*mine: musical

Musicals I‘ve watched in a nutshell

Les Mis: *cries in french because I can‘t sing all of One Day More at once*

Hamilton: A high but not overrated historylesson that will change your realtionship with the 10 Dollar bill

In The Heights: Kinda forgotten and underrated but really good ( + US Navy)

Something Rotten: It‘s eggs and William Shakespeare

Heathers the Musical: Murder and Slushie

Wicked: Catchy songs and a green witch

Falsettos: Gay and sad, very good, very jewish

Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812: Epic electro opera and everyone has nine different names

More to be added

When your class chose hamilton to perform in front of the whole school and WE WON! WE WON! WE WON! I TAUGHT THEM WELL!!

  • Person: Do you like musicals?
  • Me: *cough* Yes.
  • Person: Which do you like?
  • Me: ...
  • Person: Shi-
  • Me: EnDoFmaYoReArlYjUneIlovEPlaYrEHArsalBEcaUseitSthEbeStAlexAnderHamiltonMahNameisYouMakeMYBaLLsSoBLUEEE-WHynOwAREyoUpUllinGonMyDICKGOOdMoRNIngWoRLDAnDALLHELPlesssSaTISFEDDTwOPlayErGamESoWhENYoUMaKeANAttAckYOuKnowYougottaBrotherGonnaHAvEYOurBacKREINVentIOnIMaYnOtLiVeToSeeOurGlORyYoUHURTthemBadlyyYouAreMySOnMyDeaDgAYsONMiChAeLinTheBatHRoomAtAPartttyyyBREAkAVaseITsHAlloWEenPaRDOnMeArEyOUAnOtheRmIgRianeIstOLeMyOldErbROtherSjAsONmASKISitREallYTRueIMyouREfAvoRitePesONBoyF-WhAtDOesTHaTeVEnMeaN*BAcKpAckDinK*ANdPeGGy!
  • Person: What the hell...