Comeback 2016.

This is a masterpost with voting/streaming tutorials for BABYz concerning B.A.P’s comeback in February 2016. Please do not misuse the information.

Note: Digital sales count as more than 50% on music shows, so first priority is purchasing streaming passes on Melon and Genie to stream. More information on how to purchase passes and stream is linked below under ‘Melon Streaming Tutorial’.

Physical albums must be purchased through online stores that count on Hanteo charts. You can find a list of Hanteo/Gaon verified stores on the list below.

Hanteo: Synnara, KPopTown, KPopMart, YesAsia (US), YesAsia (Global), Yes24HotTracks.

Gaon: Bugs, Olleh Music, Melon, MNet, and Soribada.

Voting is extremely important. Please vote every day from as many accounts as possible. If you need help in voting, don’t hesitate to contact other BABYz and ask them if they can vote for you.

There are 2 steps in streaming on Melon. Please follow all steps carefully. Do read the full tutorials in the links provided and ask if confused. If in need of any help to purchase passes, you can CLICK HERE.

STEP 1: Download Melon app and create Melon account

You need a Korean pin to download the Melon app and purchase the streaming pass on your devices. Check THIS link again for more information.

STEP 2: Download songs and stream on Melon

It would be ideal to purchase the package called i-MP3 30 플라스: $10.99 USD. You’ll be able to download and stream 30 songs for 30 days.


  • Download the whole album
  • Stream every song on the album from start to finish
  • Stream only once per hour (Melon updates their chart every hour)
  • Log out after you’ve streamed the album within the hour and log in again to stream for the next round (or it might not get counted)
  • Make sure that you’ve refreshed the player, so it doesn’t just continue the streaming from where you left off when you log in again

Please contact Vote4BAP or BAPDomination for further help with tutorials. They can provide you support.

YouTube Streaming Tutorial: MV views count as votes on music shows, so it’s important to stream as much as possible on YouTube.

  • Stream MV on TS Entertainment’s YT channel (first priority) and also on 1theK’s YT channel (second priority)
  • Stream incognito and use CyberGhost (this is a system that allows you to put the MV on loop without having to delete browser history/cookies)
  • Stream the full MV and do not mute it for views to count
  • Remember to delete browser history/cookies for views to count (if you’re streaming without using CyberGhost)
  • Like, comment, share MV through accounts (as much as possible)

MTV The Show:

The Show is our best chance to win. Please read both tutorials carefully and do not hesitate to ask if confused.

MBC Show Champion:

Make as many accounts as possible before their comeback, so that you’re well prepared for voting as soon as it opens on their site. If there are days when you cannot vote, please give out the accounts to BABYz who can.

MNet Countdown:

Please remember to vote every day from as many accounts as possible. Make it a habit whenever you go on your laptop or phone.

SBS Inkigayo:

Please note that you’ll need a Korean phone number for the online voting.

KBS Music Bank:

MBC Music Core:

Conclusively, there are 3 essential steps in supporting B.A.P in their comeback:

  1. Digital sales (downloading/streaming on Melon, Genie. etc., and giving a lot of MV views on TS Entertainment’s YT channel).
  2. Physical sales (buying the albums through Hanteo and Gaon supported stores).
  3. Voting through online voting, SNS, SMS, etc.

Thank you to Vote4BAP, BAPDomination, bydaehyuns, and bxngster for all the helpful tutorials that I needed to complete this masterpost. You guys are super amazing.

Let’s all do our best, BABYz. Fighting ^^