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Imagine: My Hero

Wooooo I’m actually back, sorta. It’s summer break finally and I want to get back into the habit of writing. I missed you guys 💖

Pairing: Peter Parker (MCU) x Reader Warnings: almost rape and slight language

Your heart pounded in your chest as the two burly men pressed up against the brick wall of the alley, the rough surface scratching your legs. The harsh cold of New York City blew through your flimsy schoolgirl uniform, your coat laying at the entry. It had been such a great day before this, it was your last day at St. Mary’s Academy for Girls, which you despised, and you were transferring to public school. The one of the men’s fingers sliding down your cheek quickly pulled you from your thoughts. “Such a pretty little thing, don’t you say Rob?” He grumbled, his voice low and his barely visible through his thick, disheveled beard. “Bet you she’s pretty tight too, I’ll stretch her out for you, Pete.” The other man said and you heard the sound of a belt being unbuckled. Your breath caught in your throat before you let out the loudest scream of your life. It burned your lungs and Pete slammed your head back, pain ringing through your body. His calloused fingers pressed into the sides of your neck as he choked you. “You litt-,” “I suggest you take your hands off of her right now!” A slightly muffled voice yelled. You ached to turn and see your savior, but you were held in place. “Oh shit! Pete, that’s Spiderman! Run!” Rob yelled and the pair took off, setting your free. You fell to your knees, gasping and rubbing your tender bruised skin. A hiss was heard and the men were then pinned to the building in Spiderman’s signature webbing. Clothed fingers stretched out towards you cautiously
“Are you alright, miss?” He asked and your cheeks pinked at the sight of your idol standing right in front of you. On impulse, your wrapped your arms around him and let the tears flow freely.
“T-thank you so much,” you blubbered into his chest. He slowly slid his mask off and smiled down at you.
“No need to thank me. I would love to stay with you longer, but the rest of the city needs me too. The police are on their way and we can get these sickos locked up forever, okay?” He said and you looked up, your e/c eyes still slightly filled with tears. He gently pressed his lips to yours, which took you by surprise but you kissed back. The interaction was brief and he put his mask back on. “Hopefully, I’ll see you around.” He said, sounding a bit bashful and then he was off. You smiled fondly at his figure disappearing into the night.
What did you guys think? Maybe a part two?

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We’re back! There’s so much to respond to, but first I’ll show you this super cute art I bought at the convention! Cute kitty Avengies!! The artist is @wavechan on tumblr. Now I wish I had a Wolverine tsum.

I also bought more capsule toys and some Thor socks. Because you can never have too many Thor socks.