A simple costume continuity error in Mycroft’s tie from HLV to TAB (two ties which, for the record, STILL looked very similar) is declared an “enormous fuck up” by Mark Gatiss himself but believing Johnlock is real because of all the details and content and subtext in the show that we meticulously go over and study and research is clearly all just accidental and we’re all ridiculous for believing that everything in this show DOES have that much care and thought put into it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


#Magnus BAE being hella fine #look at that outfit #look at those rings #that hair #that stupidly attractive shirt #GOD DAMN SILK SHIRT #holy sheeeeeet look at that chest man #the little peek-a-boo we can see #that smooth skin filled with necklaces #*DEEP BREATH* #Magnus Bane the BAE is killing me softly with this look #just look at him ooze confidence and sex appeal #*forgets how to breathe* 

not revealing the title for episode 3 which will be “groundbreaking” and “make history” and “you have it all coming to you” is just… guys we already know

I can’t believe we’re actually going to hear sherlock tell john “you never did fail me” and “quick man if you love me!” and John only being prevented from touching Sherlock because of whatever this trickery is WHAT THE FUCK