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hawaii five 0 - steve mcgarrett

(i was actually working on this before i posted the little thing about the last episodes of season 4, but i decided to post this anyway. ;) you can never have enough Steve whump, even if it isn’t very realistic, or often enough. okay.)

that being said, Hawaii Five 0 is my weakness. i’m not kidding. i have an obsession with this show. but especially with Steve Mcgarrett. his personality definitely works well for us avid whumpers, because he is reckless, definitely has a “hero complex”, and thinks he is “Superman”. thus, he should get hurt a lot. 

but that’s the problem. he doesn’t. and when he does, his injuries are really down-played, which is a huge bummer. for example:

season 1, episode 1: punched multiple times in the face, shot in the arm. oh, he’s fine… just has a few bruises, and needs his arm bandaged.

season 1, episode 9: slashed in the arm, fighting with his old friend new enemy, also punched in the face a few times, and had a nice cut above his eyebrow. his arm gets bandaged, tada. he’s fine. (i do love this scene, though.)

season 1, episode 20: falls backwards off a cliff (he was trying to climb back up after spotting a dead body while hiking with Danny) after a rock hits him in the face. lands on his arm. it’s broken. he gets taken to the hospital, gets a cast, and then tackles a guy a few hours later. no pain. really? 

season 2, episode 1: stabbed in the gut in prison (it’s a long story - you’ll have to watch it) and we get some nice sweaty, half-unconscious Steve in the ambulance, before he jumps out of a moving vehicle, and eventually makes it to Max’s place where Max bandages his wound. and he’s pretty much fine after that - even jumps onto a moving motor-boat, slams into the side, and gets up without any adverse effects. ha.

season 2, episode 10: he’s captured by Wo Fat, tortured (hit in the face, hit in the stomach many times, shocked with cattle prod.) and is at the end of his rope when Danno and the team show up to rescue him in North Korea. this episode as actually pretty good whump-wise. i think i’m just upset that they ended it with that, and in the next episode, he’s totally fine - just a few scars on his face from his ordeal. 

season 2, episode 16: hit by a freakin’ car while chasing a suspect. he’s knocked unconscious, and is bleeding, and after he goes to hospital, and gets a few band aids on his face, he’s totally fine for the rest of the episode. pretty much. there are a few delightfully whumpy moments, though. (also, i totally ship Steve and Lori.)


season 2, episode 23: shot in the back - he was wearing a bullet proof vest, but still - gets up, not another word is said about it. I MEAN COME ON. you were still shot. that’s a lot of velocity. (broken ribs, at the very least?

season 3, episode 17: dislocates shoulder, supposedly. he’s in some pain, they immobilize his arm, and he goes to the hospital to get it ‘put back in’. after that, he throws a football the length of half a football field, and is only slightly uncomfortable. (my brother dislocated his shoulder before. it hurts. a lot. and it takes about 3 weeks to heal.)

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after throwing the football… like an idiot.

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season 4, episode 8: shot in the arm. sure, it was just a graze, and he gets it bandaged up in an ambulance and all that. but still. he was shot. aaaand, once again. it’s pretty much ignored for the rest of the episode.

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now his arm is bandaged. and he’s totally fine.

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okay, this is basically a rant of how Steve recovers too quickly, but i mean, really. i love his character so much. and H50 does do pretty good whump, but even without the whump, this is a show worth watching. i promise. SO. that’s all i can think of at the moment… anyone else have any more? ;)