Suuure. Let’s see how it goes lol


Yongguk: takes care of kids and is responsible

Himchan: ♪ The itsy-bitsy spider climbed up the water spout ♪

Daehyun: He drank all the milk!

Youngjae: It’s nap time! Do you want me to sing a lullaby for you? Of course you do!

Jongup: That’s my daughter! She has inherited my dancing skills!

Zelo: Let’s draw mommy a card for her birthday!


Ah! I failed! But yours is amazing, son!


“Since B.A.P was created, ‘music’ was always the center for us, so we want to become a group that shows constant effort and growth musically. That’s why we plan to not stop in the future with various musical trials and challenges. I want to show that we’re a group with infinite possibilities that are able to do those various musical styles. I want to grow as true musicians that aren’t limited by genres or borders, and advance worldwide with ‘our own music’ that we wish to do. I believe that’s the ultimate goal as B.A.P.” — Youngjae (x)

  • before bias: so cute, adorable, pretty little face, dumpling sweetest thing, i love you so much, wow how are you so cute, sweet little angel, my pretty love, cutiepatootie, sweet pie, heartu, so pretty omg
  • when bias: little shit, fuck you, i hate you so much, wow can you not, /punches face/, you suck, so ugly omfg, go away nobody wants you, ur the worst, i dislike you the most, asshole, so dumb, why am i even stanning you, nope, you're awful, ughhhhh

I get sad because I think people are really hard to female celebrities. When male celebrities take their shirts off, people say, ‘Oh, they’re so cool’, but when female celebrities do it, people say, 'she looks so cheap’. To be honest, I took my shirt off to get attention, too. I admit that I did that. But I think telling that to women is just rude. - Lee Joon