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  • exo: what is love?
  • k.will: you don't know love?
  • Ailee: I will show you
  • B1A4: OK
  • K. will: I'm in love blossom, i have to go now sorry
  • exo: don't go!!
  • Davichi: don't say goodbye
  • K.will: please don't... bye
  • Sistar: Gone not around any longer pls
  • f(x): : if u go i will get electric shock
  • BTS: No /cries/
  • exo: baby don't cry....
  • B2ST: don't cry on rainy days pls
  • BAP: OMG, I love rain sound!!
  • Suddenly kai picks up k. will and teleport to somewhere
  • To be continued...........