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I was wondering why you chose the stormcloaks for your dragonborn? Just curious!

Hoo boy, okay, so

I did choose that route but I have an alternate ending where Elisif becomes High King (there will be art someday lol). 

Personally, I agree that Skyrim needs to stand on it’s own. It’s clear the Empire is flagging and the Thalmor are taking advantage by starting proxy wars & sowing seeds of misdirection. They’re a bigger threat than any problem locally. 

Fuck Ulfric honestly, he’s an asshat who just likes to hear himself talk. But I do agree that an independent and united Skyrim is in everyone’s best interest. I managed to tolerate him for the length of the questline tho lol  

To put some perspective on it, if you view General Tullius as saving the Empire by conquering seceding territories “for the greater good”, he’s literally no different than Abraham Lincoln.  

It completely makes sense that minarchists will defend the Legion, because they already justified the nation over the individual when they deify Lincoln.  

Minarchism is fascism.

Why is it...

That when I entered the ruin part of Benkongerike on Solstheim, looking for the Black Book, I found a pile of The Lusty Argonian Maid? I mean, not a v. 1 and v. 2 set, a literal pile of The Lusty Argonian Maid with like, ten copies!